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  1. kona404

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Which is what I was expecting to find, but I found a few of those oddballs so quickly I assumed there may be quite a bit more, and decided to ask here before trying to identify every single one manually. Thanks for that document, makes my job a lot easier. I'll note that C/D/E on there are listed as Atlantic only, while the wiki puts them under both Atlantic and Central.
  2. kona404

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    According to the wiki, some routes are served by multiple bases—I haven't done a comprehensive comparison, but I can see some (expected) overlap at Atlantic/Central (and some at Ryerson), some at East and Bellevue bases, etc.. This somewhat makes sense as they're close to each other, but I'd like to get as specific as possible. The context here is that I want to start tracking which vehicles are at which base on my tracker. Anyone have more insight on how this works? I suspect I'll need to settle for grouping the bases across from each other as "one base," but if there's more to it I'd love to know. Tagging @aznichiro115, who's made a lot of related edits on the wiki and may have something to offer.
  3. kona404

    Community Transit

    I saw Double Tall 19850 on NB I-5 this afternoon. Guessing CT just took delivery.
  4. kona404

    Community Transit

    19801 has entered service. Was on the 880 yesterday afternoon, then the 855 and 435 this morning.
  5. kona404

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    The TCC tweeted a photo of Proterra T462:
  6. kona404

    King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I just saw T461 and T462 at a site near the light rail. Google Maps lists the business as Starline Luxury Coaches: https://goo.gl/maps/QmhU58cp4582 I saw them there back in January as well.
  7. kona404

    Pierce Transit

    I've seen 10124 as well. Can't find any documentation on orders. Edit: 10127, 10128, and 10130 now on the tracker as well.
  8. Thanks! T-Comm is a great website, would definitely love to see something like that here in greater Seattle. The next major features (which are definitely months out) should even push it a little past what T-Comm does. 😉
  9. I've built the Puget Sound Transit Operations Tracker, a website that maps every in-service, regularly-scheduled transit vehicle in the Puget Sound for eight agencies: King County Metro Sound Transit Community Transit Pierce Transit Seattle Streetcar Intercity Transit Everett Transit Washington State Ferries Users can see the trips assigned to each vehicle and their schedules, the specific year/model information for each vehicle, and filter vehicles by these and more. My favorite filter is "Coach Anomalies," which detects certain kinds of unusual assignments, including another agency's bus serving an ST Express route, a standard bus serving a RapidRide route, and the inverse of these. I also recommend checking the "show route and vehicle ID on icon" box if your browser can handle it; this does slow things down a lot for some people. Full write up of features and future roadmap on the Seattle Transit Blog: https://seattletransitblog.com/2019/03/25/unveiling-the-puget-sound-transit-operations-tracker/ Check it out here: https://ptrack.konafarry.com
  10. kona404

    Everett Transit, WA

    I recognize this is quite old, but I’d love any of this information you have. Just began undertaking this task myself!
  11. kona404

    Community Transit

    Community Transit has launched an Open Data portal, featuring GTFS-realtime feeds! https://www.communitytransit.org/opendata No word yet on when this feed will be integrated into the existing regional OneBusAway server, though I have asked the question.
  12. kona404

    Community Transit

    Thanks! The colors look much better before being compressed here. 😉 But I agree, it was pretty stunning! According to the Wiki, CT has 9152 through 9171 still. Photos have been updated over the last week for almost all of them, so I'd bet that all 20 are running.
  13. kona404

    Community Transit

    Here are 9159 and 9171 at Aurora Village TC serving Swift on February 4. Also saw 9158, 9164, 9165, 9166, and 9169. Also have some pictures of 40-foots serving UW, but I'm in need of a better place to host images now that Flickr has changed their business model...