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  1. Seems to have continued on the route after that and is still in service 4094 going to Hillcrest
  2. So is that implying that it may be the Canadian-made car the TTC is saving? Anyone know if 4034 is still sitting on the trailer at Russell or anyone know where it’s going? It was mentioned that it was maybe going somewhere in the States.
  3. 4075 and 4094 (both MIA) track in the carhouse at Russell so I guess we’ll see what comes of them. 4089 is MIA, at Hillcrest still and 4123 doesn’t track. Bathurst is 100% CLRV today (as expected) and there are currently 7 CLRVs on the 506 plus 4178 on Gerrard East.
  4. As of now (6:30am) vehicle tracking seems to be down across the streetcar network including both old and new streetcars. Most buses and 4094 still track (VISION).
  5. It will likely be multiple cars on December 29th. I’d say whichever ones last until then 😂. Not sure if 4001 will be brought out.
  6. 4119 was one of my favourites too, especially after they managed to fix her up after this crash back in 2010.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/streetcarmuseum/status/1191511823163387905 This basically confirms that. Stay tuned!
  8. From what I’ve heard, one of 4001 or 4003 likely will go.
  9. https://twitter.com/streetcarmuseum/status/1191459500630265856?s=20 4010 went to Halton today !!
  10. I was sort of surprised they just didn’t revert the 506 back temporarily.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/tonyfera1/status/1088490974664372226 Found this fun clip from January. Drivers can be such morons 😂😂
  12. @PCC Guy It was said 4150 was hauled away in the summer but no further info is known. 4111 and 4131 have been retired since the Summer as well. Does anyone know if they are still sitting on TTC property? https://mobile.twitter.com/writing_richard/status/619138795686920192 There’s a scrapped 4151 https://mobile.twitter.com/lkoch99/status/823221432385761280 And a scrapped 4061 I’m not sure if the exact dates in these posts are the scrap dates, but typically they’re posted shortly after the picture of taken (because hey it’s Twitter 😂)
  13. 4141 is MIA. 4156, 4086, 4119 and 4191 haven’t run in a few days. Based on tracking data it seems like they tried to run 4085 on Tuesday, but they didn’t get very far with it.
  14. Let’s not forget that even in their facebook post, Langille’s mostly blocked out the visible fleet numbers on 4002. I wondered why that was really necessary and whether or not the TTC specified that no information about scrapped cars should be shared.
  15. I was on it today for the first time in a while and yes it’s quite loud. Also seeing the 2x2 seating in the back felt strange, I can imagine there aren’t many cars still active with 2x2 seating in the back.
  16. I believe it also says Station on the 509/510 streetcar stop announcements.
  17. Based on the amount of rust on the car and the mechanical problem I thought it was a goner but it’s on the 506 today.
  18. I don’t expect any significant visible changes at all really, regardless of if it’s the units being preserved by Halton or the TTC. 4204 went from sitting in the TTC yard to Halton on display in the same state for the most part. A few things I thought about were the TTC possibly changing the paintjob slightly to resemble earlier years, maybe a “UTDC” rollsign or removing the front skirt. I doubt all or any of these things will happen though. One thing that would disappoint me is if during any type of overhaul or renewal they ruin the interior of the SIG car(s) that get preserved. For example by replacing any seats with those from other CLRVs or painting over/changing the red modestly panels with any other colours. They should also try and keep the builders’ plates in any CLRVs authentic and matching correctly to the vehicle that it’s on.
  19. According to this post it was on a charter last night so it does still run. Thanks bus_7246 for sharing, thought I would post it here as well.
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