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  1. The most exciting pet of the announcement was the $20M for the required infrastructure to modernize the route network. Electric buses are a nice to have, but let’s solve our core problems first (Winnipeg Transit Master Plan - route network, all door boarding, prepaid fares (at stations or on mobile), etc.). Then let’s talk about electrification. Just my opinion, but I am heavily involved in the design/manufacture process of electric vehicles (and love it), but WT is still at least 3-5 years away from justifying them.
  2. What about the ones that were supposed to arrive this year?
  3. Another “cut” that was noticeable was that the 51 used to run until 1:30am on weekdays and now the 676 only runs until 10:30pm. Now after 10:30pm to get across the red river from u of m to st vital centre you either have to use on-request (which has been increasingly unreliable ever since the service zones were expanded) or go downtown and come back south.
  4. Also all 3 on request areas will be expanded… no mention of that other than in the IRPW documents… WTs communications departments really needs to step it up.
  5. A new WT online interface/mobile app was released today. Apparently in May it will replace the current inferfaces. In many ways it is worse than what is currently available. The route schedule view on the full website will be turned off. As for mobile, times can only be seen 2 hours ahead of the selected time, whereas before the number of hours after the selected time could be selected by the user. In addition, early/late busses do not show up in red unless the individual trip is selected. Can anyone find any positives…? Because I can’t.
  6. This sign is much better. I like that they're still putting up a sign to encourage mask wearing, and I really like that they made this P/R sign only show on the front and side (not the back). When I'm trying to see if the bus that I just missed is the route I was planning on taking, it doesn't matter if I have a mask because I won't be boarding that bus.
  7. What are the CATERS? Do they also have schedules/maps?
  8. I wonder why is 53 is cut back all the way to Portage and Main and the 56 goes to Portage and Garry? Portage and Garry is much easier to connect with the WB Portage busses mentioned in the report instead of Portage and Main.
  9. It appears this is still showing as the map for BLUE. Interestingly, the link to BLUE’s route page is missing from the main route list (https://winnipegtransit.com/en/routes/list). As an aside, I don’t understand why the on-request routes are also not on the route list page. The DARTs used to be there. Especially seeing as the on-request routes are not tied into Navigo, you would think WT would want to give them as much exposure as possible.
  10. I just noticed - after being MIA for a while the new Emergency Service Plan website is up (https://winnipegtransit.com/en/service/emergency-service-plan/). To me there’s good and bad to this: Good - ESP Level 1 The old Emergency Plan had a “BLUE” level of routes (some routes do not run, express run as local). As far as I am aware, this service was never enacted even though there were definitely times where is could have been. Instead a service alert is posted, and routes are detoured. ESP Level 1 basically just formalizes that this is what happens in reality. If it is ever enacted, I would be curious to see if the detoured stops show up on Navigo as “CANCELLED” as the ESP webpage this. (It would be nice if this happened with all reroutes) Bad - ESP Level 2 The old Emergency Plan “RED” level was more functional than the ESP Level 2 network. The U of M isn’t even serviced with this network. Routes in the 230s service hospitals while routes in the 240s service main lines. The route numbers are also very confusing as they clash with Transit Master Plan route numbers. For example ESP level 2 route 232 travels between Victoria Hospital and downtown (should be extended to U of M in my opinion, but whatever…) while TMP route 232 services Polo Park, Valour Road and Notre Dame. Routes 233, 234, 235 have similar confusing overlaps between ESP and TMP. Ugly - ESP Level 3 All service cancelled. If this happens then hell has probably frozen over.
  11. Has anyone heard any updates on the timeline for implementation of the short term route network of the winnipeg transit master plan?
  12. Has anyone ridden on request Transit? If so, what was your experience? Are the quoted times accurate?
  13. Damn, I wish they were to replace the D40LF. We need more artics
  14. The Winnipeg Transit On-Request app is now available on iOS. It will not be fully functional until the service rolls out. Three things are noteworthy: No more terminals to connect with the 16. Everyone will need to call or use the app/website. The app will only let you book immediate trips. (Not at a future time or date). This could be problematic for people that use 101 as their 2nd of 3 busses to get home, as you will have no idea when the bus will pick you up or drop you off until you book the trip. It is also in stark contrast to the current DART which asks that you “please call well in advance of your trip” One plus side - Plaza station is now included in zone 101.
  15. The short term route network is not meant to be stretched out and “long term”. It is merely meant to be the first step in the long term plan. And what gets implemented (if anything) may not be identical to the plan, but it will still follow the principles of the plan.
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