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  1. 4091 was the car I was on for my last 506 CLRV ride on Saturday. I was seated near the back and it sounded like and felt like someone was hammering underneath me.
  2. I was by there yesterday and can confirm that there was no overhead on Kingston between Queen and just south of Dundas from what I saw.
  3. Looks like 4094 is done. Saw it at Russell with wires out the back windows and it’s pole tied down. Parked behind 4075.
  4. That’s true. The service summary calls for 149 Flexity cars during the weekday morning peak not including any RAD cars. Let’s see if they can accomplish that.
  5. 506 is completely Flexity today. Assuming that the CLRVs are permanently done on Carlton (except for maybe 4178), which CLRV was the last one on the 506?
  6. I just saw 4071 with a “Goodbye Toronto CLRV” sticker on the side of it. Not sure if all or any other cars also have that. Edit: I've seen a few more CLRVs, none have the stickers. Maybe they’ll get them in the coming days.
  7. I noticed a weird coincidence and fun fact. Despite us being down to only a few CLRVs, there is still at least one either in service or preserved for each numerical set (4000s, 4010s, 4020s... all the way to the 4190s)
  8. 4094 just did a trip on the 306 which consisted of a loop around Russell then right back on one of the west tracks I can’t seem to find the posts about 4207 possibly getting canned or about 4050 getting sent to Philadelphia. Did the guy who posted that stuff delete his account or am I just not seeing it?
  9. I would say this Saturday or Sunday most likely. Tomorrow is the last day of CLRV rush hour trippers since more Flexities will be on the route so I’m assuming come Monday it will likely be running all low floors. Sunday I’m not sure what they’re going to run.
  10. I’m pretty sure I’m going to just have a me, myself and I personal goodbye ceremony on the 28th 😂😂
  11. Here’s a few pics of cars that have been mentioned lately. 4119 at Main Station in mid-September 2019 and 4086 at Yonge/Carlton in early-October 2019. 4119 was removed from TTC property yesterday and 4086 tracks in the carhouse at Russell although hasn’t run in nearly a month and is almost certainly done. The final image is of 4221 when I managed to get a ride on it during its brief return to service in May 2019. I remember taking it from Jameson to Yonge and getting off to snap this picture at Victoria. When I was on it I remember it playing an old pre-recorded message about an upcoming subway closure the following weekend that didn’t exist as it was likely recorded many months prior and not removed. This was my first ALRV ride since January and my last until their retirement day on Labour Day.
  12. 4193 has returned to Russell Today is the 2nd time in 4 days that 4100 has had to be pushed back to the carhouse.
  13. It appears that 4100 may have broken down and being pushed or pulled back to Russell by 4042. They’re heading eastbound at King/Sherbourne now.
  14. Did 4178 break down? I noticed around midday today there wasn’t any service East of Coxwell on the 506 due to “mechanical issues” and 4178 was sitting at Main station. I notice it’s in the carhouse at Russell now.
  15. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yczyu_EqYEw Yep, 4119 for sure is gone
  16. Both back at Russell inside the carhouse now. Based on where it’s parked in the yard, things may not look good for 4094. Seems to be parked near 4075. Both were in the carhouse today or yesterday. Anyone know if they’re stripped?
  17. Streetcar (4557) stuck behind accident on Queen West seen on the news First time I’ve seen a Flexity with a “Chartered” sign up
  18. Have 4105 and 4068, or at least their remnants, returned to Russell, I remember a while ago they were sitting at Leslie Barns? They tracked today in the middle of nowhere. 4193 at Hillcrest, judging by the sound of it when I was on it yesterday I’m not surprised. 4147 did a trip on the 506 aka 123 Sherway today 😂😂
  19. 4193 has an air compressor that sounds like the one on 4091.
  20. The day it got there and thereafter it was moving under its own power, but for some reason it wasn’t working when they were bringing it into the barn. They say 4204 will be on display (not sure where) and it sounds like 4039 may be outside running, but that’s not confirmed yet. Maybe others will interpret these tweets differently. In which case I’d like to put my bets on it being one of the last cars to run in December. Just a hunch.
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