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  1. Good for you. I wasn't saying it like it's a big discovery or something
  2. So how is whining about it here going to change anything? I'm rolling my eyes at this comment. People complain that bus is slow. People complain bus is driving too fast. Not all buses drive or brake the same. But as a passenger if you're not seated, you should be holding a stanchion whenever that vehicle is moving.
  3. If this bothers you so much, here is an idea. Go work for MiWay. Rise through the ranks and get in a position to change it.
  4. Don't be dramatic. I'm sure they have their reasons.
  5. Hope everyone made it out without injuries and won't need to call the number on the side of that bus.
  6. So many noobs!!! What division did you end up at?
  7. 927 is back at Arrow now.
  8. TTC doesn't care what you're satisfied with. They do what makes sense to them. And putting hybrids at queensway doesn't make sense when diesel buses are available.
  9. I say post everything here. If he already had this posted for others to see, there is nothing wrong with sharing with the rest of us.
  10. 100% right. There are way too many that cause issues regularly with no consequences.
  11. There aren't that many rad buses on these shuttles. Majority are operators that are doing overtime.
  12. Subway shuttle buses do not run on a schedule. Supervisors pick several buses to be last few buses to operate from either end. They have a specific departure time. Last bus leaves after passengers from last train are on the bus. If leaving from the end of the line like Finch station, last bus leaves when last southbound train would have left. They drive until all passengers are off the bus. As far as connecting with scheduled buses its no different then trying to catch the last train. If you miss it, you have to take the night bus.
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