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  1. Fortunately both have since returned to service.
  2. September CEO report shows LFLRVs finally met and exceeded 35000 KM reliability targets for July for the first month ever. I’m still unclear about how and when the decision was made to convert the 506 before the 511. For quite a while I kept hearing that the 506 was to be the last route converted to Flexities. Is it possible that Bathurst will get Flexities before the 506 trippers are converted or reverted to buses ? I think similarly to the ALRVs, they could be used solely as trippers during their last days while both the 506 and 511 are fully Flexity.
  3. Instagram post taken a few weeks ago showing 4002 still at Hillcrest. Along with this comes news that the OurStreetcar art project is expected to begin running the week of September 23rd. From what I know it will run for about 6 weeks somewhere along Queen.
  4. I realize it wasn’t marked as MIA but 4094 is on the 511 today. First time in service since August 30th.
  5. Somewhat TTC related question here , but does anyone know if there’s a thread on here for the autonomous shuttle project coming next year?
  6. Is the water main construction done? Otherwise I guess that means the 501,504 and 508 go up to College/Carlton ?
  7. Can’t wait to see what happens if there’s a rush hour accident on Queen near Bay or Yonge.
  8. In March of this year, the TTC included something called the LRV Carhouse Facility Renewal Program in the budget. (2019-2028 Captial Budget project #6097). Part of this includes a new sand silo and delivery system at Russell, which was raised at the last board meeting. https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2019/July_10/Reports/6_Russell_Carhouse_LFLRV_Sand_Silo_and_Delivery_System.pdf I assume the capital budget contains more details regarding what needs to be done at carhouses in the next 9 years
  9. It isn’t supposed to start until the 7th but the 502 stopped running for the board period which started on the 1st
  10. Does anyone know how this consolidated Kingston Road service is working out so far? I put this question here since despite them being served by buses, they are streetcar routes. The 502 is currently not running and instead replaced by the 503 only on Kingston. There is no service on Queen west of the Don River at King that goes up Kingston. Does anyone feel that the TTC may be looking at how well this setup works and maybe if it works better it could be looked at as becoming permanent ? And I haven’t heard any complaints yet about this setup inconveniencing anyone that would normally take the 502.
  11. Currently 7 Flexity streetcars on the 506. Seems like Carlton is getting them prior to Bathurst. From what I heard, the CLRV official retirement will take place likely on Queen. So in their final days, they will probably be found only on Bathurst and Queen. I heard the end of the CLRV will take place on a weekend or weekends(plural) in December.
  12. There are 3 Flexity cars on the 506 this morning. I thought they would be allocated to Bathurst first before the 506. The 511 is still 100% CLRV. Does anyone know why this is the case and if the 506 will continue to get more new streetcars before the 511 ?? I thought perhaps the Flexities were used in place of the replacement buses during rush hour, but yesterday one stayed out for the entire day.
  13. Just a general question here, but is it often difficult to divert 506 cars to Dundas West Station due to the streetcar stops being full due to the 504 cars and 505 buses or any other reasons? The reason I ask this is because on Saturday there was a collision between 2 autos at Parkside and Howard Park and the 506 cars were being turned back at Lansdowne instead of Dundas West Station. I just thought they would be routed to Dundas West instead since the accident wasn’t preventing the cars from getting to the station.
  14. Today on CP24 there was a short interview with Scott Haskill from the TTC. He said that the TTC would keep “1 or 2” ALRVs and that the CLRV retirement would likely be more significant and take place over “weekends in December”. He also said that one of the ALRVs running today had 1.577 million kilometres on it and likely had 15 million passengers on it in its lifetime.
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