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  1. wheelsonthebus

    TTC Application Process

    I'd also be in the same boat if the TTC called me right now. My plan was going to be to take a Leave of Absence so I could still return to my current job if things didn't pan out. There are several different types of LOA's in Ontario if you choose to take it so maybe read up on them.
  2. wheelsonthebus

    TTC Application Process

    Hey everyone, A little background to my current situation: I applied to the operator position last year in May. I didn't get any response from anyone at the TTC with regards to the status of my application. I asked some operators what I should do and many told me if they did not respond to me to go inquiry about my application at the Yonge office. After I got to the Yonge office, the staff told me that they switched their application platform last year and that I should make a new profile and application as they currently focus on applications from the new platform. I did so and created a new profile and application. What I'm wondering is if anyone that applied on the new application platform, did you receive those evaluation questions when completing the application? On the old platform, after you applied you were given a bunch of multiple choice questions evaluating things like how you deal with stress, etc. Many told me that's how they screen you for the information session but I didn't get them this time around. Just wanted to know if they don't do them anymore? Thanks for any responses!