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  1. Ambassatours 1004, a retired PREVOST H5-60, was seen at Halifax Garage on Apr 9
  2. The first livery changed DE60LFR of Halifax Transit(715) seen on March 19th.
  3. Halifax Transit 715 livery was changed from the original Metro Transit scheme. It is the first livery changed DE60LFR, though it has only two....
  4. Transit Cape Breton 7120 (Ex. Halifax Transit MetroLink 615) was seen on Mar 18.
  5. Rita Joe entered service in late October, 2018 1300-1334 started service from Spetember to November, 2019
  6. Dayton Transit Vossloh-Kiepe-Gillig BRT ETB40' 1403 after livery changed was seen on Route 4 on Feb 17th
  7. TTC's new BYD K9M with no number seen at Eglinton Divison on Feb 19th.
  8. Rare stuff! Today Freightliner fleet 535 did rush hours express route 136 (block 408).
  9. Vancouver Translink Rapidbus 19030 on route R5
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