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  1. Regina Transit 601 running through the snow
  2. This Bus didn't sound like what a 3rd gen LFS should sound like I don't know why it sounded like a vaccum
  3. Tuesday there was a 3 bus collision One bus had a mirror knocked off: unidentified One front end damaged : 678 one rear end damaged : 822 all 3 are being repaired
  4. In 2016 I got told by a Driver that they planned to order 3 LFSa and 4 LFS In 2020 If you see any see if the redesigned drivers window
  5. People let me know if you see Regina Transit LFS or LFS articulated and check if they have the new driver's window
  6. I wish Regina Transit had Novabus LFS HEV or LFSe I can't say LFSe+ because that just came out
  7. Also 601 Has a Luminator Titan sign Also as of November 2017 The Arbocs 105-107 are retired making the Vicinitys the only midsized buses
  8. Just a thought Do any of the 7900's or 8000's have the new livery? Ik that 1000s and 1100s do.
  9. 610 Sporting New Headlights Today
  10. I recorded a video of 675 was planning to upload when I got off a kid said I was recording and when I got Off he walked out and said Im not allowed to reocord, other drivers don't care, I was on 826 one time and I heard the driver talking about my channel so Regina Transit drivers watch my videos confirmed! I was very angry with said Driver cause this was his reason "white people can't record buses" "THAT WAS EXTREMELY RACIST" Was my response when he left
  11. 691 accident aftermath,of course now its been repaired
  12. On Wednesday Former Beatle John Lennon would've turned 79
  13. 608 has new headlights i was just on it, And 607 has smaller fleet number on the back
  14. 2005-06 LFS death watch spotted 608,601,605,610 out and about
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