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  1. Why do people think tapping on the second Presto reader will give them a different result if their card was declined by the first reader? Or my favorite is tapping the same reader 3-4 times expecting a different result 🤦‍♂️
  2. The point is, you don't know what's involved in completing this work and you're just assuming that's it can be done better or faster.
  3. If you all can do better why not get a job with TTC and do it?
  4. Queensway is like Malvern of the west end. It sucks that it's a long drive for you but it's a good division. And there is a possibility you'll be moved when master sign up happens. Any other division will be closer so hope for that.
  5. We need something like this on the NG's because the stock lights are terrible.
  6. Talk to Sal. Obviously I was being sarcastic 🙄 Yeah tell that to the stupid ***** that called me a f****** bastard and gave me the finger because I played "no eating on the bus" message when she pulled out Tupperware with stinky food and started eating.
  7. Getting yelled at is part of the training. You'll be prepared when passengers yell at you.
  8. You'll still be doing a driving test as well which you will need to pass.
  9. You know that there are women that apply too. And tons of timelines have been posted. Just look back a page or two.
  10. What buses besides artics are going to McNicholl?
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