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  1. I sure wish Transit55 had data for both "asphalt and steel" as in why isn't there a real time map for the LRT cars?
  2. Why are p/u and take home buses listed on the App? Is it intended for employees or are they actually revenue service routes?
  3. I would also like to add that I believe those type of AC units are 120VAC therefore the bus would have to be parked go use them. Common in mobile offices and RVs
  4. Do the heaters under the middle accessible seats on the Series (6/7? ) ever work? I have seen them on maybe twice.
  5. Has anyone mentioned the fact that Cedarbrae is Spelled Cederbrae at southland? Also does anyone know if there will be an opening ceremony for the MAX yellow on Monday?
  6. I don't know how people can put their foot through train station windows without breaking their foot. If my memory serves correctly that glass is relatively tough. Or is it?
  7. Interesting. I wonder if there's a shortage of shuttle drivers.
  8. I take the 12 quite frequently, and usually on Saturdays they are community shuttles. However 8332 is currently doing the 12
  9. What exactly is the GFCI outlet on the right side of the cab near the floor for?
  10. Good point! Elderly are quite common and I think they would rather walk the rest of the way. 😂 Edit: Here's a scenario though. Let's say somehow the tunnel caves in. At both ends. Then maybe... It's the only way. On another note... Anyone have any idea why the southland escalator has been broken for almost two weeks? I see ThyssenKrupp there a few times but they don't seem to finish the job.
  11. Speaking of Cemetery Hill... Has anyone here ever experienced or heard stories about trains breaking down in the Cemetery Hill tunnel? What is the procedure if moving the train is not possible?
  12. Yeah that's it. At first I thought maybe it might be an emergency exit similar to Cemetery Hill tunnel but it also appears to have ventilation so I'm not sure.
  13. Does anyone know what that structure outside the Calgary Trade Centre is? I feel like it's ventilation for the CP Tunnel as I hear trains deep below it whenever I'm in that area.
  14. Just saw a unit being (loaded?) onto a flatbed car. At the spur. Any idea what unit this might be?
  15. A recent thought came to me. The bell/horn on series 5+ cars is simply a looping sound sample of some sort driven into a bullhorn. Do they do this because of cost? (virtual is cheaper) than separate physical horn and bell. Or Is it that a real train horn would be too loud? Or is it both?
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