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  1. I took 28-705 on the 411 and 28-701 on the 211 this morning and mid-day respectively today. I also saw 28-704 at Terminus Macdonald waiting to do a 411 departure at around 16:00 as well. I've taken a 28-7xx 5 times this month already so I don't think it's just you that has been noticing them in service more often. Maybe it's just me, but I seem to see less 40 series and more diesel busses on Lasalle routes that go to Terminus Macdonald (211, 405, 411) then in the past.
  2. I saw 26-035 first doing the 425 at St-Charles/Beaconsfield at around 10:45 and then it was on the 405 in the afternoon
  3. 30-089 was on the 90 today not tracking
  4. While looking through the GTFS for the fall board period and looking through the RTL website, I noticed some things: Lines 30, 33, 85, 86, 87, 128 are to be back in service. A new line (442) which seems to be kind of like a replacement for line 142 during rush hour in peak direction but going to Terminus Longueuil instead of Panama and TCV. Another new line (93) for St-Bruno residents to the train station during rush hour. Feel free to correct me if there are any errors here or if I missed something.
  5. 30-005 still with luggage racks was on the 195 today not tracking
  6. Despite the route that a vehicle is on is showing, when I try to search for a line (ex. 139, 211, 64) no results come up. Is it possible to fix this?
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