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    Maybe in 2021
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    What the hell is that, other than I rather know the Grenadian meaning of it
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    So Discord was a go as well as IG so follow me on Discord at Jaidynwilliams3#7141, I.G @_jaywills_jay. Though Skype now is a definite NO

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    TTC buses and other transit systems in Ontario.

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I guess let me tell y’all a few things. 1. I’m a teen born in the heart of Toronto (University Avenue @ Mount Sinai Hospital) but raised in Scarborough. 2. If y’all call me a kid,  I may not say it here but “oh boy” do I get pissed off IRL. Welcome to my world, b*tches, take a seat and relax 3. TTC buses are my thing, busfanning is “less so” hobby other the making paperbuses, and my probable future job (I might aim for the Mount Dennis Division, Arrow Rd. Division or the Leslie Barns). 4. A lesser known thing about me is that I’m myopic (meaning nearsighted so I wear glasses pretty much for the rest of my life). And the last thing, I busfan by taking pictures but I guess that’ll change maybe this summer or next summer. Last last thing, I am also a foodie so I like a lot of food (in the burger photo, A. The kids menu is my little brother’s menu. B. It was on my birthday)

Oh one more. Fact 5. I am a big Raptors fan, though all my Raptors Apparel I lost in my room somewhere

#wethenorth       #raptorsnation

I also have Instagram, follow me @_jaywills_jay. There’s a 45% I may follow you back. 






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