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  1. It had me puzzled a couple of times. I haven't had my hands in one of these in about 25 years.
  2. It was all in pretty good shape. Doesn't need much more than a reseal and a little TLC here and there. Here it is ready to go to the wash tank.
  3. Finally started on the transmission. It is stamped 7769 so thats what bus it originally came out of. Slowly taking it apart and evaluating as we go.
  4. 2 engines were sent to harper to get redone but they farmed them out. the first one went in 2252 and we already had to put a head on it LOL. The second has been sitting around the shop and is going in 8058. The boys had to change the bellhousing to the correct one for the old 2 speed. I still have my tune up stuff for them. No problem, let me at it !
  5. It was sent there and I think they farmed it out somewhere else,but not 100% sure.
  6. 8058 powerplant progress. Tje shell is still outside Harvey
  7. As large a project as 8058 seems to be, watch this video and see what the people at Union Pacific pulled off. Big Boy
  8. I've been off this week. I'll check on it next week when i go back
  9. Not much to report on 8058. We're waiting on some parts for the powerplant and the last time I looked outside the bus had not made it into Harvey. Will post if anything starts happening
  10. Its perfectly harmless to go there. You can't see much they're all in a private fenced yard. All you can see is from the road. They're across the road from the Claremont Country Depot. If the gate is open, don't go in. Pretty simple.
  11. There's only about 6 maybe 8. Lots of 53foot trailers too. I just went past there all that I could see were 70XX. No Flyers. I always figured its a storage for langilles.
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