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  1. Yes, in addition to that video Steve Munro has an article about multiple unit operation. https://stevemunro.ca/2010/06/16/multiple-unit-clrv-and-alrv-operation/ You can also look at some of the original plans for the Scarborough RT using CLRVs coupled together as well.
  2. 4069’s tracker often seems messed up the times I’ve checked over the past couple months.
  3. Couple of random questions: 1. Something I haven’t been able to find much information about is when they tested an A/C unit on 4089 in the 90s. Does anyone have any pictures or could at least explain what was wrong with it and how it compared to 4041? 2. Is there any plans to have any CLRVs stay around as yard mules? And if 4105 and 4021 are being used as Leslie mules, does anyone know how long they plan to be using those?
  4. Yes anyone can go on the CLRVs from 10-2 from Wolseley to Greenwood. Only the one at 2:45 is for contest winners only.
  5. The last run is from Bathurst to Greenwood. I remember earlier information said the 2 free cars tomorrow will be running from 10-2. However, it’s been posted here already that there will be 6 cars running tomorrow from 10-2 and going from Bathurst to Greenwood only. Roncesvalles is probably a typo or misunderstanding due to the TTC’s somewhat unclear communication. The TTC has also only told people that free 2 cars will be running tomorrow, but according to the information posted here it looks like 6 will be running. Am I also correct to assume that the 511 will be 100% Flexity tomorrow as well?
  6. So once again we get to have this confusion over whether or not CLRVs will be on the 501 tomorrow. The TTC tweeted out again that the CLRVs will be on the 501(weekends) and 511 until the 28th. https://mobile.twitter.com/TTChelps/status/1210606895083507712 I’m not holding my breath, but it would be nice to see them on the 501 tomorrow. Well 4001 it is!!
  7. Steve Munro’s latest post has some nice early CLRV pictures https://stevemunro.ca/2019/12/25/the-early-days-of-the-clrvs/#comments
  8. All that is quite true, especially in comparison to other vehicle retirements we’ve seen. However I think what confuses me and others is why they would have extras running to celebrate their retirement only to stop running them a week prior to retirement.
  9. Would it honestly kill them to have some running today and next Saturday? This basically means the final week of CLRVs will be celebrated by having a handful of them on the 511 then 2 packed cars running next Sunday and a final contest run. What a disappointment.
  10. They couldn’t just leave it alone with the CLRVs for one final week? TTC management is so stingy.
  11. Perhaps they changed the plan then? The website, along with the coupler said before that they were running until the 28th. I guess we’ll have to see next Saturday. https://www.ttc.ca/News/2019/November/21_11_19nr_CLRV_contest.jsp For example that TTC post says until the 28th. Even their Instagram posts say until the 28th for the 501 and 511. https://stevemunro.ca/2019/11/06/ttc-service-changes-effective-november-24-2019/ Now according to this under the CLRV retirement section, today is the last day of the 501 extras. I don’t really have a definitive answer anymore. 😂😂
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ryan81471462/status/1208367541514637312 It looks like TTC Customer Service is providing contradictory information, but as far is I know, the CLRV extras should be running next Saturday on the 501.
  13. The effective December 22nd on that page is an error. The extras will be removed after next Saturday, the 28th. On the 29th then there will only be the 2 CLRVs running then the contest car. Check out the following link and go down to the very bottom of the page for this information. https://www.ttc.ca/Coupler/Editorial/Special_Features/019_November_service_board_changes.jsp 4053 is in service after returning from Hillcrest yesterday.
  14. Just saw 4053 heading southbound on Bathurst at Dundas NIS. Nothing noticeably wrong with it.
  15. 4021 is once again tracking at Leslie and 4176 is at Hillcrest.
  16. 4001 is back at Russell now. I wonder if it will see service on or before the 29th.
  17. Do you know if it was involved in the collision or it was just blocked by a collision involving autos? And now 4104 seems to have gone back on the 511
  18. 4104 going westbound on Queen signed into 511 now, presumably going back into service. 4053 is still at Russell.
  19. 4068 has risen from the dead and is on the 501 currently. It hasn’t run since September 26th
  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/toronto/comments/eamwlh/huge_milestone_reached_for_line_5_eglinton_train/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  21. The PCC isn’t entering the loop. I was on it around half an hour ago. It’s making all stops between Neville and Woodfield until 3pm.
  22. It’s heading eastbound on Queen at Victoria right now, it’s not signed in to any route however.
  23. I recall that on Twitter, the TTC posted they were inspecting a spot near the intersection. I think it was a couple days after the streetcars returned to the 501.
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