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  1. 6379 —> 152 Lincoln Fields at Richmond / Nanaimo at 8:35 am
  2. 5001 —> 85 Bayshore at Bayshore Park at 8:33 pm
  3. Just saw a D60LFR getting hooked up to a tow truck at Robertson/Mill Hill. Looks like 6484 but it’s hard to see.
  4. Same bus home too. Huh. 152 Moodie —> Holly Acres/Richmond at 4:34 pm
  5. 5176 --> 152 Lincoln Fields --> 8:20 am at Bayshore/Carling
  6. 4444 —> X Special at Bayshore Stn at 10:28 am
  7. 6666 —> 97 Bells Corners at Queensway Carleton Hospital Emergency stop at 4:28 pm 5104 —> 152 Moodie at the same stop (opposite side of the road, though) at 4:29 pm
  8. This is at the stop on Baseline westbound at the Queensway Carleton Hospital... it should be 57 Bells Corners.
  9. I use Bus Buddy on iOS (and I have the official OC Transpo app too), and there isn't a way to see the full text of the type of bus being used... it doesn't even say DD, it shows a double decker icon.
  10. I thought the original order for the Nova LFS buses this year was to be 80 buses, but then was bumped up to 82 buses... could it be possible the two extra LFS buses are simply for growth?
  11. I thought the hybrid Orion VII buses were going before the rest of the Inveros? I mean, didn't OC Transpo just rebuild a bunch of Inveros? I hate the back door on the Inveros too, but they have more seats than both the Orion VII and LFS buses do... not saying I like the Inveros (that's about the only good thing about them, really...)
  12. That is Bayshore 3A. Speaking of Bayshore Station, the bus time display at stop 4B has been flickering for literally months... sometimes to the point of it being really hard to read the next trips...
  13. 5116 --> 152 Lincoln Fields @ 8:07 am this morning at Bayshore / Carling (my usual trip to work)… API reported it as a DD with no bike rack
  14. Yeah, that would do it. Almost an hour and a half for an express trip is a bit much... Just out of curiosity, does anybody know how often the OC Transpo real-time GPS API gets updated? The reason I'm asking is because of a significant number of issues currently (which I've mentioned but nobody at OC seemed to care or know how to fix). Routinely I see a hybrid appear in the API as a DD, or a DD with no bike rack, or a Nova appear as a DD... I really wish and hope they fix the issues, if they're even aware of them...
  15. 266 is for Kanata North (Innovation Station, Briarbrook, Morgan's Grant) as previously stated. It brings back true express service for the area, that was removed when express route 60 was combined with the 93, and then renumbered to the 63 we have now. 251 is for Bells Corners (replaces route 256 on Old Richmond, Robertson, Richmond, and Holly Acres)… not really sure why, though. Is there maybe an overcrowding on the 256 that warrants this change? Bells Corners has service on three connexion routes after this change... 251, 252, 256.
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