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  1. Saw 4003 @ Gerrard & Cowell in revenue service looking in fine form.
  2. Just saw 4004 on Coxwell at Dundas looking very rough & out of service with 4 way flashers on.
  3. Saw 4230 last night heading west on Queen Street East at Greenwood. The first ALRV I've seen in operation in almost a year. It wasn't in service & had 6 ttc employees wearing construction vests onboard
  4. 4002 is the oldest of the CLRVs it should be preserved as a heritage vehicle.
  5. Saw 4001 @ Gerrard & Greenwood today looking clean & Shiney.
  6. Saw 4003 pull into Russell Yard looking in great shape.
  7. Saw 4003 this morning on queen street east looking very clean & shiney maybe this one will be saved.
  8. J Just saw 4001 at Gerrard & Cowell looking shinning clean & looking good maybe this car will be saved!
  9. I drove by 4004 around 8:30 last night if broke down at Gerrard & Pape looking rough & rusted.
  10. I saw 4001 on Queen & Leslie yesterday looking very clean & shiney
  11. I saw 4004 on Coxwell Avenue Friday looking very rough surely won't be around much longer if it has mechanical issues as well.
  12. Just saw on global news 4002 was in accident
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