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  1. They put you where they need operators. Proximity to where you live doesn't factor into the decision.
  2. There was a large York Regional Police presence at the 407 station after this happened. That's probably why it was mentioned.
  3. Overall it's still an improvement. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikescott/2020/03/30/yes-electric-cars-are-cleaner-even-when-the-power-comes-from-coal/
  4. I drove Orion VII buses and don't find that to be true for the buses I drive.
  5. Or go hang out in the above ground open section and you'll see them driving back and forth.
  6. It's a pretty interesting turn to make. I had to wait quite a while to make that right turn onto Castlefield when I was doing my test. There are some routes with very similar turns, that's why they make it part of the test. Congratulations on passing. Now you're on the home stretch but keep your focus up. You still need to have satisfactory daily progress until you pass your final test. Get lots of rest for your divisional training days as you'll be doing more driving in 3 days then you have in your entire training so far. I think it's 30 to 40 pounds and if I remember correctly you just walk down the hallway and back. Someone who's done medical recently will know.
  7. Nova hybrids only drive at 20km/h in electric mode. Unless this speed is increased to about 40km/h, it's not that useful. This thing is annoying to edit
  8. You are correct. It was a Wasteco truck. Coincidentally they are hiring.
  9. I guess reading comprehension is not one of your strong suits.
  10. Not a good idea posting that link on a public forum.
  11. You gave me a bit of a scare
  12. Where did you get that Toronto speed limit is 40km/h if not posted otherwise?
  13. How would it be fair to go by name? People with names at the end of the alphabet would get screwed.
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