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  1. i go on break from the forums around 2 months ago and he's complaining about hand me downs going to queensway. i come back today and he's still complaining. what a world we live in... but anyways, what was the whole point of this move? getting rid of the 79xx and 80xx?
  2. Doesn't Birchmount need these buses to run the 502 and 505?
  3. I noticed this on another Eglinton nova last week. Forgot the number. Edit: it was 8706 I believe.
  4. It seems Birchmount 79xxs are heading out onto regular routes more often now. Does anyone know why?
  5. I would like to confirm that 4066 is wrapped for the "Treasures of the Desert Kingdom" exhibit. the thing was as hot as a desert when I rode it...
  6. He means New Flyer delivered one or two XE40s already.
  7. Alright so it's up to the driver where to put it. Thanks for all the helpful responses!
  8. Why would any of us do that though? If you are that much of a foamer that you need to steal TTC property, then you seriously shouldn't be here.
  9. I don't know where else to put this so here goes... Where can I find the TETRA radio on non vision vehicles. I saw somewhere on the board that it's in the cupholder, but my driver has a Coke in the cupholder and I can't see the radio anywhere.
  10. These will still only be used on streetcar shuttles correct?
  11. Could this be a permanent movement? I'm really excited about the return of Orions to the east.
  12. So what was the point of this movement if everything is going back to where it was?
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