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  1. 19004 for the RapidBus advertisement.
  2. 19004 seen here in the very bad photo of it in the shop for the RapidBus ad-wrap
  3. Update: They now changed it to 457-460.
  4. 457-460 arrived at the OMC recently according to TransLink’s ig page, despite the fact that it says 460-463.
  5. I also saw a 1991 ICTS with Telus Babylon as well, but didn’t see the fleet number.
  6. I also saw 18003 on Broadway, a bus from HTC but it was NIS and no passengers. No other XDE60s that isn’t from BTC and the Novas were there because of all the trolley route detouring as well.
  7. TransLink 2019 New Flyer XE40 H19303 pulls in to Marpole Loop in Vancouver, BC. TransLink is running a 2.5-year trial of Four electric buses (two XE40, two LFSe) which will run on its route 100, mainly running on Vancouver’s SW/SE Marine Drive.
  8. But the thing is, will the DD fit through the streets there?
  9. No, I mean WHERE was it shredded, not was it shredded.
  10. 8036 is no longer at RTC dead tracks, does anyone know where it went (if it isn’t at the shop currently?)
  11. 118/218 Canada Line for Telus Babylon as well
  12. I don’t need it mentioned multiple times, thank you.
  13. If the re-introducing does happen, it would most likely be routed via Bridgeport because of the service south of Richmond to there.
  14. 2276 Kimberlite Diamond (Driver side and rear)
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