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  1. 4230 eastbound on Queen near Sherbourne. I guess heading back to Russell Since earlier, it was with 4170 at Exhibition loop. They’re still moving together now on Queen. Not sure if one is towing the other or not
  2. And in better news, 4048 is back in service for the first time since May.
  3. 4003 is at Hillcrest. It seems like tracking data has been erased again for what’s not tracking recently, but 4001 is there too last time it tracked. So this leaves 4004 as the only SIG car at Russell right now
  4. A summary of what the new CEO report says about the ALRVs: In May they ran for 926 KM in limited service and suffered 1 recorded failure of the compressed air system (from what I remember this was 4221). They are available for supplemental service if required and will be decommissioned by the end of this year.
  5. 4001 and 4079 at Hillcrest 4146 has been running in the past few days 4049, 4192 and 4198 in service
  6. 4012 has a front rollsign at the rear. Is this new ?
  7. Looking at the trackers there’s been quite a bit of ALRV movement in the yard. 4228 is tracking again after not reporting anything for over a month
  8. The following is a 1989 Toronto Star article that mentions CLRVs in Cleveland briefly at the end. Not sure if it is true or not or this just fueled the rumor about CLRVs in Cleveland. ProQuestDocuments-2019-06-28.pdf (Article use for research/personal only, no commercial distribution)
  9. TTC 8571 being towed on Kennedy north of Lawrence
  10. Doubt it, I didn’t see it, it’s just tracking there now
  11. Sitting at Kipling Loop now, not signed in on the 501 Edit: Now on 501L
  12. 511 today: No ALRVs, 4 have been replaced by Flexities Other note: (Just an observation) The 301 Queen is supposed to be 100% Flexity. But I see both 4049 and 4127 ran until about 4-5 AM this morning. I also noticed in the schedule that for late evenings, when the 501 is one service from Long Branch to Neville, it’s scheduled with low floors, but on Sundays, it’s scheduled as Low Floor/CLRV.
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