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  1. Are they training new operators even while others are laid off? So would it just be training current operators on new routes?
  2. Me neither, which I don't understand as the potential revenues from fines due to people illegally travelling on the transitway would more than pay for the come of putting up a few cameras. Mayor Bowman is probably just too scared that people would call it a "money grab" and it would hurt his chances of getting reelected.
  3. They should add cameras along the transitway that detect licence plates.
  4. Me too, but having both signs would be way too cumbersome. Social distancing signage is more important inside the bus than outside. Also I think "Operating Saturday Service" will be much more effective in making people who don't need to ride the bus not ride it, because people know how bad Saturday service is. Not according to the Manitoba Government, we still gotta bear with it. We're getting there though.
  5. There's a new sign "Operating Saturday Service" which replaces "Practice Social Distancing". Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture.
  6. Now that BLUE is in place, what are the odds that Winnipeg Transit actually updates their "blue emergency service plan" and makes it something that they can rely on during a snowstorm, instead of haphazardly creating service alerts and cancelling parts of routes?
  7. So 36 would now be signed as “36 Northwest All Stops”?
  8. Beginning Monday, express busses will observe all stops along routes. This effectively turns all 21s and 22s into 11s, and may slow down trips. This includes super express busses too. All this comes as the economy was set to reopen. This is why transit should have reduced their schedule weeks ago. That would have allowed them budget space to be on a normal schedule come next week, however instead they bled money and now we will probably be on a reduced schedule for a week or two, even as demand will rise. "Now is not the time" for a reduced schedule. Three weeks ago was the time for this, however since people didn't realize the benefits then, we will now suffer the consequences. Seeing as this is happening though, I would LOVE to see Transit properly advertise the DART busses. People will need to utilize them before noon each morning if taking the 16 to go to Plaza Drive or Island Lakes. Navigo does not at all account for their existence. Maybe if it did, ridership would be a bit better and the DART busses wouldn't be the first thing they consider cutting when doing "service rationalization" (aka putting a bandaid on a paper cut while running off a cliff).
  9. That is nice about the 18. In my opinion, the 95 should run to Shaftesbury Park all week, and never run to Polo Park. Transfer to a 66/74 if you want to go there.
  10. Has anyone found any Saturday schedules beginning May 4th that are better than the existing ones? For example as pointed out by someone else earlier the 83 will now run to Murray Park on Saturday’s (which is great!)
  11. My map another is my attempt at drawing up an extended 93. Another option to serve plaza drive is to extend the 693 Northward from Pembina and Chancellor (not go into Markham Station anymore). Then the extended 93 could go to Pembina and/or SWT, but not have to worry about Plaza Drive. However, this would reduce Plaza Drive service to rush hour only.
  12. So what would service st Amant/plaza then?
  13. Extending the 93 to Plaza Drive makes so much more sense than having the 16 run there. Short Term Routing: Combine the Plaza portion of the 16 and the 93. Long Term Routing: This would require transit only access to Plaza Drive from the Bishop Grandin ramp (as it was many years ago), as well as access to Plaza Station from Pembina.
  14. WT should go to their reduced schedule sooner than later. At least then it will be predictable when a bus will come. Right now it's just a haphazard guess whether or not a bus has been cancelled.
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