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  1. Can anyone confirm if 1064 is being chartered? I saw the back destination sign display "chartered"
  2. Hope the driver and passengers are ok. And yes this bus is very likely to die especially because the fleet is not far from their retirement.
  3. Excuse me, this forum is for bus retirement discussions. Not RADs. They can always be looked at and fixed. Besides the 8000s aren't beginning to retire as of yet. Who knows? Could be early into 2022 or later.
  4. According to a Instagram post, as of yesterday 8045 was towed off of TTC property heading to the scrap yard. It's been alleged that it's drivetrain was given to 8064.
  5. 1027 recently died. That means 1063 is next to join, right?
  6. Anyone knows if TTC will turn on wifi on another OG since 1040 was declared dead?
  7. Anybody know what's up with 8065? It's tracker has been off since January apparently. My guess is that it possibly broke down or is in the process of being converted.
  8. Just wanna correct a few things: Only 1002 and 1137 are the retired OG Hybrids. 7929 and 7936 were withdrawned entirely after suffering an engine failure in late 2018. 7953 and 7961 were converted to COVID transport units. You are correct about 8058 and 8095 being involved in a collision, however 8045 suffered an electrical fire, so it wasn't really an accident. They are less likely to return to revenue service and most likely to be decommissioned after they are done with their use.
  9. I've got confirmation from a friend, 1002 is now the second OG HEV to be retired.
  10. 1001 broke down on 927 this afternoon. There is a chance it could get yeeted off revenue service too.
  11. That's just a damn shame. All of this could've been avoided had they not gave Mount Dennis the 927. If they wanted to have a different division other then Arrow to run the 927 they could had just given it to Queensway, hell mabye Wilson could better off had it.
  12. Kinda suspicious. It looks like somebody could had purposely set it on fire.
  13. Hearing sources that 1411 is retired. I'll allow somebody else to fully confirm. Tracker is disabled and it's at 1810 Markham with 1408. EDIT: Its currently tracking at MTD according to Transee, please let me know if I had made a mistake.
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