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  1. Does anyone else find it funny that right now sage creek has peak service (50) and night/Sunday service (Dart 102) but no midday or Saturday afternoon service?
  2. A big issue with DART currently is that it doesn't show up in Navigo or other route planning apps. I suspect that significantly contributes to why people don't know about DART and why it is severely under utilized. I can see how it could be problematic to program into Navigo as the times are not fixed, but at the very least it would be nice if Navigo prompted users that DART is a thing if their trip starts/ends in a DART service area during the DARTs service hours, just so they're aware. An example of this is travelling to St Amant from Windsor Park on a Sunday. Navigo will simply say to take
  3. Nope. No app. No all door boarding, no fare pre-payment at stations on the transitway, and busses are not in constant communication with the servers so (a) debit/credit isn't an option and (b) online reloads take 48 hours. Peggo really is a "made in Manitoba" solution.
  4. Most likely a medical event. A similar thing happened on John Forsyth in May 2019 where a pickup truck rolled due to the driver having a seizure.
  5. Interesting. Yet the Downtown Spirit page remains.
  6. Just a question for all those still out there busfanning right now... have you considered frequenting feeder routes and night/weekend service more than mainline rush hour routes? Adding ridership on these routes could help them avoid the axe in the future. I personally have only rode the bus once during the pandemic, but I hope service is still adequate after this is over and not cut to the bone to make up for losses. For example, last year the 51 used to run until 1:30am on weekdays. Now the 676 does not run past midnight (the service of the 75 was made to be slightly later, but still le
  7. 2022 is listed in the zoom Q and A summary document. They also stated that implementation would happen gradually over multiple years, so only one section of the city would switch over at a time (with routes that span multiple sections being switched earlier - like the 47 was modified when the 600 routes were implemented). After each section they would refine before implementing another section. New bus stops in the SW sometimes did require upgraded infrastructure (ex. transfer points heated shelters), but were often just a matter of putting up a sign (like St Norbert “station”).
  8. So the TMP is slated for rollout in 2022, assuming it is approved by council. Why wait so long to change the network? Infrastructure obviously takes more time to implement, but the short term network should be able to be implemented in a matter of weeks/months. Not years. So why stall?
  9. Does anyone know the list of routes they’ve changed? And how they changed them? I know the 83 is going back to being one bus doing the entire rush hour route, instead of a dedicated bus for the Murray Park area (hopefully they try that experiment again when ridership is back to normal).
  10. I agree, but at the end of the day they're going to do whatever they want. The only reason we have almost normal service now is because the federal government gave Winnipeg $40M for transit. Without that we may have still been under reduced service. What I'm saying is that it would be nice if all potential schedules were made public, with as much notice as possible. Riders should be as aware as possible about future planning. This is NOT evident with the winter snow plan which could have been the basis for reduced service if needed, however it was not updated then the SW transit network was ch
  11. Right now it seems as if winnipeg transit is waiting to release the schedule until they get word from the province whether the rest of December will be red or orange. Why not release both potential schedules so the public can be prepared for both scenarios? I would hope that they keep the current level of service, but if they go to reduced service again, hopefully it is more refined than just a Saturday schedule with added express buses that never actually express (except BLUE).
  12. Would anyone possibly have access to the 50-80 or 96-80 run card pdf files? Are there similar ones around the city like this. I agree, the bus was for students and therefore am surprised that the header didn't say school charter. However I suppose "chartered" busses do not require public disclosure (like if they're chartered for a one time event), however school charters do. Perhaps WT is using this as a loophole. Also if these routes were made public, and riders did use the single midday trip home (this could be tracked using the bus's peggo data) this could make a case to run trips of r
  13. Yes, exactly. Weird that they say chartered though and not school charter. In the past I might have contacted Winnipeg Transit on Twitter, but recently all they do is DM a reference number, and nothing is heard after that. My main question is that is these busses are already running along preexisting routes, why not sign them and make them publicly available? The route header could read "96 - Royalwood", indicating that the bus follows the route 96 but terminates early in Royalwood.
  14. I saw busses with run cards 96-80 and 50-80 signed as Chartered Royalwood/Windsor Park at 12:33 (Bishop Grandin/Shorehill) and 12:41 (Lagimodiere/Sage Creek), respectively. Why would there be two school charters running at lunchtime? Especially on routes that are rush hour only. If this occurs daily, why not just sign it as a public route?
  15. Considering this could just be a document and might never get fully implemented (bits and pieces will over time, but it would take more coordination that WT could ever handle to switch over the whole network, I’m gonna hold off memorizing the TMP for a while. That being said, seeing as it will at least be a guiding document, I would strongly suggest you sign up for the zoom session next Saturday (under the Engage tab on the TMP website). Anyone who is on this form would have valid concerns/suggestions to amend the plan. At the present time, this session looks like the best way to provide
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