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  1. Cold Lake, Red Arrow Spruce Meadows are the only companies that have classics now aswell as Abouttown is Transportation
  2. 822 and 678 are missing in action since the collision downtown
  3. Wow are they skipping again or are they qaiting longer
  4. Im still confused as why 9006 and 9007 the suburban classics were retired in 2010
  5. Since June 11th 2021 is the 110th anniversary of Regina Transit one of the 2005-06 LFS will be painted in the sky blue Livery
  6. Regina Transit 608 (a unit with LED headlights
  7. Regina Transit 601 running through the snow
  8. This Bus didn't sound like what a 3rd gen LFS should sound like I don't know why it sounded like a vaccum
  9. Tuesday there was a 3 bus collision One bus had a mirror knocked off: unidentified One front end damaged : 678 one rear end damaged : 822 all 3 are being repaired
  10. In 2016 I got told by a Driver that they planned to order 3 LFSa and 4 LFS In 2020 If you see any see if the redesigned drivers window
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