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  1. That's it for me. Today was my last day, I am now a pensioner. I'll try to get down and visit as often as I can to keep the 8058 updates coming.
  2. And twice in Duncan. If I can find it I'll post a video of it when it first came back and we actually got it running !
  3. Side note. 8058 has been moved. It was pulled out and parked across the rear of the buses it was beside. Even further from the door to the shop now(sad, crying) A 40 foot sea container is now sitting where she was parked. I was hoping they'd be making some progress on it by now but it looks like they'll be doing it without me. I signed my pension papers today. feb 28 will be it for me ! I'm not sure the current regime shares the GM bus enthusiasm that the previous regime had. Hope they understand Its good for morale, they make everyone smile. 2252 was in the shop the other day and everyone lit up. Us old guys were all reminiscing and telling tall tales of the old days. I spent quite a while explaining the nuances to some apprentices. Those buses mean so much to so many. I hope they get motivated and serious about it soon.
  4. Did it old school freehand with my semi-steady hand and the black paint my neighbour uses on the diffs. The transmission itself is slathered with a nice coat of Tremclad Aluminum done at 6AM before everyone got there so as not to upset the safety nutbars. (I will deny this if confronted LOL)
  5. Was a bit of a PIA coming up with a rear oil seal for the engine but we finally got pur mitts on one. I was then able with the help of a few enthusiastic volunteers to get the old V-Drive hung back on the engine. Next will be the heat exchanger and all the oil lines.
  6. I dont know. they better get cracking on it or there wont be anyone left that knows how to work on it
  7. This was a fun day. We gave him a few bits and pieces we had lying around and went for a ride. Bob "Wanker" Frasier driving.
  8. Here is the hydraulic control unit. In the old days we just called it the brain box. Here's the brain box assembled and installed
  9. here's the speedo drive transmission installed and working speedo
  10. One of the final pieces. After repairing the speedo drive trans I needed to replace the drive key for it. Its basically a 1/8 pin with a spline down one side. Couldnt find one anywhere. Finally ended up making one from a split pin and a bit of metal salvaged from a gear clamp. First attempt was ok but it was still a tad short. Found a longer pin and made another. It was perfect. Its in and working. Original drive on right. The middle two are the ones I made and on the left is the 6V71 emergency stop reset lever that supplied the longer pin.
  11. The speedometer transmission was seized and not made to be taken apart. We took it apart anyway. Turns out it was old dried up grease that seized it and one thrust bearing was shattered. Probbly by me. We made a new bushing on the lathe cleaned it all up and reassembled with new grease. Just have to find the splined drive pin for it
  12. Interesting. I was in 6 and 12 for a long time and don't remember that one. never say never
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