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  1. I know but I'm not going to reveal that info.
  2. Why would someone want to try a different mode? Because they can and want to do try something else. This is a really pointless question. And did you have to abbreviate subway to s.way?
  3. Moving 49 to Islington station makes some sense. What logic is there in moving 927 farther away from Hwy 427?
  4. Shelters are owned and maintained by Astral. https://www.toronto.ca/311/knowledgebase/kb/docs/articles/transportation-services/public-realm-section/street-furniture-management/street-furniture-bus-shelters-benches-litter-bins-automated-washrooms-poster-columns-maintenance-graffiti-damaged-litter.html#:~:text=This program is a public,transit shelters and info pillars.
  5. You're really not saving any critical components. You'll save a very small amount on brakes and that's it. Buses already have retarders or regen. They work when you take a foot of the throttle. Very easy and simple to use. What would really help with wear and tear is if all drivers used retarders/regen to help slow the bus down before stopping, instead of holding throttle til last second and then only using brakes to stop. If they let of the throttle a few seconds earlier, retarder/regen can slow that bus down significantly, and then use brakes to come to a full stop.
  6. It would be an unnecessary distraction for no benefit, so why bother?
  7. We don't need more things to do while driving. It works fine the way its set up now.
  8. Not a fan of blogTO. Better info here. https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2020/10/metrolinx-releases-ontario-line-plans-danforth-eglinton-section
  9. But why? Its more work for garage employee for no gain.
  10. I'm aware of the 900 Airport buses. All the rest are the same and an outside wrap makes no difference to where those buses operate.
  11. But why would they? It makes no difference what buses are on those express routes.
  12. Did you really just compare a bus to a go cart? If it was only that simple.
  13. I drove one that did this. It's pretty annoying actually.
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