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  1. Rear boarding on the Inveros and Novas is going to be really awkward. Wish they had opted for the wider doors on the Novas.
  2. 4680 on the 89 Colonnade, showing up as a Double Decker on their API.
  3. To hold buses when Tunney's gets to a peak load during rush?
  4. Just saw 4633 being towed down Baseline E/B at Fisher.
  5. It's on the 7 Carleton this morning, just spotted at Bank / Holmwood
  6. There's one trip each direction on Sunday's between Hurdman and Carling/Preston to serve the Experimental Farm and Dow's Lake (I assume)
  7. 4677 on the 11 Parliament at Tunney's
  8. One thing I find peculiar is how they have POP stickers like the DDs and artics. I've seen people do it too but were confused when there wasn't a Presto reader to tap so they weren't trying to fare-evade.
  9. 4603 was at the layup next to Tom Brown arena (I presume for an R2 trip) around 7:10 4665 was on the 61C at about 9am at Slater / Kent.
  10. Saw on Twitter that they were aware of the issue with the clocks and were working to resolve it. Both buses I rode this morning were the correct time.
  11. Thank lord, thought I was losing my mind! And it's not every bus, which is the problem. I pulled into Tunney's yesterday at 15:26, missed my connection that leaves at 15:26, then got on another bus whose time was 15:24. Same thing this morning, pulled into Tunney's at about 7:43, boarded a bus almost right after and then once we got near Lebreton I realized it was 7:56 on my new bus. Long story short, until this is resolved connections are gonna be (even more) unreliable.
  12. 4657 on the 88 Terry Fox, spotted @ Fisher/Baseline
  13. 4658 on the 89 Colonnade at Tunney's.
  14. 4646 - 86 Baseline at Tunney's 4660 - 44 Gatineau on Booth
  15. Spotted 5101 with the full Foodora wrap on a 283 this morning, at Slater/Kent at about 7am
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