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  1. 1) interview questions I can’t really speak too cause I don’t even remember what they asked me 2) have the reference list ready, but if you’re successful and fast tracked then they probably won’t ask for it 3) it’s smart to dress business or business casual simply because it looks sharp and like you’re serious about this. All up to you though.
  2. For either, they are public lots. There is No parking for employees unless you’re management at hillcrest.
  3. There is parking at hillcrest, park across the street just south of hillcrest. I think it’s like $10 for the whole day.
  4. Just be prepared because not every instructor is overly friendly some are super serious (although still nice people) so try to not feel discouraged at all during training. Remember they want you to pass.
  5. Considering that you just applied you have time to work on your high blood pressure. Generally even if you’re fast tracked the medical will be minimum 2 months after the interview. Any medical issue found you will have to get another doctor to give you a letter clearing you for duty. Barring any legitimate specific instances that wouldn’t make you able to drive.
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