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  1. I guess reading comprehension is not one of your strong suits.
  2. Not a good idea posting that link on a public forum.
  3. You gave me a bit of a scare
  4. Where did you get that Toronto speed limit is 40km/h if not posted otherwise?
  5. How would it be fair to go by name? People with names at the end of the alphabet would get screwed.
  6. Not sure how big classes are for streetcar, but for bus it could be as large as 10-12 people and you get one instructor for 2 students. You get a training partner and usually same instructor for your actual driving.
  7. They usually have new training groups starting weekly.
  8. Relax dude. It's not like there is a bus shortage and they need every unit on the road. Hardly cause for a scandal.
  9. You sound very self-centered and entitled. Process takes time.
  10. Drive some buses and then talk. Nova hybrid is a better bus. I don't know how much they can change without a major redesign. I think most of New Flyer buses will go to Mt. Dennis. I don't think line 3 bus replacement will get new buses but will be Nova artics from Malvern and McNicholl.
  11. What divisions are you rookies going to?
  12. Mine is always in night mode and I'm not about to change it.
  13. Might want to use something other than black to write your message.
  14. There is parking but it's not free. You can park on the street and it's not expensive.
  15. There is paid parking south of Hillcrest and across the street on Bridgman Avenue.
  16. Let them do the work. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.
  17. This makes no sense at all to renumber existing highways. Just use new numbers and be done with it.
  18. That's the best design they could come up with?
  19. to back window.
  20. If you're an employee, you shouldn't be posting internal documents online.
  21. No exceptions provided. N95 masks help a lot. Also anti fog wipes are provided. Don't know if they help or not.
  22. In the videos pentagraph looks kind of messed up. I saw that streetcar being pushed to Russell or Leslie Barnes along Queen with a few TTC vehicles in a convoy.
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