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  1. Streetcar service through there resumed since yesterday so there’s no way it’s still there. I noticed in the picture that only one of the front doors is open and the other is closed. Can the driver open only one door manually or is it broken ?
  2. Quoting my own post, but 4236 also made its way to Russell today from Roncesvalles. Tracking there now. There are no CLRVs or ALRVs tracking at Roncesvalles anymore at all, so any that were located there have likely been moved.
  3. I saw it on the 501 at Park Lawn and Lakeshore. There were 2 cars in front of it that hit each other, it seemed like they were going opposite directions too close to the center line. I thought they didn’t hit 4003 since when I checked the tracker it still ran for hours after that. I’m thinking they possibly ran it for a few hours with a damaged front skirt.
  4. 4003 is now at Hillcrest, hopefully being repaired. 4101 last tracked 7 days ago at Queen and Greenwood
  5. Saw this on Instagram. 4003 damaged at the front. Not sure but looks like an easy fix
  6. Yes it is, it’s been moving around all day and as of now it’s near Sunnyside loop again It still tracks, but if u are searching all ALRVs at once, it is difficult to see since it is where 4243 is on the map
  7. In fact 4229 has begun tracking again this morning. I checked twice, the first time it was at Russell and now it’s in Lake Simcoe (broken tracker ?). This is the 3rd ALRV to begin tracking again in the past week. And 4249 is now tracking from inside the service bays at Russell
  8. This is what is in the April 2019 CEO report about the ALRVs not running in February (the 1st full month of them not in service)
  9. Yeah i saw the posts a while ago as well. There were 2 posts on Instagram of 4221 from different accounts, but then I looked at the car from the charter. I saw the same driver with the blue shirt 😂😂 The other picture on Instagram has green grass and trees full of leaves so September makes sense And is 4230 retired or not ?? I heard that it was but now it is also tracking again at Russel?? I find it very coincidental that 4236 and 4230 begin tracking again within a couple days of each other
  10. A few weeks ago when the Yonge line was closed from St.clair to Lawrence for the weekend, I was on a train and transit control announced to operators that they were now doing a “1 train stepback” at St.Clair station. Out of curiosity, what does that mean and is there such a thing as a 2 train stepback, 3 train...etc ?
  11. Well 4236 is tracking again, still at Roncesvalles
  12. I was by Russell today, 4075 is moved from its spot in front of 4249 and is now tracking elsewhere in the yard, 4228 and 4249 are at the front of their rows with their lights on and they appear to be in okay shape. 4243 is not actually where it is tracking from in the yard , not sure where that car is
  13. New service summary has 97 CLRVs, 10 ALRVs and 124 flexity cars in service (updated March 13)
  14. Do u think we will actually see an ALRV in the Easter Parade ? https://www.ttc.ca/Coupler/Short_Turns/Coming Events/index.jsp
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