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  1. 4207 currently westbound on College at Queens Park. Edit: As of 12 noon it’s at Bathurst Station, Now at Hillcrest
  2. All along I’ve heard they’ll be scrap and the TTC will only preserve 1. There was an instance where I heard 2 ALRVs would be preserved but I doubt it. Even when they were in regular service over the past 1-2 years, having 2 in service on some days seemed just barely doable. Speaking of which, to my surprise it seems they sent 4207 out on the charter and there’s no CLRV tracking with it. Perhaps there’s a push truck, but I’m still surprised there’s no CLRV just in case.
  3. I forgot to mention that both yesterday at Howard Park/Dundas and a few months ago at Queen/McCaul the driver had to exit prior to going through the intersection, change the switch, drive through then get out again and change it back.
  4. 4094 hasn’t run in a week according to its tracking data. I’m not sure if it’s MIA though since it’s been known to run not signed in sometimes.
  5. It just can’t get the coordinates of the car. It’s still at Russell as far as I know. 4003 is also tracking at Russell again currently. I see the person at the right side of the photo has got the right idea. It’s trespassing but hey it’s one way to get a good photo.
  6. I would say they disabled it temporarily. I was going to ask this a while ago since there was a day a couple months ago when the 506 diverted westbound on Queen then north on McCaul back to college. When turning onto McCaul the driver had to switch the tracks manually. I thought the same thing since the 502 has been using that switch for years and I suppose since it is bustituted they just disabled the switch. I can imagine if that’s the case then they probably have the switches at Dundas West/Broadview stations where the 505/504 board disabled and have it set to go onto the King platform. Same with other places such as southbound Broadview at Dundas and wherever streetcars are currently replaced.
  7. I was on 4178 which did a “306 Dundas West Station” run this afternoon. At Howard Park/Dundas going westbound the operator had to get out an manually change the tracks. Is there no electronic switch there? I figured through years of the 505 and 506 using that intersection and going different ways that there would be one.
  8. I saw a CLRV pushing/pulling another CLRV along Queen today going eastbound at Yonge. One of them was 4141, anyone know what number the other one was?
  9. 4178 westbound at Lake Shore and Park Lawn, possibly going to Long Branch
  10. There’s no streetcars east of Kingston Rd due to construction. It was running between Sunnyside and Russell when I checked a couple times. That was yesterday. Although there were times both today and yesterday that I saw it running on King.
  11. It looks like 4178 is on the 501 today. It isn’t signed in but keeps going back and forth along Queen.
  12. https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/10/video-shows-toronto-driver-smashing-right-streetcar-during-rush-hour/ Someone managed to smash into 4459 today
  13. Some pics from twitter (I didn’t take these) of 4178 today with some 501 and 504 rollsigns. Note the front and side signs on each don’t match.
  14. 4089 has a full wrap, I went by too quickly on another streetcar to see what it was for.
  15. I was just on Queen near Yonge and saw 4057, 4053 and 4048 go eastbound NIS. Then I saw 4178 go by but couldn’t see the rollsign. It was headed eastbound but signed into the 504. Still heading eastbound on Queen.
  16. Did they say it wouldn’t run specifically because of the loop or just in general? I wouldn’t have a hard time believing it won’t run for other mechanical reasons. On the same note, does anyone know if 4221, 4228, 4230 or 4249 or parts from those will be going to Halton to be used on 4204 now or when future repairs are needed? 4207 has also been brought into the carhouse at Russell
  17. https://twitter.com/TTC146Eminem/status/1186651888659374080?s=20 There she goes!
  18. That’s great! As I was reading that I saw “loaded onto a trailer” and I thought oh-no. 😂😂
  19. I will also add that 4117, 4132 and 4169 are also MIA. 4057 now at Hillcrest.
  20. To my surprise the 506 is still a Flexity/CLRV mix for Saturday with majority CLRV.
  21. Very true considering Langille’s felt they couldn’t even show the fleet number in their Facebook post. As far as I know they destroy the vehicle, removing all branding, logos...etc. Although there is a part of their website that says “items for sale” that’s just a dead link.
  22. Probably not. I was thinking more that in early November the Royal Winter Fair is on at the Exhibition. Perhaps they would run a few Flexities on the weekends instead or throw a couple on the route to supplement service. I don’t think it will be as big of an impact as the CNE.
  23. At one point it was to Langille’s Scrap in Port Perry. Not sure if that’s still the case.
  24. As someone indicated already, there were still 6 CLRVs today. We went from 28 CLRVs to 16 Flexities and 6 CLRVs for base service. Plus we have 6 more trippers. It would seem rush hour on the 506 is greatly improved in terms of capacity but outside rush hour some gaps in service may be quite wide. I would personally prefer smaller vehicles that arrive more frequently plus seeing the Flexities on the 506 seems sort of like overkill. It’s almost like they should be doing the trippers and the CLRVs should be used for base service. I was near Howard Park and Indian Rd and you see this large empty 5-module vehicle coming down the street in a quiet residential neighbourhood and something about it felt almost like wasted use of a high-capacity vehicle. It’s almost like how I felt seeing the occasional 503 Flexity on Kingston Rd last year while the 501 was bursting at the seams with CLRVs and a handful of ALRVs that couldn’t run.
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