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  1. He means slowing the bus, just like a retarder does on a diesel powered bus.
  2. When I did Nova Hybrid training, instructor said drive anywhere you want. So four of us took turns driving around. We didn't follow any particular route.
  3. Welcome aboard. I'd be careful sharing this much info on a public forums. Also everything Bus_Medic said is right. ☝️
  4. You heard wrong. It was on Shepherd, not Steeles.
  5. I've seen one few days ago on Military Trail by U of T Scarborough. It had a training bus sign up.
  6. I saw it driving on York Mills as well. Such an ungainly looking bus.
  7. And how is that online shopping delivery working out right now? I ordered 3 items on Amazon two weeks ago. Two of them haven't even shipped yet and are expected to come mid May. With these delays in delivery people will be going to physical stores to buy things as soon as they can.
  8. Same can be said about you posting!
  9. Always exercise caution, even during normal times.
  10. My job is to drive a bus safely. Management's job is to provide me and other operators with a safe work conditions. You feel comfortable driving with a large passenger load, go right ahead. Do what you feel is safe for you. Those of us who don't feel safe with a large passenger load will continue limiting amount of people onboard as we have been for the past few weeks. Seems management changed their tune and decided to limit the amount of people on buses by blocking off seats. Doesn't take a genius to see that you don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps name change is in order.
  11. We don't have any routes that use the 401. We do take it at times, but not in service. I took a bus on the 401 yesterday.
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