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  1. Both. 1046 was my favorite bus to drive and West Van was my favorite place to work.
  2. Not sure to be honest. But I do know Westwood was struggling to make artic bookout when the 8 and 9 were artics. The 15 and 100s have been and continue to be rather busy during rush hour and throughout the day. Express runs are also better for artic buses.
  3. I personally don't like the idea of 600 series numbers. Not sure why but it seems tacky to me. You could accomplish the same thing with a destination sign that clearly states it terminates at a RT station.
  4. 4905, 4913 and 4925 have not been active since January.
  5. IAlso to add, for the past year or so, the D60LFs and D60LFRs have only been used on average 6-7 hours per day only on express routes 15 and 100. They could probably use them more on School trips and overcrowded express routes. Right now, there's alot of money coming from the provincial Government for bus purchases meaning Municipalities can replace their fleets sooner. Having said that, that could change when the UCP get elected April 16.
  6. In May, there will be a few minor changes. The route 7,8 and 15 will use 104 Ave. instead of 103 Ave. Also the route 57 will be renumbered to route 7. So far that's it. Quite a few minor schedule changes but other than that status quo.
  7. Yea. Agree I think the Downtown Terminal should be abolished and different nodes should be used. I know they tried 40 min. Round trips in the early 1990s but switched back to 30 min. round trips around 1995 or so. I also remember when they realigned the routes from everything feeding to the downtown terminal to the City Circle routes (20/21) around 2003. They had an evening dial a bus, a senior shuttle run which ran less frequently than other routes but covered a large portion of the low ridership areas. Eventually dial a bus was cancelled in favor of fixed route service and the Senior shuttle was also cancelled. With the recent changes they seemed to somewhat revert to the system prior to 2003 which was 10 fixed routes running from the Downtown Terminal. Having thought about ways they could improve, I would have 4 routes covering the entire city. The main nodes would be Richmond Terminal and ACC North Hill Campus with minor nodes at BRHC, Brandon University and Corral Center. 1 Richmond/ACC via Victoria East: destinations... Richmond Terminal, Crocus Plains HS, Neelin HS, Superstore, BRHC, ACC East End Campus, ACC North Hill Campus. Would start south side Richmond Terminal east Richmond South 1 Street West Maryland north 9st/10st east McTavish to BRHC, north at BRHC to Victoria East Victoria to 17 st e, north to Lorne west Lorne north 14 st West princess north 1 st West Kirkcaldy north Knowlton East breacrest north White swan east centre to ACC North Hill campus. Reverse route back to Richmond Terminal. Richmond 0:03/0:33 ACC North Hill 0:05/0:35. 2 Richmond/ACC via Richmond West... Richmond Terminal, Vincent Massey HS, Brandon University, Corral Center. Would start WB Richmond. South 20 Street West Maryland north 26 st West willowdale s34 Street West Richmond north wankling east willowdale north 34 street west McDiarmid to east Victoria north 18 Street East Kirkcaldy north Knowlton East breacrest north White swan east centre Ave to ACC North Hill. Reverse route back to Richmond. Richmond 0:06/0:36, ACC North Hill 0:35/0:05. Route 1 and 2 would be the primary mainline routes and could be interlined at Richmond Terminal to make for simple transfer connections. Also timed to connect at ACC North Hill however transfers could be made on Knowlton drive if either route is delayed. 3 Richmond/ACC via Patricia TransCanada... Richmond Terminal, Crocus Plains HS, BRHC, Town Center, Superstore, Brandon University, Corral Center, TransCanada Highway, ACc North Hill. Eb Richmond Terminal, south 18 Street, south service road, east Patricia, north 10 street, east Maryland, north 1 Street East Richmond north Garwood drive west Queens, north 1 Street to BRHC to west Victoria north 1 st West princess south 10 st, west Victoria north 18 Street East Stickney north 6 st west Parker, north 18 Street East Middleton south 1 Street to ACC North Hill... Reverse route back to our Richmond. Long route Richmond 0:05/0:35 ACC North Hill 0:49/0:19. Does not connect to route 1/2 at ACC North Hill but does connect at Richmond. 4 Richmond/Victoria West... Richmond Terminal, Brandon University, Vincent Massey HS. Loop route. West Richmond, north 22 st, east Brandon Ave North 18 Street West Rosser south 26 st. West balsam north McDiarmid west Victoria north governor gate east River Heights? To 34 street north 34 street to Rosser, east Rosser to 18 Street south 18 Street West brandon south 22 street east Richmond. Richmond 0:05 Maple leaf bus route 5 perhaps could simply connect at Richmond Terminal 0:05/0:35. Route 6 could be opposite of route 4 perhaps. West Richmond north 22 street west Brandon north 26 east park North 18 st west MacDonald south 26 west Rosser south fotheringham west governors gate east River Heights south 34 street east Victoria north 26 east rosser south 18 Street West park South 26 east Brandon south 22 east Richmond. Richmond 0:35. Route 3 would be a secondary mainline route with route 4/6 being the river Heights feeder, doing one loop one trip and the opposite loop the other trip. 3 and 4/6 would interline at Richmond Terminal. Peak routes during day would have at Richmond. 0:05 route 1,2,3,4,5(infrequently) 0:35 route 1,2,3,5(infrequently), 6(with exception of 08:35/15:35 when route 4 would run for Vincent Massey) ACC North Hill 0:05 route 1,2 0:19 route 3 0:35 route 1,2 0:49 route 3 4 buses on route 1/2 and 4 buses on route 3/4,6 Off peak. Richmond 0:05 route 1, 4 0:35 route 2, 3 ACC North Hill 0:05 route 2 0:19 route 3 0:35 route 1 Weekday route 1,2 could be blocked with early morning maple leaf runs. So 0600-2000 route 1,2 every 30 min. 2000-2359 route 1,2 every 60 min. Saturday 0700-1100/1900-2300 route 1,2 60 min. 1100-1900 30 min. Sunday 1100-1900 route 1,2 60 min. Route 3 weekday 0600-1800 every 30 min. 1800-2200 every 60 min. 2200-2359 every 90 min. Saturday every 60 min. 0600-1000, every 30 min. 1000-1800 every 60 min 1800-2000, every 90 min. 2000-2359. Sunday every 120 min. 1000-2000 Route 4 weekday 0600-1800 every 60 min. 1800-2200 every 60 min. Saturday 0600-2000 every 60 min. Sunday every 120 min. 1000-2000. Route 5 as required. Route 6 weekday 0600-1800 every 60 min. Saturday 1000-1800 every 60 min.
  8. I used to drive the 257 and can say a double decker bus could work, they use them in Victoria. Having said that the artic buses work better especially given the ability to do all door borading at horseshoe Bay and certain stops along Georgia Street. Also I'd imagine an artic bus could better handle luggage.
  9. Apparently route 16 and 19 will be cancelled in favor of Transcab?
  10. Some additional buses added to the storage collection at Centennial Garage. Bus 7 (glaval), bus 33 and 96 (internationals).
  11. I hope so, would hate to see the end of Blue Bus. But being it was West Van District that initiated the transfer of the 257 it's difficult to say what might happen. When I worked there it was a good place to work however Management has let it go downhill in the last few years unfortunately.
  12. I agree at this point merger/amalgamation seems likely. I just thought it was weird they were upgrading the shop for buses they no longer use. From my sources West Van had an external review by an outside management company into its Transit Operations and the recommendation was to eliminate a route. They have been having ongoing problems keeping buses on the road since the 1995 D40LFs left. The 257 was chosen. Management wasn't clear why it was chosen. Likely the cost of keeping the attics on the road were high, as well they used to pay out a ton of overtime to operators for 257 overloads.
  13. Talked to a West Van Op. today and apparently the Mechanic shop is getting a new lift/servicing bay for articulated buses. Seems strange though especially given that the 257 was transferred to CMBC.
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