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  1. I was looking for a RTS for sale and found this. https://www.busesforsale.com/bus/3060-2001NovaRTS
  2. Why did they use raccoons out of anything for this ride guide?
  3. Saw my mom take a picture of her pizza so I did the same.
  4. I am in Italy for two weeks and I just had this great pizza And it was next to this tram line
  5. In these photos can see what appears to be the sticker or note on the windshield 4040 was being moved around russel is this a sign of something?
  6. Nope. Just the way the way he/she reacted to BYD's slow deliveries and how it's the workers fault.
  7. I want to see you make a new bus for a different country in a other part of this planet from where your based in and make a new model and tech for said bus and have a deadline to follow and move to a new plant in said country. All by yourself.
  8. How is linking a tracker going to prove that 8946 was in a collision?
  9. TTC 8323 45A (Your going to have to zoom in on the picure)
  10. Why do we need this to be thread on here?
  11. You can see the tail on top on what I'm guessing is a hanger. Tho it can be any plane tail tbh
  12. Maybe they don't want foamers going on Russel and doing some crazy foamer things.
  13. Not rare the old Go cabs are used in the middle of Go trains all the time.
  14. Unless TTC save one these when they will ever replace the line 3.
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