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  1. I took 28-126 on the 215 today. No longer has that unique stop request sound now.
  2. 30-107 was on the 203 today I rode 28-052 on the 211 this morning. It wasn’t tracking
  3. It was me that saw it today in downtown and I also rode it to Île-des-Sœurs. Here’s some pictures
  4. This board period, Stinson has a lot of extras on the 192 (7 Eastbound and 8 Westbound) There's @Gerbil website that you can use to search extras up on a specific line http://gtfstools.com
  5. When I try to switch to the STL, I get this error on the top of the screen. Is it something temporary since It was working earlier or a fix is needed?
  6. 33-837 was on the 121 and 28-067 was on the 171 LE today
  7. I've noticed that the trainbus routes (919 and 968) will go back to Saint-Laurent but also, the 48 seems to have been transferred to Legendre now (unless I'm mistaken).
  8. 40-128 was on the 203 and I realized that there’s one less seat in the reserved area for wheelchairs.
  9. The 216 has a few extras from Lasalle so maybe 40-038 was doing a Lasalle extra?
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