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  1. 2005-06 LFS retirement watch in the last 2 weeks I have Spotted 601,607 and 608 the 2005-06 LFS are now being rebuilt i think.
  2. Regina Transit 607 a 2005 Nova LFS , taken December 2nd 2020
  3. Here I have a photo of Regina Transits 827 Wrapped for direct.com and a photo of another bus its regina transit 836
  4. So 625 and 645 are the only 2 buses now with Black Tail light housings as 626-628 have white ones aswell as 646-654 and heres how 618s rear currently looks also as for 601-610 all 7 units are active
  5. I spotted 709 today on route 16 so they are back in service
  6. Update on the Vicinitys they are not active I'm concerned
  7. 2005-06 LFS update all are Active
  8. Not yet the Articulated buses arn not here yet
  9. Every 2005-06 lfs is out and I am going to assume that 601 and 607 are Retired though
  10. Saw 2 unidentifed retired 2005 LFS behind the Garage can someone go identify
  11. 2005-06 LFS Death watch update, saw 608 This week on the 3, 605,609 and 610 have been out as well that just leave 601,602 and 607 to be spotted
  12. Great news 822 is back in service 678 is still absent though
  13. The articulated buses are still not delivered yet but i dk what their fleet numbers are. Do you think for next year a 2005 LFS will get the sky blue livery for centennial?
  14. It was 591 Also who knew that 557 had a Balios Destination sign Also what are the articulated buses numbers?
  15. So it's been months now and still no sign of 678 and 822
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