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  1. Blue on top yuck, the gray/black tops fit in with the Livery 2.0. T-minus 15 months (hopefully) before the test unit is delivered.
  2. This needs a new thread Having as much Trolley routes as possible alongside Battery electric trolleys would mean a unified fleet. Trolley busses could have partial routes without wires. We need the 15 back, and need to add the 2, 22 to the trolly routes.
  3. When did Translink place an order for new Trolley buses?
  4. The current livery is modern, looks good and doesn't look dated by a long shot.
  5. I've looked all over and can't find the 30 Skytrain order. I want to know when they will arrive and enter service. Links please.
  6. I really doubt frequency on the Expo and Millenium line will decrease with 5-car trains. COVID will be over by the time the first 5-Car train enters revenue service in June 2024. The system is getting busier and busier. So I Don't expect a reduction in frequency during rush hour. 5-car trains on the Expo line will still be packed to the rims with people. So based on that how many trains does Expo use now?
  7. What if Translink wants to exercise the option for more then 100 cars in 2024 (example UBC and Langley fully funded and service upgrade). Do they get the same rate? does it come from the following option? I could easily see Translink by end of 2034 needing more then 605 cars (121 5-car trains). Full retirement of the 6x6-car Mark 1's, possibly replacing the Mark II's 60-car original order or even all Mark 2 trains. In 2034, the oldest trains excluding the 5-car trains will be. 2002/32 years old - 60 - 2 car Mark II's 2009/25 years old - 48 - 2 car Mark II's 2016/19 years old - 28 - 4 car Mark III's 2020/14 years old - 28 - 4 car Mark III's
  8. Mark IV's? Has Bombardier even announced the Inovia 400? I also saw in the document about retiring the Mark II trains.
  9. WOW first "Test" train October 2023. 3-years from now. The second train "Production" train will arrive June 2024, and then 1 train per month until the order of 41 trains is complete (IMO that is a slow delivery schedule), with the last train due to arrive September 2027!!!
  10. They could order more trains to make the switch. Also it could be done over a long weekend and in sections. Remember the single tracking to add the Milenium line outbound switch? There are options. With the retiring of the Mark I's this will be our only opportunity on the Expo line for years to come. All I want to see is a study on how they could implement the change of train width. Also with Mark I retirements, the government might push for platform doors again.
  11. In the original spec for SkyTrain they can widen the trains by 6-12 inches by removing the platform edging. But to do this they would need to separate Milenium line from Expo line. So with the Mark I retirements could this be possible with 26 5-car trains on the expo line? starting to see not enough trains to make the switch out.
  12. Is there any word on the Inova (SP) Mark IV Another Question, with the 205 car order, would that be enough trains for WF > KG if they "Finally" widened the train width by replacing the platform edging? Would make for a win win setup so we don't need perimeter seating which makes it harder for disabled and elders to hold on vs front/back facing seats.
  13. So at this point officially we have no new orders, no options for more train sets. Am I correct? So rolling stock is as follows 150 6-car - Mark I's 108 ?-car - Mark II's 84 4-car - Mark III's WOW 21 Mark III trains vs 25 Mark I trains. Too bad I am in solitary confinement (no joke) due to the Pandemic and Care facilities being prohibited from allowing clients to leave for anything.
  14. Just 2 more trains to be delivered and the order will be complete.
  15. Why are the next bus displays not illuminated. That's going to create allot off complaints.
  16. How many Rapid Buses will be needed per route?
  17. How does that website do "real time" SkyTrain tracking? Hopefully the T-COMM website will addd the SeaBus and SkyTrain info so we can all know if we are getting a Mark I, II, or III and what number train
  18. I feel for the image. of course I am visually impaired and can miss stuff in a fake post.
  19. I think mandatory breaks at each end of the run of 10%/10 minutes or wha ever is greater will benefit the drivers so they don't burn out as well as help them recharge and show a friendlier face during each shift.
  20. How many of the new Mark III's are in revenue service?
  21. How many D40LF's left in service, and how long do they have until the jaws of death come calling?O I remember riding my first D40LF on the 50 going back to high school in May 1996 when it turned off of broadway had to get off and change to a 9 to get back to UBC. (U-Hill grade 12). I will really miss the wood paneling from these buses. really made them stand out and unique.
  22. How many D60LF's left in service, and how long do they have until the jaws of death come calling.
  23. I can't drive. but it still would be entertaining. Could push to get more SkyTrain and other public transit options being implemented faster. Let the games begin.
  24. I would love to see a very nice long strike like the strike of 2000. 5+ months. Would make for a very entertaining 5 months.
  25. Thanks for the info. 223 non Trolley 60ft. is that it for 60ft expansion or are we going to get more in 2020/21/etc as expansion?
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