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  1. Personally I don't think the damage is enough for the ES buses to retire, at least one of them I saw mainly has windows broken and words being written on them at the back.
  2. Well I didn't want to take photo of people without their consent, so I took the top instead.
  3. 1047 has new livery 7976 has LED headlights 8059 and 8056 also has the new headlights
  4. On second thought, I'm an idiot. This is the wrong topic for me to be in, this is Midway, not TTC.
  5. You can find out on the wiki but it may not be 100% confirmed. Wiki says 1738 is active and says 1796 is retired.
  6. #1033 is seen with the new livery. Looks like it just got the new livery yesterday. Also notice that they didn't put "Hybird Electric" sign on top of the bus. They either forgot or they didn't want to do it at all.
  7. According to CP24, 3700 is possibly gonna enter service on the 35 Jane route. If you don't beleve in this you can always cheak out CP24 yourselves.
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