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  1. 2007 seen on Training bus twins at Vaughan Mills (2001&2007, 2002&2004)
  2. Not really, 2001-2004 were delivered directly to SW division. 2007 was prepared to sent on Route 90. About that coach, that’s TOK’s coach, maybe they just sent to here for maintenance.
  3. YRT 2020 NFI XD60 #2001 On Route 20 to Teston Rd Photo taken at Vaughan Mills Still some pics about XD60 but photos taken in SW Yard
  4. YRT purchased 6 new electric bus last year, and 1911, 1912 and 1913 already entered in service on route 44 & 55. Feel free to share your YRT electric bus photo in this topic.
  5. VanHool A330 #513 and #515 as train buses on Route4/4A and 88
  6. This new bus is in service today on 99 Yonge St (Finch Terminal - Bernard Terminal) These two photos were taken at Richmond Hill Centre Terminal
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