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  1. I dont know. they better get cracking on it or there wont be anyone left that knows how to work on it
  2. This was a fun day. We gave him a few bits and pieces we had lying around and went for a ride. Bob "Wanker" Frasier driving.
  3. Here is the hydraulic control unit. In the old days we just called it the brain box. Here's the brain box assembled and installed
  4. here's the speedo drive transmission installed and working speedo
  5. One of the final pieces. After repairing the speedo drive trans I needed to replace the drive key for it. Its basically a 1/8 pin with a spline down one side. Couldnt find one anywhere. Finally ended up making one from a split pin and a bit of metal salvaged from a gear clamp. First attempt was ok but it was still a tad short. Found a longer pin and made another. It was perfect. Its in and working. Original drive on right. The middle two are the ones I made and on the left is the 6V71 emergency stop reset lever that supplied the longer pin.
  6. The speedometer transmission was seized and not made to be taken apart. We took it apart anyway. Turns out it was old dried up grease that seized it and one thrust bearing was shattered. Probbly by me. We made a new bushing on the lathe cleaned it all up and reassembled with new grease. Just have to find the splined drive pin for it
  7. Interesting. I was in 6 and 12 for a long time and don't remember that one. never say never
  8. No 2 speed buses were ever sent through the rebuild program or retrofitted with power steering. 8058 will remain with manual steering and the big white steering wheel(if we can find one).
  9. Its a toaster, I have to eat. 8058 is a GM bus, it doesn't have a frame. It has front and rear subframes to bolt the suspension to. Pretty sure its all decent enough to use again. they're big heavy steel stampings. Everything that attaches to them is shot but the stubs in it looked OK when I was under it.
  10. I'm off this week, I'll see what I can find out next week when I go back. they might have taken it inside to finish stripping it. I doubt they would throw it away before working on 8058. It is full of parts and still has a lot of good stuff on it.
  11. It would run. Don't try on anything else though.
  12. If its red, put it in. That old VH will run on pretty much anything. They originally ran on fish oil. You can use hydraulic oil, non detergent motor oil, pretty much anything and it will go.
  13. A nice coat of Tremclad Aluminum Painting it brought out a lot of detail including previous welding repairs to the case. Stampings indicate the turbine originally came from bus 7769 and the case came from 3567. It has a casting date of 2 August 1968. The complete transmission was later numbered TR1568 but we could find no record of it.
  14. Today got the turbine buttoned up and put in the oil pump and associated plumbing.
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