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  1. 19030 is on the 99 for today, as it is unwrapped.
  2. Well it looks like Revenue D40LFs are going to have a slight visit of Vancouver again if they have a chance to appear on the 160.
  3. The buses at HTC had an entire weekend to unwrap them. Don’t know why they didn’t use that time.
  4. Apparently unreasonably long. In fact, only a tiny amount of the 2018 RapidBuses were unwrapped if I’m correct.
  5. 9201 is on the 160 for this afternoon/evening.
  6. 19004 for the RapidBus advertisement.
  7. 19004 seen here in the very bad photo of it in the shop for the RapidBus ad-wrap
  8. 457-460 arrived at the OMC recently according to TransLink’s ig page, despite the fact that it says 460-463.
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