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  1. does this mean i might get a call/email soon as my profile says i'm currently being considered for this job since September.
  2. i know this is off topic but it seems to be an active group i have applied to miway back in september filled out everything and when i log in its telling me they would like to know more about me but i've already filled everything out submitted my resume cover letter drivers abstract school info and all sections of their questionnaire is there someone i could talk to so that my profile isn't over looked? also when are their training classes resuming any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. thanks you for your help. did they contact you by email or phone? and if by phone did they leave a msg if you didnt answer?
  4. what things can i expect to find on the strada test any helpfull points?
  5. how long after you sent in your application did they contact you for a strada test i applied back in September 2018 and my online profile says i'm currently being considered for this position for 5 months now is this normal to have to wait this long for a reply? should i call to see whats going on?
  6. thanks i've been wondering why i havent heard anything since i submitted my transcript and drivers abstract my profile justsays i'm currently being considered. hopefully i get a call in the new year.
  7. so for the past 2 months my profile says i am currently being considered for this position (transit operator) does anyone know if this means i have a good chance of getting a call and if so how long does this usually take?
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