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  1. I agree, you make a lot of good points here. But the zig-zag feeder network definitely needs to be refined. DART is a great way to replace a lot feeder routes city wide - Kildonan Place, South St Vital, Waverley West, Sage Creek, Royalwood - these all could use DART routes. What's really interesting to me is that potential route 131 that goes between Roblin and Portage at the zoo is Autonomous (see West side survey).
  2. It’s really their only option if they’re going to improve service without adding to the budget (which they won’t - stop dreaming). Low service areas are sacrificed in order to properly service major corridors. In the end, if you rely on transit, then you can’t buy a house on the edge of the city and expect to get stellar service. Also its nice to see SWRT1 starting to create infill housing. On the other hand the new downtown service is subpar, and will need tweaking - which is exactly what this engagement process is about. They already know what they’re going to do and aren’t going to revamp it due to public engagement, however the engagement process can influence them to make minor tweaks. The only other way to change the plan is to watch them put it into service, and for people to get annoyed to the point where they have to make substantial changes
  3. So why doesn’t WT ever actually use their winter snow plan? Instead we get a massive list of unorganized reroutes?
  4. Yes, the entire path is open now.
  5. That first paragraph is a gross oversimplification. If there is a pass-up, then the next bus is even more likely to be full. For example of a typical Tuesday/Thursday morning, between 3-5 full busses in a row pass up WB Bishop Grandin/St Mary’s. This creates a 12-25 minute service gap. The root cause of this is that busses are not running on schedule, causing multiple busses to “bunch”. This causes the busses to fill up with people from earlier stops, causing passups further down the line. As the frequency on this line is already quite high, increasing the number of runs alone is not enough. There are three major solutions that need to be implemented: 1) have some runs start later/end earlier along the line to spread out passups along the line 2) ensure equal spacing between busses (ie, if one is late, ensure the entire line is late by an equal amount. Therefore, theoretically in peak period busses can only be a maximum of 3 minutes late.) 3) Use artics, which is currently not feasible, as stops along Bishop Grandin cannot accomodate artics.
  6. WT needs to undertake a major capital project and reconfigure all the yields along Bishop Grandin to accomodate artics on the 75. Do that as well as add diamond lanes between Dakota and St Mary’s and we’d see just as much benefit as RT.
  7. When 137/162/170 are replaced with the BLUE line in Spring 2020, Turnbull Drive service will be eliminated. The BLUE line will terminate at a new RT Station at Pembina/Rue Des Trappistes. Route 691 will service St Norbert.
  8. Lots of progress being made on and around the transitway. AT path is complete from Chevrier to Farwell Bay N, and from Somerville Dr to Daniel Street. Gaps remain at the McGillivary overpass and Pembina underpass. The seel station park and ride also appears to be complete, except for signage.
  9. They should also consider having fare gates at major stations (u of m, downtown, Osborne), to speed up the boarding process
  10. Any idea of a timeline of when it will enter into service/testing?
  11. How would grant east of Waverley/Cambridge be serviced if this were implemented?
  12. Good idea, except for the part where the bus has to fall off of the St Vital Bridge onto Churchill Drive (bike path?). Should be EB Jubilee, SB/EB Churchill to NB Morley.
  13. Tunnels are magnitudes safer than at-grade crossings, however I believe the city would be more inclined to build an at-grade crossing, as it is cheaper. Our city hall’s philosophy seems to be money first, safety second. Also, for crossings like this are they regulated/need to be approved by Transport Canada? Or is it just the city and CN that would need to come to an agreement?
  14. At least an at-grade pedestrian/cyclist crossing of the railroad directly North of Beaumont station should have been included in the initial scope of the project. This would connect Grant Park to the transitway. If would also be easier than the pedestrian crossing to Pembina as there are only 2 tracks to cross North of Beaumont, versus a railyard at Ft Rouge Station. They should consider using the $10M contingency from the massively under budget Waverley underpass project for this.
  15. I agree, but at least a mention on the RT project updates page or the walk bike projects page would be nice. Currently 1.25 km of trail is complete along the Transitway, and over 1 km of trail is complete along Georgina St/Hurst Way. The Hurst Way trail offers a connection between Pembina Hwy/Waverley St, and closes a significant gap in the network. That should merit some sort of communication to the public - not necessary to make a formal announcement, but a more informal update would be nice.
  16. Because realistically they probably won’t be completely finished until October, and by then the snowless season will be over. If part of it is done, then people should be made aware that they can utilize it. The end of construction season does not coincide with the cycling season.
  17. Has transit released a timeline for the AT infrastructure along the rapid transit corridor to be complete? They currently have a section complete and paved between Beaumont and Seel stations - but transit/the city never announced this.
  18. Does anyone know if the 137/161 super express routes will co-exist with BLUE, or simply be replaced? Is it possible that there will be a “BLUE Express” route that travels on the transitway, but does not stop at all stations?
  19. The website lists that there is the upcoming spring service change, but there is no summary of the changes. I’m assuming it’s only a reduction in the university routes?
  20. Looks like it'll be for 664 (replaces 64/86) and 684 (replaces 84)
  21. Does this mean that the route 51 will be eliminated?
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