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  1. Oh god I hope they send those 2015 XDE60s before then.
  2. Well um, it says here on one of the guidelines here that the vehicle is the main focus and must be the majority of the photograph. Vehicle should occupy the majority of the frame, be centered in the photo, and be the main focus. Look, I didn’t want to start another argument as there was just one here okay?
  3. Well yeah, I was just giving a tip, not a criticism.
  4. Anyways, TransLink 2018 New Flyer XDE60 #18036 passes Burrard Street heading east on West Broadway in Vancouver, BC, wrapped in a “How Far Do You Travel” Livery made by Patrick Cruz, a Filipino-Canadian artist
  5. Just a tip: If you could zoom it to Center the bus and increase the brightness a bit that would look much better. If you were in a rush, why waste time taking photos? It’s not like there’s no tomorrow. Getting home is more important than taking photos.
  6. They really should send some of the 2015 XDE60s to STC... 7382 served the 96 today.
  7. Submitted it more than a month ago and if rejected or not, got no reply.
  8. What about these ones that were recently mentioned? Isn’t it similarly the same? And the original mention was last December 2018.
  9. 2551 for Kimberlite Diamond I know it was already mentioned but it wasn’t added into the wiki yet.
  10. A SkyTrain 6-Car UTDC ICTS Mark 1 arriving at the northbound Expo Line platform at Commercial-Broadway Station in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  11. Alright, then. On another note, 9732 did a trip on the 44 and 99 this morning.
  12. Alright, that is totally worthless saying that as I CLEARLY said that in my statement. Blame it on him. As a matter of fact, this has been going on since October.
  13. Yeah, “peacefully”? Complete opposite, you impersonated me in a cruel way with that psycho Eric back in January, plus, this isn’t the discussion page for arguments. Period, stalker.
  14. West Vancouver Municipal Transit 1999 New Flyer D40LF #995 is seen here pulling into a northwest-bound stop on West Georgia Street off Seymour Street in Downtown Vancouver.
  15. If it’s common, can an editor edit that please as it isn’t shown?
  16. What’s wrong with just asking questions? Okay thanks.
  17. Excuse me? I would say the 3rd Gen novabuses would be the worst. I would say the Orion’s are one of the best because of the comfy seats and that very Suburban look, unlike the new so-called “Suburban” novas, they look just like the city buses. And I never said they WEREN’T the ugliest.
  18. TransLink isn’t even trying to put in some effort in the liveries anymore. Look at the Orions we have, they have a unique Livery. This one? 99% the same as the regular.
  19. Very short list: WESTJET: Boeing 737 -600, -700, -800, MAX8 Air Canada: Airbus A320-200 Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
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