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  1. Old news but it appears that 9479 was the bus that was involved in the fatal stabbing in Richmond earlier this week
  2. Since we are talking about deckers on the 620, what if TransLink used the artics being freed up from the 620 and moved them to the 430? It may not make the it an artic only route, but it's a huge step forward.
  3. Tracks are parking stalls for buses. Track 53 is a track that's in the retired section of RTC.
  4. Why don't they just leave 9543 in Richmond while it's a reindeer bus for a change?
  5. From Western Canadian Transportation Lounge
  6. Forgive me for going off-topic, but just a question I have: how do you have access to this stuff?
  7. Transit performance review is up https://www.translink.ca/tspr
  8. Just noticed 9262 and 9272 have a sticker above the gear selector stating "Check transmission level manually." Sounds like they're on their last legs
  9. I mean unless things have changed in the last few months, it's confirmed that the 301 is moving to RTC in September (Below is a screenshot of an e-mail of one of the planners talking about the 301/555 moving to Richmond)
  10. Two reason this won't happen: The 502 and 503 are busy routes with lots of people getting on and off the bus. So if you have a double-decker and people are constantly boarding and disembarking, it's gonna cause major delays TransLink has specifically said that the double-deckers will only operate on long-distance routes with about 15 minutes or more of freeway and have minimal disembarking. Neither of them have 15 minutes or more of freeway and minimal disembarking. TBH I don't think STC really cares if they keep the 301 or not lol
  11. 18454 is on some local Richmond runs tonight
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