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  1. 6022 - PUV 427 6042 - ZLG 530 - Plate is in bad condition
  2. I think you might have a valid point here, Jon. Bus fares DO have a specific cost tied to them, $3.50, to be specific. As such, I wonder if they could be counted as gift cards under Alberta's Gift Card Regulations, due to a bus ticket having a cash value. I would give 311 a call as the regulation (https://open.alberta.ca/publications/gift-cards#summary) requires you to first contact the business and give them the opportunity to comply with the regulation. If this does not work, it might be worth calling Service Alberta’s Consumer Contact Centre at 1-877-427-4088 for help.
  3. On Android; I found the app easy enough, bought my bus pass, and had no issues on the way to work. I think I'll buy some bus tickets for rare occasions that my phone battery dies though; or maybe pick up a small power bank.
  4. I remember the one in Vista Heights on 24th Ave and 21st Street. It was always such a pain in the ass when a car got stuck in there as the bus had to either go around or take a bunch of turns in the community there.
  5. Huh, This still happens at the vehicle traps? This is the 3rd car this last 2 weeks.
  6. Bus 8302 operating the Route 300 broke down at the airport this morning and had to be towed away by CityWide. Sorry, I didn't have time to go down and take a picture.
  7. I checked into it tonight, it appears that the artic had no issues with turn radius into the bus bays; though I did notice that he was pulled off to the side by the parkade structure just before the crosswalk to the parkade whenever he had an extended wait. I imagine that was likely to prevent that back lane from being blocked.
  8. Spotted 8082 on the 42 with a 'stache
  9. Morning All, Number 8355 was damaged up at the Airport last night on the route 100. Apparently it turned into Bus Bay 8 too sharply and grazed against the concrete pillar near the back door. Sadly, I was unabridged to get a picture of the damage but I did find this reflector on the ground this morning. I believe it's from the edge of the back door.
  10. Morning All I just saw ol' 7638 at McKnight-Westwinds. It looked and smelled like it was leaking diesel. Apologies for the poor picture but I was hopping onto the next 43 when I snapped this. Hopefully it's back out soon.
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