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  1. Lots of CLRVs sitting on the dead tracks at Russell Yard now. Sadly their numbers will significantly be reduced by months end.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised that the number of CLRVS remaining on TTC property to be closer to 60.
  3. I saw it on the flatbed too. For the very first time headlights were intact!
  4. Just saw SIG 4003 parked in the back on the dead tracks at Russell Yard with its pole down. Couldn't tell if it was stripped. 😣
  5. Just saw 4012 on Gerrard back roll sign said 506 Main Station in full like on the front roll sign.
  6. The tracks at Russell Yard that once was full of decommissioned CLRVs & recently empty is now full again. The CLRVs appear to be in good shape body wise & are not stripped.
  7. All of the streetcars were intact poles up & lights on!
  8. No decommissioned streetcars at Russell Yard right now!
  9. Hey PCC Guy when is the retired CLRV summary going to be updated next? Thanks!
  10. 4125 just left Russell Yard on a flatbed. 😢
  11. Just saw 4001 heading towards Russell Yard.
  12. SIG 4004 is history. Parked at Russell Yard with headlights removed.
  13. There's only 6 decommissioned clrvs with the headlights missing at Russell Yard right now.
  14. Russell Yard is almost empty of retired streetcar took pics but can't post the
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