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  1. No, the Canada Line trains are more wide so the track gauge will be too wide for the Expo Line/M line trains.
  2. 2551 unwrapped 102 (Canada Line) for REMAX
  3. 203-204 wrapped for ENDY (bottom half only)
  4. Oh god I hope they send those 2015 XDE60s before then.
  5. Well um, it says here on one of the guidelines here that the vehicle is the main focus and must be the majority of the photograph. Vehicle should occupy the majority of the frame, be centered in the photo, and be the main focus. Look, I didn’t want to start another argument as there was just one here okay?
  6. Well yeah, I was just giving a tip, not a criticism.
  7. Anyways, TransLink 2018 New Flyer XDE60 #18036 passes Burrard Street heading east on West Broadway in Vancouver, BC, wrapped in a “How Far Do You Travel” Livery made by Patrick Cruz, a Filipino-Canadian artist
  8. Just a tip: If you could zoom it to Center the bus and increase the brightness a bit that would look much better. If you were in a rush, why waste time taking photos? It’s not like there’s no tomorrow. Getting home is more important than taking photos.
  9. They really should send some of the 2015 XDE60s to STC... 7382 served the 96 today.
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