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  1. Ds9Defiant1701

    Réseau de transport de la Capitale

    Any update on them after few weeks?
  2. Ds9Defiant1701

    Today's Sightings

    An RTC bus was involved in an accident today at 7h40am https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1160509/enfant-blesse-accident-saint-augustin?fbclid=IwAR399KLbY3MOEaGhjSglTbHUgX81YVU3k5OKyl-3Y0zbmP4Gl38OCMj4S74 I can't say which bus it was and if the bus is damaged.
  3. Ds9Defiant1701

    Réseau de transport de la Capitale

    1911 and 1922 doesn'T have an L anymore
  4. Ds9Defiant1701

    Today's Sightings

    Any news on the 0953 that burnt?
  5. Ds9Defiant1701

    Today's Sightings

    https://www.journaldequebec.com/2019/03/09/photos-un-bus-du-rtc-prend-feu?fbclid=IwAR07RV6nkvzF0iiMLbcl5PdBvELvOZaf8lAeUMttk0UZWGkG6Ufi-dUQoeo Unknown Artic caught fire in Quebec Rumour is 0953
  6. Ds9Defiant1701

    Today's Sightings

    Friday: RTC 1801 on Henri-Bourassa i didn't see the course
  7. Ds9Defiant1701

    STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    These old buses looks less rusty than our 2002 lfs at quebec city
  8. Ds9Defiant1701

    Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Is there any new RTC LFS for 2019? I mean they retired the 2000 buses(sadly since they were running great) and some 2002-2003 are getting retired.
  9. Ds9Defiant1701

    Réseau de transport de la Capitale

    Its me or they will fuckup what they planned with the 70? the 70 project was good before they scrap it(a bus going down Valcartier and going on la faune then going to robert bourassa was a good idea for those who live in this place.
  10. Ds9Defiant1701

    Réseau de transport de la Capitale

    RTC said back in spring that 00xx Series was to come back in september but i think they didn't finally. Also Vanhool might still be 18xx series since we got already one running as 1801 i know i saw it back in march and some times this summer. And anyway have more information about the 1508 that had an accident yesterday on Henri IV? Thanks