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  1. Since, I'm busy tonight, this'll come early ( Yes, I know y'all thinking "Yay he finally listened, another problem solved", yeah, just saying, I didn't really care, also to y'all on the movements pages, I do NOT appreciate you telling me what my eyes can and can't see, if you don't see it, good for you) Anyways, since my side message is aside and I know I'm not welcome posting here, I'll try to stay away from this thread for a bit 1228 is on the 60 3410, 3418, and 9225 (with 9215 following close behind) are on the 36 3154 is on the 59 9218 is on the 96 9224 is on the 927 9208 is on the 75 9211 is on the 6 9200 is on the 86 8691 is on the 35/935 3103 is on the 26 8595 is on the 94
  2. 8626 is on the 129 8644 is on the 102 I'll go ahead to ignore the 48, 110 and 937, as I have a theory that Wilson has runs on those routes. And I know it'll trigger everyone if I continue to post as one happens, so today, I'm taking a day off and only reporting another before hitting the hay tonight. One thing with that, I use my computer nowadays for these, not my phone, unless I'm going somewhere
  3. Normally, behind my screen I'd look like I don't care at all. Instead I'll say this, I don't do that for a reason. I rather keep my sightings current, sometimes and editing the post disables some features, like text colours. You two of all people should know that. I get what you're saying, but those are reasons why I don't do. Or else I would've listened when 9402 said it a few days ago. If it may look like I'm spamming replies, then I apologize for any confusion or inconvience it may cause any of you. But I can say again, I rather keep my sightings current, not constantly editing a post only to see it only costed the time I'd take making a new post instead.
  4. 8700, 8842, 8857 and 8929(EGL) is on the 60 8865(EGL) is on the 90 8652(EGL) is on the 6 8916(EGL) is on the 122
  5. 8416(BIR) is on the 60 8418(BIR) is on the 94 7914(QSY) is on the 35/935 8596(BIR) is on the 70 8894(EGL) is on the 102
  6. Saw 3543 cruising on the 133 Neilson. Driver's a cautious one as he was on the brakes a lot on his way down to McLevin Saw 8721 on the 133 Neilson too. Gave a bit of a surprise.
  7. 8721 is now on the 133 (saw it in the LifeLabs during my appointment), and 1229 replaced that 131 run 8894(EGL) is on 38A, with 3447 taking 8839's run 8858(EGL) is on the 16
  8. 1290(WIL) is on the 937 1315(WIL) is on the 48 1364(WIL) is on the 110 8858(EGL) is on the 102
  9. 1299(MAL) and 3487(MAL) are on the 60 1401(MAL), 3435(MAL), and 8497(BIR) are on the 35 8550(BIR) is on the 36 9227(BIR) is on the 161 9228(BIR) is on on the 73 8612(BIR) is on the 94
  10. 8795 and 8803(EGL) is on the 60 8672(EGL) is on the 88 8833(EGL) is on the 6 8855(EGL) is on the 74
  11. 8876(EGL) is on the 102 3562(MAL) and 8487(BIR) is on the 60 8541(BIR) is on the 94
  12. 1222 is at Obico, and was at Queensway for a brief moment today
  13. 8939 I saw was tracking with 8670 yesterday around 10, I have a feeling 8670 was training at the time because shortly after it was tracking heading northwest on Black Creek Drive/Highway 400 Also 8938 is at McNicoll 8936 is at Malvern
  14. 1317(WIL) is on the 48 1369(WIL) is on the 937 1382(WIL) is on the 110
  15. TTC 8900(EGL) is on the 363 3118(BIR) is on the 339 (Yeah I know it's 4 in the morning)
  16. 8630 and 8806(EGL) are on the 60 8890(EGL) is on the 84 3541(MAL) and 8587(BIR) are on the 36 3147(BIR) is on the 94 9220 (BIR) is on the 161 1217 and 3441(MAL) are on the 60 3478(MAL) is on the 35 8039(QSY) is on the 26 9217(BIR) is on the 75 9205(BIR) is on the 127 9203(BIR) is on the 927
  17. TTC 8000(QSY) is on the 35 8492(BIR) is on the 94 3525(MAL) is on the 60
  18. TTC 1387 is on the 111 (I think I should go ahead as to put divisions as well, next one)
  19. TTC 1290 is on the 110 1293 is on the 937 1304 is on the 35 1340 is on the 48 1372 is on the 36
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