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  1. A trip back in time to say the least.... the "Strayhound". Found this little piece of history in Arizona last week. I couldn't help but take a few pics of it.
  2. Neon Bus Rider, Happy new year and hank you for your input and feedback. Our product was showcased by both CE Niehoff as well as one of our distributors (ELREG) at both the OTE and CUTA trade shows in 2018. Keep pushing your higher ups to at least have a look at the product, and then take advantage of the fuel savings and belt calming benefits of the Monster OAD™ for the whole fleet. . Cheers, AL
  3. Transitlink fan, This has not been tested on the Detroit Series 60 engines as they are clearly on their way out, and they use a 10 rib belt instead of the 8rib that Cummins is currently using on the ISL. With respect to Volvo D13 engine, there has been no testing on Volvo buses as of yet, however Nova bus (which is Volvo owned but uses Cummins engines in transit buses), has a part for testing. It should be noted that the OAD™ technology is very mature (20yrs old ow) and almost every new light duty vehicle has one already installed from the factory. It is only now that they are being developed for the Heavy Truck and bus market. Thanks for your feedback, AL
  4. gilligfanboi, It should be noted that I asked and received permission from the moderator prior to posting anything in this forum. Posting in this forum, regarding product, is much more about discussion and awareness rather than free advertising. Thank you for your feedback. Compliments of the Season. AL
  5. Does anyone in this forum know of which fleets track their fuel economy? I live in Toronto, and the TTC does not currently track their fuel economy for their busses. I have two separate fleets who are reporting between 4 and 5% Fuel economy gains just from installing the Monster OAD™ but they are in the USA. My Canadian customers have requested to see more data from more fleets in more northern climates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. AL
  6. Has anyone in this forum tried the Monster OAD™? Please post your experiences and any questions you may have. We appreciate any feedback and discussion you may have. AL
  7. Bus Medic, I do know that some transits take a while to adapt to new technology, but the Litens OAD is not "new technology". Almost every new vehicle sold today has a Litens OAD™ attached to the alternator. It should be noted that even the new Promaster wheeltrans buses already have the OAD™ on the alternator. The Litens OAD™ is considered low hanging fruit for the OEMs when it comes to bolt on fuel economy and durable quiet belt drive systems. The Monster OAD™ can save up to 5% fuel.... the payback (depending on fuel price) can be 3 months.
  8. Bus medic. Thanks for your comments. The Monster OAD™ also helps the fan hub on the ISL last longer as well as waterpumps on the ISB. It does this by absorbing the torsional vibration firing pulses and accels/deccels throughout the belt drive and all its components. Consider trying a Monster OAD™...it is a 5 minute install. Al
  9. I would say a 1999 GMC Envoy pulling a TTC bus up a hill in a snow storm would be considered an interesting photo...
  10. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and my name is Al Steadman. I am a Project Manager for Litens Automotive. I have purposely asked for permission to post from the Administrator and therefore I want to introduce to this forum the Monster OAD™. This is an exciting new product for the transit industry. It is an alternator pulley that has a spring and clutch mechanism inside. The main purpose of the Monster OAD™ is to fix the belt drive issues with the ISL9 (and other engines) and at the same time increase Fuel Economy/Reduce emissions. Shut down chirps, transmission shift chirps, broken belts, and premature tensioner, idler and alternator bearing wear are all fixed with the 5 min install of the Monster OAD™. Has anyone in this forum heard of the Monster OAD™? I would like to generate some discussion on this topic. Note: The Monster OAD™ has just been approved by Cummins for use on the new L9 engines with the large alternators. Cummins has tested the Monster OAD™ and agrees that the product does exactly what it has been designed to do. The Monster OAD™ is available for retrofit to existing fleet, as well as for new bus builds. Be sure to add it to your bus spec, you will not be disappointed with what the Monster OAD™ can do or how well it performs. I would be happy to answer any questions and facilitate any discussion surrounding this new product to the transit industry. Below is my phone number should you wish to discuss directly. Here is a couple websites of my Canadian distributor (ELREG) should you wish to see the product videos and read up on it. https://www.elreg.com/product/306-p920101-monster-oad-decoupler-pulley-8-grooves-splined-version-3-75-od/ https://www.elreg.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Litens-OAD-Brochure.pdf Absolute best regards, Al Steadman Project Manger, Product Engineering - Commercial Vehicles. Litens Automotive Partnership 150 Courtland Ave, Concord, Ontario, L4K 3T6 , Canada OFFICE +1 905-760-9177 ,, 2235
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