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  1. It appears that 4100 may have broken down and being pushed or pulled back to Russell by 4042. They’re heading eastbound at King/Sherbourne now.
  2. Did 4178 break down? I noticed around midday today there wasn’t any service East of Coxwell on the 506 due to “mechanical issues” and 4178 was sitting at Main station. I notice it’s in the carhouse at Russell now.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yczyu_EqYEw Yep, 4119 for sure is gone
  4. Both back at Russell inside the carhouse now. Based on where it’s parked in the yard, things may not look good for 4094. Seems to be parked near 4075. Both were in the carhouse today or yesterday. Anyone know if they’re stripped?
  5. Streetcar (4557) stuck behind accident on Queen West seen on the news First time I’ve seen a Flexity with a “Chartered” sign up
  6. There were 6 remaining. 4204 is in Halton and I’ve seen pictures of 4221, 4228, 4230 and 4249 already stripped. 4207 is the last remaining intact ALRV in Toronto so it has to be that one. The fact that the others were stripped means they were in worse condition. According to Darwin O’Connor (Transsee) the ad agency for the TTC (Pattison) is no longer accepting new ads to display in/on CLRVs
  7. Have 4105 and 4068, or at least their remnants, returned to Russell, I remember a while ago they were sitting at Leslie Barns? They tracked today in the middle of nowhere. 4193 at Hillcrest, judging by the sound of it when I was on it yesterday I’m not surprised. 4147 did a trip on the 506 aka 123 Sherway today 😂😂
  8. 4193 has an air compressor that sounds like the one on 4091.
  9. The day it got there and thereafter it was moving under its own power, but for some reason it wasn’t working when they were bringing it into the barn. They say 4204 will be on display (not sure where) and it sounds like 4039 may be outside running, but that’s not confirmed yet. Maybe others will interpret these tweets differently. In which case I’d like to put my bets on it being one of the last cars to run in December. Just a hunch.
  10. Seems to have continued on the route after that and is still in service 4094 going to Hillcrest
  11. So is that implying that it may be the Canadian-made car the TTC is saving? Anyone know if 4034 is still sitting on the trailer at Russell or anyone know where it’s going? It was mentioned that it was maybe going somewhere in the States.
  12. 4075 and 4094 (both MIA) track in the carhouse at Russell so I guess we’ll see what comes of them. 4089 is MIA, at Hillcrest still and 4123 doesn’t track. Bathurst is 100% CLRV today (as expected) and there are currently 7 CLRVs on the 506 plus 4178 on Gerrard East.
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