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  1. We're allowed to be in any lane. Some drivers seem to only want to be in the right lane. From my experience far side stop is faster overall.
  2. Whatever they do have in these buses seems to only work for left turn signals at some intersections. I remember those lights at the Malvern wash rack. I think the bigger issue is that the city can't seem to program most lights properly. Why am I getting the same red lights night after night with no pedestrian traffic or cars coming out of side streets?
  3. TTC buses don't get signal priority to keep the light green. It's so much fun hitting a red after red after red. At some intersections we'll get an advanced left though. They even screw a lot of our tranist lights. For example, transit light coming out of Don Mills station is supposed to be 7 seconds long but in reality that light is 3 to 4 seconds long.
  4. Uniform comes after you complete training. No point giving them before as someone can fail right up to the last day. It usually takes a while to actually receive your uniform. Uniform supplier is very slow.
  5. It's really not that big of an issue. I agree with what ZummyZum said above.
  6. I know but I'm not going to reveal that info.
  7. Why would someone want to try a different mode? Because they can and want to do try something else. This is a really pointless question. And did you have to abbreviate subway to s.way?
  8. Moving 49 to Islington station makes some sense. What logic is there in moving 927 farther away from Hwy 427?
  9. Shelters are owned and maintained by Astral. https://www.toronto.ca/311/knowledgebase/kb/docs/articles/transportation-services/public-realm-section/street-furniture-management/street-furniture-bus-shelters-benches-litter-bins-automated-washrooms-poster-columns-maintenance-graffiti-damaged-litter.html#:~:text=This program is a public,transit shelters and info pillars.
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