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  1. My friend asked me a question that I didn't have an answer for. What are these for?
  2. Interesting, I'm assuming by OCS you're talking about the Occupancy Control System? What could these induced currents cause? I thought so... I guess The city decided kilometer 0 was monumental enough to put a nice plaque at the east end city hall station.
  3. Two questions someone might be able to answer. 1. Why do all the fences along the line have to be grounded? I notice ground wires along the line. 2. What is this sign for? Is this a distance marker? Attached to this post
  4. Just trying to solve an argument... Do any of the buses have automatic destination signs? My friend is convinced they are automatic but I have never seen or heard of it
  5. Does anyone know where all the Series 8s are today? There doesn't seem to be any on the Red Line.
  6. I find it interesting that Edmonton has made transit free-of-charge indefinitely which considering the reduced ridership and the inevitable revenue loss. Seems like a nice hassle-free approach. I don't know why Calgary hasn't made this approach.
  7. Has the City made any plans to suspend service due to this supposed "virus"
  8. So is that the one sitting at the Pad now? It hard to imagine that will be its last voyage with its original "guts"
  9. I saw 2205 as a tail leave Somerset didn't catch the other two. The same consist was out for non rush hour service last night. I saw it around 7pm. Also as a side note. Is it just me or are the refurbs regenerative circuitry more noisy? The classic around 600hz buzz seems very loud on these units. Maybe the crapstic seats are reflecting the sound better.
  10. Wait, so they can actually go faster than 80kph? I always thought they were speed limited to 80kph or can they only do over 80 with the help of a negative incline?
  11. So I'm under the assumption all the LRVs have some sort of ATS to keep naughty operators from exceeding the speed limit on a stretch of track. Is that what the device in the dash labeled CTS/M is for?
  12. Whats with the slow order between marlborough and Rundle near 16th Ave?
  13. That's another thing I have wondered in the past. By gutless I am referring to the acceleration... They seem to take off very slow compared to the older vehicles.
  14. So I was right. Another note I swear I have seen some vehicle that say BOOO on Halloween.
  15. What exactly is the number in the corner of the windshield on the Series 5, 6, 7, and 8s. (I can't remember if the 9s have it.) I originally thought that it was the key number but Im sure I'm wrong. The big buses have a similar sign.
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