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  1. Spotted 4643 on the 89 Tunney's around 4:15pm at Merivale/Colonnade.
  2. 4615: 14 Carlington, Carling/Holland at 7am Spotted 4641 on the 87 Carlingwood this morning.
  3. As of a few weeks ago, the left arrows at Merivale/Viewmount have been flashing green.
  4. The doorway is also super narrow, too. Was in Toronto a few weeks ago and noticed theirs is about the width of our D60s.
  5. Apps that leverage their API weren't working either, although the 560560 SMS service was working properly.
  6. 4637 signed as "Training" going down Albert downtown just now. Saw 4604 doing the same yesterday at that time. 4643 is on the 87 Greenboro. 4637 is now at the layup next to Bayview.
  7. Just saw it driving down Scott St towards Tunney's.
  8. I actually used it two summers ago when I worked at Canada Post to catch the 111 Baseline home.
  9. Have been a passenger with my grandfather driving on Laurier before and that went about as well as expected.
  10. Is this why there are those underground tunnel connectors? Always thought they were peculiar and unique (I actually assumed they were washrooms when I was young lol), but never even considered they were put in if it was a major bus transfer point.
  11. 4634 on the 87 Carlingwood, 7:05 at Tunney's. Also spotted 4631 there out of service.
  12. I saw 4621 doing runs on the 111 both directions, one was at 6pm and another was shortly after 10pm
  13. 4622 was on the 263 Stanley Corners, at Tunney's around 4pm
  14. Noticed last night the 95 flags are still there.
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