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  1. I didn’t even realize the D60LF buses had turbos… lol.
  2. My favourite to ride would probably be the 2008 D60LFs (for their idle sound, specifically) or the Enviro500 double-decker buses (for the novelty of being "above" regular traffic). I would even include the Orion VII HEVs we had just because they sounded super futuristic for their time at lower speeds (I used to compare them to The Jetsons' flying car sounds, lol) and for their larger front destination displays (which the new Nova LFS and Enviro500 buses got as well, though the new Nova LFS having a larger side destination sign is also nice to have). My least favourite was probably the Orion VI because the rear doors were literally at the rear of the bus and if the bus was packed you'd have to push and shove to get to either set of doors. The first-generation Nova LFS buses we got in 1997 (I think?) were equally annoying.. you'd need to be a magician to get the rear doors to open on those things. The D40i Invero having sliding rear doors was also a bit of a pain but they had more seating than most 40-foot buses and again, they sounded great at idle. Design-wise, I like the external design of the New Flyer XE40s we have... but I have yet to ride in one. Nova, by contrast, seems simpler and more conservative with their external design.
  3. This came up on my Facebook feed today and I felt it was interesting.
  4. LFS-A HEV... those are 60-ft articulated hybrid-electric LFS models? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm not super familiar with the Nova LFS models. Speaking of the STO.. are they planning to go full-electric for transit buses like OC is? If so, I'd presume they'd be ordering Nova LFSe+ models?
  5. Further to my post earlier, the second pic was indeed bus 1202 leaving Bayshore on what was then the 97X South Keys. Photos were from June 16, 2011. Here is another pic of 1202 leaving Bayshore that day. Also for the fun of it. Here is bus 8018 on the then 62 (now the 267) in Kanata (Glen Cairn) on September 17, 2013.
  6. I think once stage 2 of the LRT is open and line 3 serves both Lincoln Fields and Bayshore, they would hopefully reconsider some changes to the 11… as I said, I don’t feel there’s a need for the 11, 57, and 85 serving the two major roads between Bayshore and Lincoln Fields.
  7. I agree. I'd also like to see the portion of route 61 west of Terry Fox (and route 62, for that matter) split into different routes, local route(s) feeding into Terry Fox and then transferring to a frequent route (either a 61 or a 62) to Moodie, Bayshore, Tunney's Pasture, etc. depending on timing. I still believe the routes are different enough in Kanata to warrant having both in service alternating as they do now, and if the route 111/112 changes are anything to go by, its setting a precedent for OC Transpo, hopefully. I'm a fan of the 68/88 change, specifically... I hated taking the 82 between Baseline and Bayshore... the 88 changes that for me, big time. Hopefully, reliability will improve on the 88 once the 68 comes into service to supplement it. On a separate note, the one route I didn't like changes to was the 11.. am I the only one who misses the old routing when it used to be route 2? I'd like them to reintroduce the 11 to Westboro once stage 2 opens (and remove service to Tunney's Pasture), but I'd also like to see the reintroduction of some weekend trips on the 11 ending at Westboro. I'd also like to see the 11 west of Lincoln Fields just be dropped when stage 2 is open... no need to have three routes (11, 57, 85) on two roads (Richmond, Carling). As for the 11 detouring to serve Bayview... why? Is there not a station on line 2 in Little Italy people could walk to from Somerset West? I also don't understand the purpose of local route 58 after the changes... between Bayshore and Carling Campus?! Why... they could easily extend route 57 to loop around the Crystal Beach area, or merge the 58 with trips on the 66 and have all day service on weekdays between Shirleys Bay Campus and Bayshore via Carling Campus and Crystal Beach, and maybe some peak trips extended to/from Solandt.
  8. I see half full buses on both the 61 and 62 all the time. But… I only tend to go as far east as Bayshore and usually I’m west of Bayshore (usually in Kanata). The 88 is a similar story… I’m usually only as far east as Algonquin. I can’t speak for the other routes mentioned. To be fair, though, I was referring to when the stage two LRT was open, meaning the 61/62/63 would end at Moodie presumably, and the 74/75 would end at Algonquin. Perhaps in 2025 and beyond there might still be a need for artics and DDs, but maybe not as much as now in 2024. My comment was also related to running artics on routes like the 161 in Kanata that really don’t need them, but with interlining and just availability of resources, there’s no guarantee that an artic wouldn’t end up on a route that doesn’t need one. I also remember that. And now that you’ve brought up the driver situation (besides the fact that OC is already struggling with bus drivers) it would make more sense to run four artics in an hour than six 40-footers, for example.
  9. Transit shouldn't be a for-profit service, anywhere, in any city. Also, we voted in a mayor who doesn't care about transit services... I'd like to see OC Transpo stop allowing back-door boarding on any bus not in a fare-paid zone... speeding up service clearly is not a valid reason anymore. Sure, "ridership" will drop but then they can at least ensure most passengers actually pay for their trip... I'd like to see where the city actually needs articulated buses once all the stages of the LRT are done... I do understand that would be well after 2025, but every 60-foot bus I see is half-full, at most... seems like a bit of a waste to me.
  10. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the events of April 6, 1999.
  11. Makes me wonder how fast the vehicles were travelling at the time... the bus had decent front end damage but the car looks to have been completely destroyed...
  12. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/1-in-critical-condition-after-crash-with-oc-transpo-bus-in-south-ottawa-1.6827994
  13. I'd rather they return to a system where the first two numbers are the year and the last two are the actual number from that year... so for example, buses 2401-2451 would be 51 buses from 2024. If they were to order more than 100 buses in a year, which these days seems like a very rare thing, maybe it's time to look at a five-digit fleet numbering system... The alternative would be to have the 60-foot buses start at 6751 (the last 60-foot bus is currently numbered 6709) and end at 6801, I'd presume. Similarly, they could start at 4900 for the 51 40-foot buses they plan to order and end at 4951 (which leaves almost no room for future 40-foot bus orders). I still liked the Orion hybrids being numbered as 5XXX buses (instead of 4XXX)... maybe they can use 3XXX (or some other number prefix) for the electric buses? Or use 3XXX for 40-foot e-buses and 9XXX for 60-foot e-buses? I mean, I'm still more intrigued by what e-buses OC is ordering (LFSe+, XE40, and/or XE60) than what fleet number each bus ends up, lol. Looks like the New Flyer XE40 CHARGE NG was unveiled in 2021, which was the same year OC received the four XE40s we have... so I'm unsure which we have.
  14. Routes 58 and 68 would connect to LRT once Line 1 extends to Algonquin and Line 3 extends to Moodie (route 68 at Algonquin to Line 1; route 58 at Bayshore to Line 3). The rest of the routes I cannot comment on.
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