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  1. 4012 and 4110 in service too
  2. It’s at Hillcrest now 4001 also tracking at Hillcrest
  3. 5. The stations on the Spadina extension all have unique architecture. This includes stations from Vaughan Metro Center to Downsview Park. The original Downsview station, now called Sheppard West also looks neat. Dupont station has an interesting feel that you may like. Rosedale station is outdoors and it’s nice and quiet. Spadina station has a tunnel that used to have a moving escalator but doesn’t anymore but signs of it still exist. It also has an entrance that is an old house. Museum station is one of the best and definitely one to see. St. Patrick and Queen’s Park have stations that have circular tunnels and look interesting. Union station is newly renovated and is near the Great Hall, Brookfield Place and Commerce Court which are all places to see with nice architecture. Sheppard Line stations (Line 4) all have their own different artwork at each station and overall the line is quite empty relative to the others Not sure when you’re planning on returning to Toronto, but the Scarborough RT (Line 3) is expected to be closing within 10 years (Maybe) so if you’re not planning to be back by then maybe that’s worth a ride The Bloor-Danforth stations aren’t that exciting except for maybe Old Mill which has a nice view and is half underground and half above ground. Enjoy your trip !!
  4. From what I could see it was the lead car when there were “mechanical problems” between Kingston and Neville. It got to Neville Loop under its own power, then returned to Russell with 1-2 more delays. But not 100% sure 4221 was the cause of the mechanical problems
  5. 4094 is back out this morning on the 501
  6. 4230 out on Queen now. Not sure if it’s in service or not Edit: Now on King ^ Edit #2: Now on Fleet going towards exhibition loop
  7. I don’t believe it was in a crash as it seemed to be fine afterwards. But if that was the case yes it would be pretty bad luck
  8. 4207 seems to have gone past Russell and is now going towards Neville Park. 4221 also went to Neville and back westbound and is still in service near Bathurst
  9. Still tracking there, not sure why 4221 is now signed in to the 501 Edit: Collision on Dundas hasn’t cleared yet. 4207 either involved in the collision or impacted by blocked track. Hopefully the later
  10. 4207 out again this morning and 4221 is out now too. They’re not signed in to the 501 but this was the case with 4207 yesterday and I believe they are AM rush trippers
  11. Do you know if this work involves repairs and maintenance as opppsed to stripping and retiring ?
  12. It's an issue with the trackers as anything that hasn't tracked in a few days is not tracking anymore. This includes 4228, 4243 and CLRVs 4001 & 4002, among others.
  13. Heading back eastbound now, likely back to Russell 4221 is tracking again too so I’d say look out for 4221 and 4207 as possible rush hour trippers in the coming days On another note, the tracking data seems to have been cleared or something as many cars which haven’t tracked in days are now not tracking, including 4001 & 4002
  14. Was watching CP24 breakfast and saw this in the background. Rollsign says it’s in service. Checked the tracker and 4207 is down Queen but not signed into 501, but it seems to be in service near Bathurst currently
  15. Seen it on the 506 today in person