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  1. 8129 is on the 97 Bells Corners this morning. Currently at Robertson and Stafford at 8:51 am.
  2. 4604 on the 152 Lincoln Fields, spotted at 7:53 pm at Woodridge / Bayshore.
  3. It might have. I don't usually see those signals in their full view as I'm in the right turn lane from southbound Holly Acres onto westbound Richmond, towards the QCH. They're also hard to see in the daytime anyway unless you're in the bike lane (its intended view point).
  4. 6366 was running on the 97 again today; spotted it at Robertson / Fitzgerald on the 97 South Keys at around 11:45 am.
  5. I never noticed the trips from Bell H.S. would also display that. (I take that bus only if I take the afternoon off.) I still don't see why the 152 Moodie and the 97 Bells Corners cannot just meet up at Moodie Station (i.e. extend the 97 Bells Corners to Moodie Stn via Moodie Dr.) but yeah, even during the school year, those 152 trips are not very busy.
  6. I had a 152 Lincoln Fields do that to me last week... it ended up a 152 LIELDS and the time wasn't showing in the top-right, like this picture shows... I wonder if the time display is actually what aligns the route number and destination on the NSAS, so when it loses that, things mess up a little bit. Heck, Tuesday I took a 152 Lincoln Fields from Robertson/Moodie to Bayshore and it was still showing 152 Bell on the NSAS... odd. Route 168 is also a weird one... the NSAS always shows 168 TERRY FOX+FERNBAN, but it is too wide for the display, so every 20 seconds it scrolls across the top... the real issue is, are you going to Fernbank (Bridlewood), or are you going to Terry Fox?
  7. Personally, all I could remember of the 1997 Novas were the rear door mechanisms... I would have been in my early teens at the time, but I remember several passengers having to disembark at the front of the bus because they could not figure out how to open the rear doors... you essentially had to be a magician to get the rear doors to open, because they were motion sensors of sorts, and didn't have any push/touch bars. My apologies for the topic bump; just sharing my little experience with riding the first generation LFS.
  8. 5093 is on the 97 Airport, spotted at Robertson / Northside at 8:20 am.
  9. Programmable signals... makes sense. I'm kind of surprised they didn't replace them with bike signals (like the 8-8-8 signals on Carling near Andrew Haydon Water Park/Splash Pad)... I do as well (I work in Bells Corners) and I don't recall a burnt-out red signal... one of the red signals is very, very dim, but works...
  10. I got an OC Transpo app update late last night, but they broke the viewing pane of all the stops on a particular trip/run, and it's still not optimized for my iPhone... they did, however, change the colours and added the new route colours/shapes to the app, as opposed to just the route number.
  11. 5001 is on the 152 Lincoln Fields at 8:09 am at Bayshore Station this morning. 5143 is on the 256 Mackenzie King, spotted at Holly Acres / Richmond at 8:12 am.
  12. 6366 is currently doing the 97 South Keys from Fitz (the 4:16 pm run), and it looks like the rear NSAS display was added after, as its further back than I remember. (I remember a D60LF missing its rear NSAS display but I don’t know if this was the one or not.)
  13. As far as I know, they are still incandescent signals.
  14. Looks like I found an article. It was a double stabbing near Dominion Stn. (Of course the 94 would be in the scene, lol.) EDIT: I see it's been posted already in the general discussion; my apologies
  15. 5020 is on the 152 Lincoln Fields this morning at 8:10 am at Bayshore Station. 4632 just pulled up to Bayshore station as a 267 Mackenzie King, at 8:12 am.
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