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  1. I just saw what appeared to be an Ottawa Paramedic Services bus southbound on Terry Fox Dr near Kanata Centrum. Looked to be either an old Nova or an Orion VI. Was travelling north so I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it. EDIT: appears to be a Nova, looked very similar to the bus in this tweet (not my post):
  2. Eagleson at Kalulu is now completely LED, with non countdown ped signals Holly Acres at Hwy 417 still has some incandescent traffic and ped signals
  3. Still an incandescent signal on Moodie at West Hunt Club.
  4. Knoxdale and Skipton still has two incandescent traffic signals.
  5. Eagleson / Kakulu still has some incandescent signals, both for traffic and pedestrians
  6. 8107 —> Bayshore Stn at 4:44 pm, signed as A3 Message (front destination only) EDIT: might be having issues, the bus was shut off at 4:45 pm and has it’s four ways on
  7. 4775 —> 58 Tunneys Pasture, rode it from Bayshore/Carling at 8:39 am to QCH
  8. One that I forgot about in Kanata, that I found really interesting, is The Parkway. Runs west from Teron to Oaks Wood, then turns north to meet Leacock. I assume there's history behind the name, and maybe at one point its purpose was different, but as of now it isn't much of a "parkway"...
  9. Looks like they went back later and finished it up... Robertson / Vanier looks to be completely LED now. There are two different intersections of Teron / Penfield (north and south). North intersection also intersects with Beaverbrook (basically beside the fire station on Teron), while south intersection intersects with The Parkway (still love that street name...). The south intersection afaik is completely LED, but the north one (with Beaverbrook) has/had really, really old steel lights at one point.
  10. 4419 —> 58 Tunney’s Pasture, rode it from Bayshore/Carling at 8:14 am to QCH; has a drivers shield still installed
  11. 4774 —> Bayshore Stn at 4:45 pm, signed as 7 Brittany
  12. 6388 —> 57 Bayshore at Tunneys Pasture at 9:25 am the rear NSAS display seems to be broken... it isn’t displaying anything
  13. 5145 —> 57 Bells Corners at QCH Emergency at 4:43 pm
  14. Robertson / Vanier in Bells Corners was partially LEDified yesterday (February 18) with non-countdown pedestrian signals.
  15. Just wondering if this signal in Kanata still stands? I reported it last year some time, but haven't been close to verify its existence since. It was at Beaverbrook/Penfield and Teron. Based on the May 2019 street view, it looks like it is the only one left.
  16. I saw an LFS last night (around 6 pm) on Carling Ave at Bayshore Dr heading east from what was probably DND on Moodie, but didn't catch the company or the fleet number (it was mostly white/light grey from what I could tell).
  17. 6548 —> 57 Bells Corners but signed as a 251 Tunneys Pasture when it arrived at Bayshore Station at 8:30 am, it’s supposedly the prior trip (supposed to arrive at Bayshore at 7:56 am)
  18. I see that "A1 ME" (A1 MESSAGE?) often enough on OC buses, and usually it's coinciding with the front and side displays on the bus not working at all...
  19. 8151 looks to be dead, spotted parked at Bayshore Station at 8:25 am with an orange pylon behind and a mechanic truck nearby 8072 —> 11 Parliament at Bayshore station at 8:28 am
  20. 6519 —> 57 Tunneys Pasture from Bells Corners at 16:22, rode it to Bayshore Station GPS isn’t working but the NSAS is (shows the route number, destination, and time, but no stops are announced)
  21. 5077 on the 57 Bells Corners from Tunneys Pasture at 10:10 am
  22. Did they install countdowns too, or just LEDify the signals?
  23. Just saw an unknown hybrid eastbound on Robertson at Vanier at 9:14 am, signed as the Sno-bus, with passengers.
  24. 4739 —> 58 Tunney’s Pasture, rode it from Bayshore / Carling at 8:43 am to the Queensway Carleton Hospital
  25. 6351 —> 88 Hurdman at Robertson / Moodie at 4:25 pm (has white rear doors still)
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