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  1. Why are the next bus displays not illuminated. That's going to create allot off complaints.
  2. How many Rapid Buses will be needed per route?
  3. How does that website do "real time" SkyTrain tracking? Hopefully the T-COMM website will addd the SeaBus and SkyTrain info so we can all know if we are getting a Mark I, II, or III and what number train
  4. I feel for the image. of course I am visually impaired and can miss stuff in a fake post.
  5. I think mandatory breaks at each end of the run of 10%/10 minutes or wha ever is greater will benefit the drivers so they don't burn out as well as help them recharge and show a friendlier face during each shift.
  6. How many of the new Mark III's are in revenue service?
  7. How many D40LF's left in service, and how long do they have until the jaws of death come calling?O I remember riding my first D40LF on the 50 going back to high school in May 1996 when it turned off of broadway had to get off and change to a 9 to get back to UBC. (U-Hill grade 12). I will really miss the wood paneling from these buses. really made them stand out and unique.
  8. How many D60LF's left in service, and how long do they have until the jaws of death come calling.
  9. I can't drive. but it still would be entertaining. Could push to get more SkyTrain and other public transit options being implemented faster. Let the games begin.
  10. I would love to see a very nice long strike like the strike of 2000. 5+ months. Would make for a very entertaining 5 months.
  11. Thanks for the info. 223 non Trolley 60ft. is that it for 60ft expansion or are we going to get more in 2020/21/etc as expansion?
  12. How many Articulated buses does CMBC Have (Total and by model). My guess os 300-400+ and without the E60's then at least 300.
  13. There are 60 white Mark II 2001 cars. if they get an extra 8 per 7 Mark III's trains, then they will only have 52 total 8 short of the 60 Mark II original trains.
  14. Does this mean we officially have 14 Mark III trains in service now? If so the count down to 21 Mark III trains in service is about to start
  15. After the 52 Double Deckers come, how many more could the system support so we can maximize capacity of all the busses? 49 all Double Deckers, 130, 106 and so on? Could we have another 200+ double deckers to maximize capacity of the buses? The system is growing so fast. What is the best route upgrade path? 40, 60, double decker or 40 double decker 60? I just want to see as many double deckers as possible so that a 95%+ reduction in pass ups could be achieved based on todays traffic. It seems double decker buses are the solution to over crowding on our under funded buses.
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