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  1. You are wrong. Put your transit fanning on hold and stay home.
  2. This image just proves @Taylorover9001's point.
  3. With COVID, I'm surprised that transit doesn't run a reduced schedule. Keep enough to allow social distancing, yet cut some busses that are unnecessary. I'm thinking run a Saturday schedule Monday-Friday, and keep running express busses in peak hours on top of that. This could be a big opportunity to save money here, which could be used for the fall schedule change to add a couple extra runs to the routes that need it most.
  4. Now that the BLUE and feeder schedules have been released for spring, is this the frequency to expect on university routes for fall? Or will BLUE have even more busses running on the route?
  5. Most other cities have foregone fare payment entirely. (Which poses issues of its own) Does anyone know what the spring schedule change brings, other than the introduction of the BLUE line and 600s feeders replacing the 100s routes?
  6. None of the plastic “flagposts” have been replaced so far. Only the old style metal plate signs have been replaced.
  7. I was just kidding, no worries haha. In other news, new stop signage is now in st Norbert and on chancellor Matheson, in addition to the Windermere area.
  8. It you’re just going to be condescending, you don’t need to post here.
  9. Seeing as covid-19 is substantially decreasing bus ridership, should the number of runs be scaled back to create more budget space for fall? Or should there be a legitimate recommended seating plan, trying to keep passengers 1m apart?
  10. Amidst all the “work” (blind cuts) they did on the budget, they forgot to release the COVID-19 seating arrangement where only 10 of 40 seats are used so there is a 3 ft gap between everyone 😂
  11. That's correct. This limits the left turns needed in the Outlet mall/Seasons area to just one - being EB Sterling to NB Kenaston, avoiding delays from the long lights on Sterling to the Outlet/IKEA access roads.
  12. Here is what a better 95 could look like, via Outlet Mall. Avoids the "gauntlet" of traffic lights on Sterling Lyon by the Outlet Mall, but there is the inevitability of delays crossing the railway tracks at Shaftesbury.
  13. Seeing as all phase 2 stations have passing lanes, why is there no BLUE super express? This would replace the 137/161 and could operate on an identical route to BLUE, and go non-stop from Southpark/Markham Station to Osborne Station.
  14. MMP15


    White destination sign or orange?
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