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  1. According to its tracker, it’s now eastbound on Queen along with 4207
  2. https://archive.ph/PJkoD?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Plus it’s direct access to the 510 or one stop to Bathurst (511) to go south as well and takes the pressure off the 512 to get to the Yonge Line. They could have added more streetcars to the 510 and 511 to head south instead of to the 512. If they were able to do that but also run the shuttles from St. Clair West to Union as they did I don’t see why not. It must have been the power shut down.
  4. Thanks @smallspy for the great explanation. One more question is what would the approximate cost or feasibility of equipping 5 or 6 T1 trains with ATC equipment and having those trains run in regular B-D service and be able to run on the YUS if needed? Isn’t the limited flexibility to move trains over somewhat risky? Any issue that prevents trains getting from Wilson to the University/Yonge sections can cripple service.
  5. So after yesterday’s moving of T1s over to Line 1 and back, I’m still somewhat confused how ATC compatibility works. So is the TTC able to turn off ATC between St. George and St. Andrew while they move trains over? I’m still confused about whether or not in emergency situations the TTC is able to revert back to block signalling or not. If not, what’s the plan if something happens at Wilson Yard or anywhere south of the yard and trains can’t go into service? For example yesterday they would have had to have shuttles running b/w St. Clair W and Union and more to supplement the Yonge Line as well, which seems quite excessive considering the amount of extra T1s sitting around.
  6. That’s what I’m aware of. The person who reported that 4207 had an issue with the bellows had their account deleted so there’s no reason to believe that rumour was true. Also, wasn’t there mention of 4089 being retained, anyone know the status on that?
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/B69mbz4BgMp/?hl=en Looks like 4074 is a goner
  8. Yeah I’ve accepted that they’re done, the TTC wouldn’t go back on that even if it was completely necessary. I still think it’s regrettable on their part since the 508 is almost an ideal spot for the CLRVs to at least help bridge the gap until some new cars arrive (whenever that happens). And I have to agree with @christine that the retirement of the CLRVs seems like a talking point for the TTC more than anything. But what’s done is done. Steve Munro is even doubtful that the 505 will be able to return in April or at least won’t allow for much flexibility for things such as RAD cars across the entire network.
  9. So it seems the 508 is currently bustituted for this board period according to Steve Munro and posts on other threads. I can’t really understand why CLRVs couldn’t be used for the 508. There’s no way they couldn’t find 5 CLRVs a day that were decently reliable and I can’t really understand why accessibility is an issue since the entire route is interlined with accessible cars on the 504/501. The 508 is more of just a convenience/capacity booster anyways.
  10. 4024 and 4187 at Leslie. 4187 signed into 85 Sheppard E
  11. 4034 went to the Illinois Rail Museum back in November
  12. According to it’s tracker, 4094 is at Leslie Barns
  13. https://twitter.com/streetcarmuseum/status/1211359010688917504?s=20 I suppose they hinted at it here 😂
  14. Yes, in addition to that video Steve Munro has an article about multiple unit operation. https://stevemunro.ca/2010/06/16/multiple-unit-clrv-and-alrv-operation/ You can also look at some of the original plans for the Scarborough RT using CLRVs coupled together as well.
  15. 4069’s tracker often seems messed up the times I’ve checked over the past couple months.
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