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  1. Training doesn't count. 10 months probation starts on your first day at your assigned division.
  2. 9007 at Bathurst and Steeles West. Smashed windshield.
  3. It wasn't completely down but it wasn't working 100%. I
  4. Try just after 5 am. When 107 buses start in the morning they operate from Wilson station to connect with Wilson night bus.
  5. Yay, screw up the morning traffic even more. Those rolling roadblocks need to go.
  6. Agreed. TTC does it the right way. Last week I saw an Arrow driver on 396 turning on 4 ways pulling into bus stops. First thing that I thought was, what is this dumbass doing? Must have come from Brampton or Mississauga Transit
  7. 36 coming out of Finch station is always heavy. Artics are needed there.
  8. This is the dumbest thing that drives me nuts as I see it daily. Whoever thought of this as a safety improvement needs to be taken out back behind the shed. Also Brampton Transit uses red rear turn signals on their buses. Makes it much less visible compared to amber turn signals. Dumb policy is dumb!! This is probably even dumber than Brampton Transit set up as there is not way to avoid using 4 ways when doors are opened. Again whoever thought nof this is an idiot. And they shouldn't be unless they will be staying at that stop for a prolonged period of time.
  9. There is one evening drive in bus training done on a friday night. Streetcar driving is done in the evening to lower the impact of having noobs being in the way of scheduled service.
  10. Stop with this nonsense. Vast majority of employees would not complain about having a break from driving since they are being paid regardless of what they are doing. Not feeling useful doesn't factor into it at all. Less driving also means less chances of an accident or incident happening. I'd rather deal with boredom than with writing reports and paperwork.
  11. Why would employees be disgruntled for not having an available bus to drive? They would still get paid for showing up to work. I surely wouldn't complain.
  12. They put you where they need operators. Proximity to where you live doesn't factor into the decision.
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