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  1. Indeed it is. Streetcars have returned to the 501 today. I guess they either don’t have enough Flexities for the 506 as well and would rather them be on the 501. It makes sense that the 506 is a mix of buses and CLRVs. Since there’s a maximum of 34 CLRVs that we can say would be in service, if Bathurst needs 12 at peak today, that leaves 22 not including spares ready for service which isn’t enough to cover the 506 entirely. The “bonus” CLRVs he mentions I guess are on Carlton instead of Queen. I’m not sure about the status of the scheduled afternoon extras on Queen however.
  2. So is it east of where the King/Queen tracks intersect? If so, why didn’t it impact King streetcars?
  3. Yes, sometimes during unscheduled subway closures or serious delays the TTC allows passengers to take GO transit on a TTC fare. I think encouraging passengers to use Long Branch, Mimico and Danforth GO Stations during rush hour could help somewhat.
  4. Wouldn’t it have helped if the TTC activated the GO protocol to/from Long Branch and Mimico GO Stations in the west and advise passengers in the Beaches to take the 64 Main up to Main Stn. or Danforth GO and ride on a TTC fare there as well. Or at least add some extra service to the Humber Bay and Beach express buses and allow them to be used on a regular fare. Something to mitigate the situation other than just shuttle buses.
  5. Unfortunately that might also impact the CLRV extras scheduled for this weekend I assume.
  6. Latest update says 501 streetcar service will not likely resume until Monday morning.
  7. Sounds like 501 service resumes tomorrow morning, but they may still be a few Flexities short. Therefore we might see some CLRVs and/or buses out on Carlton to allow more Flexities to be used on Queen. 4001 tracking at Leslie Barns
  8. Not confined yet, but I’ve heard that it’s likely the 511 will be bused again. Into next spring, the TTC expects the Flexity fleet to be able to handle the 501, 504, 505, 506, 508, 509, 510 and 512 with some supplementary buses as needed.
  9. Stuart Green was on the news this morning and said it was the track brakes which sit lower than the normal braking system does. He said it’s an easy fix that should take a few hours per car, but they need to source the parts since they don’t have enough in stock.
  10. Somehow the number of damaged streetcars grew from 7 to 25 when further inspected.
  11. 4110 has also joined it on the 506. Perhaps a few Flexities yesterday that suffered brake damage require some repairs. As I look at the TTC twitter alerts, it now says 25 streetcars suffered damage, not 7. Although I’m not sure the severity or what type of repairs are necessary. 501 is still bustituted this morning 4178 also running on College as well, not signed in
  12. Going by the very unclear TTC tweets, there was possibly a track issue near Windermere that caused the damage. Then there was a “medical emergency” near Woodbine that lasted like an hour then all of a sudden they said they were busing the whole route. Seems rather strange that the whole route is impacted. Yep, the first comment on the CP24 tweet about this is someone praising the new electric buses and how they’re better than streetcars.
  13. I was thinking maybe like as a test dummy so they don’t risk damaging any more new streetcars??
  14. 4133 is currently west of Sunnyside on the Queensway, meaning it’s going at least to Humber loop. There are issues on the route as the TTC tweeted out, so I’m not too sure what that’s about.
  15. Just some info here. Not sure of many details yet.
  16. They seem to be all over the place now. 4042 on Bathurst, 4100 almost at Neville Park, 4123 still on College and 4193 on Spadina.
  17. That’s an idea I had and I think it’s very possible. I’m aware of 4081 and 4071 having the wrap for sure. Possibly the weekend cars are left aside or used only if necessary during the week.
  18. Regardless of if we are or aren’t considering the accuracy of the GPS tracking, it seems somewhat coincidental that I believe at least 4-5 of the cars that ran on the 501 on the weekend returned to Russell and tracked on the western “dead” tracks. I agree that the trackers are often not even close to being completely accurate, but it at least appears that some of the 501 cars were parked in the west side of the yard. There is of course the possibility that due to the excess of CLRVs currently that some will be put aside just for weekend use on the 501. Speaking of which, on the weekend I saw 4094 with it’s pole down and no longer tracking, but now it is again tracking. I saw the wires out the back windows as well. What are those wires for anyways?
  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5VC6h7nmE_/?hl=en As I look at this post from this morning closer, it looks like 4191 did indeed get sent away this morning. That is likely the one spotted by @christine
  20. Some will definitely be getting axed since if there’s a maximum of 18 in service, they’re operating on a spare ratio of nearly 100% and over 100% on weekdays. But would they retire both 4071 and 4081 and instead keep cars like 4091, 4100 and 4193 still running? It’s possible since we don’t know the condition that they’re in, but just based on recent performance and observation it seems somewhat unlikely. A few people have reported seeing scrapped CLRVs going westbound on Lake Shore over the past few months. Are they still going to Langille’s? Because if so, it seems like they’re taking some sort of detour.
  21. Well it tracked yesterday in the early AM, so more like Sunday. But still, there are 34 active cars and only 12 running at a time on the 511 with the exception of the 6 on Queen on weekends, so at this point if some don’t run for a few days they may not really be MIA.
  22. I noticed that too, but I don’t think we can assume all those cars are dead. I find it hard to believe that they suddenly retired cars like 4071 and 4081 for what seems like no reason. It was in service yesterday
  23. 4091 in service today. 4178 not signed in but seems to be running on Carlton currently.
  24. 4193, which broke down last week as well Does anyone know where 4001 is currently? Is it still at Russell or Hillcrest? It tracked a few hours ago in the middle of the lake so I’m not sure where it is.
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