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  1. Border City Transit is right on the money. I'll wait for brianc1981 to finish his report but from his posts it seems that he has already decided that merging all local agencies is a good idea and his report will reflect that belief.
  2. Its safe to say you won't be starting til the new year.
  3. Im surprised the bumper held as long as it did at all.
  4. But this is a Metrolinx project and its up to them as to how long they run testing before going live. Seeing how completion has been so delayed I wouldn't be surprised if they try to rush it into service. I have no doubts that there will be problems and service will be down at some point. When that happens and TTC has to provide shuttle service will Metrolinx be compensating TTC for the expense?
  5. Metrolinx station naming sucks. Naming GO train stops after neighborhoods is fine but on an LRT line its just creates more confusion. All those stops should have been named after streets they are on. In addition a lot of those neighborhood names are crap.
  6. Exactly right. Saved me from typing pretty much the same response.
  7. Good for you. I wasn't saying it like it's a big discovery or something
  8. So how is whining about it here going to change anything? I'm rolling my eyes at this comment. People complain that bus is slow. People complain bus is driving too fast. Not all buses drive or brake the same. But as a passenger if you're not seated, you should be holding a stanchion whenever that vehicle is moving.
  9. If this bothers you so much, here is an idea. Go work for MiWay. Rise through the ranks and get in a position to change it.
  10. Don't be dramatic. I'm sure they have their reasons.
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