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  1. So according to the article 4001 and 4089 are preserved by the TTC and 4081 and 4124 are work cars.
  2. Yep, there’s a link to it https://youtu.be/RhNpt1GRWwM The part where they push the streetcar on it’s side starts around 1:02:40
  3. Based on what’s in the background and the street lights, It looks like it’s on Riverside Dr somewhere near Church St in Windsor in the early 80s, considering the car seen in the background and the fact that the CLRV still has its coupler.
  4. I recently came across this picture but it had a dead link on google images. Does anyone know where/when this is and what event this is even for?
  5. They didn’t look stripped to me. The tape was over the entire front doors so one would have to remove the tape before entering the streetcar from the front. Maybe it’s to indicate not to strip any interior parts?
  6. I drove by Russell yesterday and noticed a couple CLRVs with what looked like tape making a large “X” over the front doors. I believe one of them was 4187.
  7. At present there seems to also be quite a few 505 and 501 cars on King. Is that just short-turns to maintain headways or another issue? Why should the 505 be impacted?
  8. This morning there is also no service east of Broadview on both the 501 and 506 for what the TTC is also calling overhead issues. Coincidence?
  9. In the meantime the 508 should just be run with buses via Park Lawn to avoid Humber Loop entirely
  10. https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/04/toronto-using-repurposed-ttc-buses-transport-patients-during-pandemic/
  11. Spotted in-service TR going westbound at Woodbine Station at 7:15pm. I’m assuming it was on the line due to the multiple delays this rush hour.
  12. According to its tracker, it’s now eastbound on Queen along with 4207
  13. https://archive.ph/PJkoD?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Plus it’s direct access to the 510 or one stop to Bathurst (511) to go south as well and takes the pressure off the 512 to get to the Yonge Line. They could have added more streetcars to the 510 and 511 to head south instead of to the 512. If they were able to do that but also run the shuttles from St. Clair West to Union as they did I don’t see why not. It must have been the power shut down.
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