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  1. Yes I was curious about that too. The signage is great all the way down SWT2, but not so much on SWT1. At SWT1 for the most part the only signage is the classic Bike Route <--> *I found one exception at Woodward at the North End of the SWT1 path. It said head east on Woodward, 2.3km to the Forks. Winnipeg needs more things like this. People considering cycling would be much more comfortable if they could just follow signs to get to their destination, instead of just being expected to know that there is a gravel path between the Red and the railway tracks (from Osborne to Main). Bishop Grandin Greenway (Winnipeg's busiest AT trail) has nothing.
  2. New way finding signage on the AT path.
  3. MMP15


    Is there another order of XD60 coming or just XD40?
  4. The service cut cancelling the 79 after 1030pm isn’t terrible, as the 66 now runs to uni city until 1am (since swt2).
  5. Instead of the spirits, the 38 will now go into the forks all day.
  6. If cancelling the free spirits, why not have a 50cent or $1 downtown fare zone (similar to Minneapolis)? Mitigates the homeless issue while encouraging mobility within the downtown
  7. BLUEs pre-reduction schedule had more busses than this. (That schedule came out after u of m classes ended)
  8. Wpg Transits reintroduction of a “full summer schedule” isn’t as full as I remember it... Blue’s frequency is 6min in rush hour, 10min midday, 1:1 uofm:st norbert. Blue was promoted as having 6min midday service. Still a step forward though.
  9. I think demand for BLUE still remains, especially to st Norbert in rush hour (some 60ft busses have been standing room only, even back in phase 1 reopening). However stubborn Wpg Transit will probably refuse to modify the initial BLUE schedule, send way too many busses to u of m, and then call it a failure, threatening future rapid lines. The 36 could probably remain at summer schedule rush hour only, plus 1 bus every 75-90 minutes. 29 then BLUE/47/60 still runs all day. Another interesting idea would be to run the 36 on a full schedule, but have it terminate at Beaumont Stn for the time being (like an express 29 basically).
  10. Curious to see if BLUE st Norbert busses will be 1:1 with u of m busses during rush hour (or 2:1). Seeing as u of m is largely vacant for the foreseeable future, there is more demand for st Norbert than u of m
  11. https://www.metrotransit.org/a-data-driven-approach-to-social-distancing-1 An interesting article out of Minneapolis. Addresses tweaking capacity to routes that actually need it. It would be nice if Winnipeg was as transparent with their data as MN is.
  12. I’ve noticed a lot of the “reduced service in effect” signs at bus stops have been removed, yet the “bus stop discontinued - temp” signs that were holding them up remain. Anyone know why?
  13. Are they training new operators even while others are laid off? So would it just be training current operators on new routes?
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