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  1. Yeah i know but the wiki says there is no 1901 however i saw a picture of it existing...
  2. Someone in a facebook group said that the 1901 exist and posted a picture which i won't put here since i might not have his permission to do it. From what i heard we probably have 1801 then 1901 to 1962 or 1963 and not 1964.
  3. https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2020/06/29/un-chauffeur-de-la-stm-emboutit-un-semi-remorque-a-50-km-h?fbclid=IwAR063YoH_f-jLdanBZa5t7hwxp0IckNZMtVGfvoCQmmHjUtBTEnYyH7hvdE The 28-095 is probably totalled in an accident at 50 Km/h this morning. The driver substained major injuries. One passenger on the five got a light head injury.
  4. yeah not sure id trust that i mean camera become broken you can't use the bus.
  5. Isn't that illegal to use a vehicle without left mirror?
  6. Yeah and time saving too. A low floor you can get one person each 2-3 seconds and a highfloor it can be like one person each 5-10 seconds. Its an rtc driver who told me that
  7. I was told in a facebook group that even the 9225 is now retired its parked near the other classics in the parking with the bus that never come back
  8. Someone in a facebook group said RTC 2003 was seen on the highway recently. Anyone have information or picture? I don't talk about the year 2003 but the vehicule 2003
  9. Anyway from what i've heard those classic are all in really really bad shape
  10. RTC 1910 and 1911 are damaged due to accident they did recently. 1910 hit a pickup and 1911 a bus shelter.
  11. Some people in a facebook group works there or have friend who work at the RTC garage
  12. I was in vancouver approx 2 months ago and its me or the Skytrain make a lot more noise than it was doing 11 years ago? I was there in 2008 summer then returned in october this year and i feel they didn't do its maintenance properly or something
  13. wow already? those aren't even 16 years old isn't public transport supposed to keep those bus 16 years?
  14. RTC 1002 1004 1006 1008 1010 would have all been spotted as now "limited" wonder if RTC really respect the L or just added it because the age of the bus I can confirm 1012 isn't limited since i saw it on the 75 to Ste-Foy today
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