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  1. Just wanted to note that I published a bunch of updates recently, including releasing an iPhone app. Check out what's new!
  2. MAX cars getting a new livery, matching the new buses. Via TriMet on Twitter (1 and 2😞
  3. I don't know this person, but this matches what I was told on Twitter a few days ago:
  4. According to my data, 3430 was last spotted on route 269 on July 10th. Looks like that could be the end. Of the 1100s, only four seem to still be in service: 1104, 1114, 1127, 1187. A handful of others were also spotted prior to July 10th, but not since then. Turning to the new Gilligs, the first 2019 delivery is now in service, 7440. It ran single trips on June 18 (on the 116, which is very interesting—wonder if someone entered the wrong trip/it was a test?), July 3, and July 8, and has been in regular service since July 11.
  5. According to my data, only 3430 has been active recently. Here's a breakdown of its assignments: Last 7 days Weekdays: 48% of trips on 269, 33% of trips on 221, 15% of trips on 271, 3% of trips on 244 Saturday: 100% on 208 Sunday: 100% on 235 Last 14 days Weekdays: 33% on 269, 29% on 221, 20% on 271, 12% on 245, remaining 7% on 234, 240, and 244 Saturdays: 100% on 208 Sundays: 100% on 235 Similar trends over the last 30 days as well, including exclusively serving 208 and 235 on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. This link will always show its position if it's in service. I don't have much to add on the 1100s. Haven't logged a 3700 on the 200 since June 5.
  6. I'm working on building an interface so everyone can see this information, but for now all I've got publicly available is a realtime map. 3260 was last in service on June 7. It's not unusual for vehicles to disappear for a week or two, so it could still come back...will be keeping an eye out for it. After the above conversation, I've decided to determine a vehicle's current base by the last route it served, and just acknowledge the ambiguity in the few cases of multiple bases serving a route. I haven't yet handled this case when checking the distribution of an entire series, but it seems about 8 of the 63 new Gilligs currently in service (defined as having served at least one trip in the last 30 days) are currently at South Base.
  7. 3260 appears to be the only 1996 still in service. 3302 was as well, but I haven't logged it since May 16. Of the 1997s, only 3430 and 3541 are running; 3485 was last seen on May 23. 1998s: 3560 was last seen on May 16. 17 of the 1999s are still running: 1100, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1113, 1114, 1116, 1118, 1125, 1127, 1129, 1131, 1135, 1139, 1143, 1156, and 1187. Note that this based on my logs and only over the last 30 days.
  8. Vehicles 430-435 have started appearing on the map, but I can't find any information on them. My assumption, based on the fact that they just appeared and the rest of their fleet, is that these are 2019 Gillig Low Floors—can anyone confirm?
  9. Which is what I was expecting to find, but I found a few of those oddballs so quickly I assumed there may be quite a bit more, and decided to ask here before trying to identify every single one manually. Thanks for that document, makes my job a lot easier. I'll note that C/D/E on there are listed as Atlantic only, while the wiki puts them under both Atlantic and Central.
  10. According to the wiki, some routes are served by multiple bases—I haven't done a comprehensive comparison, but I can see some (expected) overlap at Atlantic/Central (and some at Ryerson), some at East and Bellevue bases, etc.. This somewhat makes sense as they're close to each other, but I'd like to get as specific as possible. The context here is that I want to start tracking which vehicles are at which base on my tracker. Anyone have more insight on how this works? I suspect I'll need to settle for grouping the bases across from each other as "one base," but if there's more to it I'd love to know. Tagging @aznichiro115, who's made a lot of related edits on the wiki and may have something to offer.
  11. I saw Double Tall 19850 on NB I-5 this afternoon. Guessing CT just took delivery.
  12. 19801 has entered service. Was on the 880 yesterday afternoon, then the 855 and 435 this morning.
  13. The TCC tweeted a photo of Proterra T462:
  14. I just saw T461 and T462 at a site near the light rail. Google Maps lists the business as Starline Luxury Coaches: https://goo.gl/maps/QmhU58cp4582 I saw them there back in January as well.
  15. kona404

    Pierce Transit

    I've seen 10124 as well. Can't find any documentation on orders. Edit: 10127, 10128, and 10130 now on the tracker as well.
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