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  1. I could give a 3rd TRY Lol but probably not
  2. Mine was, but got in a train wreck!
  3. I think it wasEglinton avenue west where the 32 passes by
  4. They also have cameras still in plastic it is at the end of the car even though there is only 1.
  5. I was on 1064 i might of seen you, were you in the sedan looking at my bus? I was the guy who honked at someone taking pictures in a sedan
  6. Exactly. This is the defintion how foamers retract for attention, look at his posts.
  7. Ever since i joined i was absolutley shocked with the respect and attichude of some members, i've seen so much foamers in this board jumping to conclusions and creating inaccurate assumptions. Ever since thursday i figured this was too much but gave it a second try, and no nobody learns a simple childish lesson they were taught in kindergraten. Respect.
  8. Beautiful photo with a great backround.
  9. Yeah ive had horrible weeks in this board, i'm leaving becuase of the lack of respect and the lack of childish foamers creating assumptions and making up fake conclusions. Whats your reason? Also, my account should be gone soon, hopefully tonight. So long to everyone who did understand... Well, to make my profile more obvious if you know what i mean....
  10. Admins: Delete my account Horrible respect and foamy children come to admit there hypocrisy.. Im done. I will leave myself
  11. Come meet me in person... no words are there now? Give me the time and date and we will meet
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