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  1. When I drive diesel buses I don't play with the gear selection and just leave it in drive and let it do its thing. I'm not aware of any transmission issues but I'm not a mechanic and don't deal with that. Maybe Bus Medic can shed more light on that.
  2. No way you can do that low in a diesel Nova. There are no gears 😛
  3. Westbound lanes are blocked right at Kennedy intersection due to construction. Everything east of that it's not on road so it's not blocking anything. As I said Kennedy and Steeles is where construction is blocking the lanes. Any construction that is not blocking the lanes is in relevant. Maybe a little picture will clear things up for you. Red box is the construction where the lanes are blocked, yellow box is construction north of the road where nothing is blocked.
  4. What exactly are you arguing here? Are you trying to be the smartest one on this board? What is creating all the traffic and causing problems is happening right at Kennedy where two westbound lanes are closed. The rest of construction is taking place on the north side of Steeles right up to Silver Star where parking lots used to be and it's not interfering with traffic.
  5. There you go. No issues with passing that construction zone but that traffic is creating issues with railway crossing. Cars keep cutting off buses to get ahead a few feet and buses end up getting stuck on the tracks.
  6. Look at the area where construction is happening and you should be able to figure it out.
  7. That's not the actual reason. Those artics have no problem getting through the construction zone. But the reason is related to construction that's taking place.
  8. It's commonly used by TTC operators as well, but I stick with a backpack.
  9. I saw some noobs being trained today. So just be patient.
  10. All artics were pulled from Steeles. All 953 buses this afternoon were 40 foot buses and 600 construction buses from other divisions were brought in to assist.
  11. He couldn't handle Cuomo, he definitely won't be able to handle Doug Ford.
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