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  1. I never knew York University ran these, I thought they ran, I think it was, Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2s but I think they ended up having to scrap the shuttle because of the new Line 1 extension. Or maybe it’s another campus that runs these.
  2. Bus sightings for July 10 TTC as always *R* for repainted V - VISION (that ain’t on the wiki) 39 Finch East - 1333, 1500, 1730 131 Nugget - 3486, 3443, 1732 132 Milner - 3540, 3425 133 Neilson - 3534, 3461, 3409, 3449, 3526 Wheel Trans/Other - W262 Not in Service - N/A
  3. Alright fine, I guess it’s obviously you guys don’t want me here, nor on this site in general (like in another email I got on a certain forum I’m on. “The best thing you could do is leave, you won’t be missed”) so if it’s like that, then so be it. Also the recent comment, the 12 is what some people call the Police 🚔. So yes, if it’s about ageism, the 42 Division is just down the street from me, I could file a formal report. If it’s about my phone’s quality, listen, I’m wasting my money on a camera I’ll barely use. If y’all want to see more my pictures, I’ll either be on another photos page, or go to profile and follow my Instagram, there’s a 20% chance I’ll post pictures there. There will also be a 25% chance I’ll be here again. Ciao and G’day
  4. Excuse me, are you saying my phone (that my mom paid at least $200 for as a birthday present) is shit. You know what, I have warning point already that I’ll have to redeem with the police or someone sometime this month or next month (I like all my accounts with a clean slate). I’m not going to start an argument. I’m not trying to get myself into this, saying your phone might be worse. Leave my phone’s camera out of this.
  5. *sighs* did you not read or did I miss something. I said, I was trying to get home without missing a single bus, and it was 29 to 31 degrees outside so you know that I was trying to get out of the heat before my Sun sensitivity kicks in and I get a migraine. So I was trying, thank you very much, but I wanted to go home and get out of the heat. If I wasn’t trying it would look so blurry that even without my glasses I wouldn’t see it. At least it came out half as good. If they don’t like it, no. If they ain’t satisfied and think “why the hell is this even here. Why the hell is he trying”, yes. Yes I could do better, yes, I could use the $175 of my grad money (think as a allowance but every milestone) to buys a camera so you guys can stop harassing me to buy a camera instead of using my phone. Yes, I could just stop a minute and actually do it properly, but either way it wouldn’t pass. Either way, one of you will say “this is downright horrible”, so I’m gonna stop being “switch” and start making up my life decisions. Basically meaning, I’m going to stop saying “I can do this, this picture is going to be great, and I would contribute to something” and actually wake up to reality. Also if you guys that because I’m younger than the youngest one online, that’s ageism, the 12 (police) can surely deal with that.
  6. Really, it is, it’s your opinion whether it is or not so who am I judge your decision. If you don’t like my photos, that’s your decision. So if you think that my photos are that bad judging on the only 3 you saw, please listen to the disclaimer that I should probably put on posts less and set that “better photo” example.
  7. Bus sightings for July 8 TTC as always *R* for repainted V - VISION (that ain’t on the wiki) 39 Finch East - 1320, 1209, 3529 131 Nugget - 3436, 1680, 1713 132 Milner - 1714, 3421, 1311 133 Neilson - 3454, 3465, 3549, 3540, 1724 Wheel Trans/Other - N/A Not in Service - 3511, 3531,
  8. I decided I wanted to do the same so here’s a couple I made or updated over the last month, and yes that’s paper mirrors you’re seeing 9002: Mount Dennis (previously out of Malvern), Sorry if the tape covers up some stuff, I couldn’t find clear tape when I was making it 3400: Malvern (previously out of Arrow Rd.) 1687: Malvern or Obico (previously out of Arrow Rd. or Wilson) YRT #701 (ISL/Voith D864.3E, my personal favourite ). You people in York Region can help me with the garage locations for this. Lastly TTC #8941: Birchmount (previously moved from Eglinton)
  9. I get what you’re all trying to say, and I know you’re calling my content now questionable and confusing, but to the photos I recently posted, there are numerous factors as to why they did not come out right. Before that, if I have to redeem warning points with the police, wow, I guess that gives me a reason to go to Markham and Milner. Anyway here goes my short, point form explanation. 1726: The picture was zoomed in which always makes it grainy for some weird reason, and I was walking away from it at the same time so the rear was blocked off by vegetation and a church. The person in the way was the driver of that bus, he was on layover. 3507: I could have gotten the left side, but then Neilson Road was in the way so and the road ahead was clear so I knew NB traffic would be going 70-80 km/h, and getting runned over at that speed was suicide, a death wish, so I didn’t risk it. 1679: There was 2, 1 at the Crow Trail stop, just about to leave and 1 leaving the Baldoon Road stop, I thought the 1 at Baldoon Road kinda looks bad so I’ll leave it and give them the other 1. Again walking while taking photos so I know that both wouldn’t come out right though I’ll show you guys the 1 after I rode it but it’d look as bad so I won’t risk it. So there you go, in fact in conclusion of my little investigation, I was rushing to get home without missing a single bus. Told you it would look bad, the bus shelter and streetlight is in the way. But it’s clear enough. And I have one of 3417 on the 132 but it’s the same way vice versa. So forget it, I’ll try again either later on today, later on this week, or next week. And now I’ve learned, it’s ok now, my photo wouldn’t make feature photos, there goes my goal so in that case, I’m going to slowly practice and post the best ones every month even though there’s no point. Again I did say I’m fight for that goal. I also knew my pictures were good, but he said it had to be better (who do all of you except me to be, Jesus). And about 1726, please refer to the explanation I posted just recently
  10. (*says sarcastically*) Sure you do, I get what you’re saying, but, A. I don’t troll, are you feeling alright? If I troll, that’d either be my little brother commenting on this, or I would probably not be thinking straight. B. I’m gonna deliberately ignore your advice on to stop posting here. And saying do you all a favour, really, you’re really to say that as your word of encouragement. Man gotta do better. C. I do consider it the help, if some were actually willing, in which they were and I get the replies they say encouraging me to actually stop a minute and actually do it properly instead of rushing. So in other words, I’m not leaving, I’m going to keep on trying until I get it right and fight for what I believe in, and at least achieve 1 of my goals as to making the feature photo.
  11. Yep, I’m back again with more photos, and yes it can be used on the wiki too. Before I get them though my regular disclaimer, for y’all who don’t look at it and still criticize, if you hate or criticize this, take a small trip to wherever that bus is and take a picture of it, same bus-same route or same bus-different route. Like I wrote in bold, not hard to miss. Anyway here goes. 1726 on the 132 Milner EB, 10-20 minute layover. 3507 on the 133 Neilson NB I tried to get it on the road on its takeoff but I didn’t want to get ran over or yet miss the 39 1679 on 39 Finch East WB, 6 minute layover.
  12. Yep, I got the same too, this on was on 3507 just a few minutes. It’s sounds more like A-VE-noo though. McLevin Avenue, but surprisingly in the recording it sounds more like Midland Avenue. The bus makes it hard to hear but if you listen closely, you’ll hear it. A4CBBFE7-D720-4D0A-95F6-A4B973CBE325.MP4
  13. Bus sightings for July 8 TTC as always *R* for repainted 39 Finch East - 3446, 1679(*R*), 1701 131 Nugget - 1292(*R*), 3417 132 Milner - 1668, 3472, 1726 133 Neilson - 3464, 3529, 3507, 3439 Wheel Trans/Other - N/A Not in Service - N/A
  14. Yep, I forgot about that. I was rushing yesterday because I had something to from the day before, I didn’t really realize until you pointed it out.
  15. Sightings for July 7 TTC 8570, 8953, 9223 on the 102 Markham Rd. 1733 on the 85 Sheppard East 3500 on the 134 Progress
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