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  1. Wonder where they are going to dump Greyhound at now... Theres not much suitable curbside or bus terminal nearby, maybe at Market + 6th like Flixbus and Megabus? Same goes with Chicago when the station is sold, Will they relocate to union Sta or 95th Street-Dan/Ryan
  2. I guess the SLC Airport and the Boulevard Mall didn't work out for them. They are now back to their original locations I think there were a couple of Boston - DC thru trips via GWB as well as Boston - Hartford - Philadelphia. Kinda annoying for me is that alot of their upstate service is now at GWB, since I don't live within catchment area. While there is still potentially a good market at GWB I would imagine Midtown would still serve more passengers and have more pax that are accessible to the general area
  3. You may be quoting the future operation of Chicago area operations when they eventually dispose of their Chicago Terminal
  4. Interesting, glad they are trying something new by serving the upper Manhattan/bronx market at GWB.
  5. 30 years ago Greyhound was a very different dog than it is today. And not for the better. If it was actually a dog, 30 years ago, it was mildly sick, now its sickness is terminal I don't know how Greyhound/Flix will improve its image, but I am hoping they do try to do that. You can't revitalize bus travel in this country without rehabilitating Greyhound's name I was doing some thinking and I realized that Greyhound treats its passengers more like freight versus humans. They assume people will endure whatever path/schedules it set with no regards to travel times, and middle of the night transfers. CN/CP abandoned its railroad through Ottawa Valley because they assume freight shippers wouldn't mind the extra length of delivery via Toronto. Every time Greyhound cut service, I have a feeling they also believes the same thing.
  6. Still it sounded like the breakup wasn't pretty. Probably Greyhound wanted to reduce their commission or something I think everyone is having a staffing shortage right now. Amtrak has been forced to cut many trains to ensure they have enough crews
  7. Ironically I thought of the same question... Unfortunately I don't believe the the same ridership will return even with the same network. But the system will be in a hell of a lot better shape than it is right now. Right now the biggest issue is with the reduced schedule is that if you miss a transfer the next one is 12 hours or even worse 24 hours away. A good preview is up north in Canada. Under a regulated system in Alberta, and MB prevented many route abandonment, yet Greyhound claimed the system they had was unsustainable with both rural AND urban routes ridership dropping despite not reducing that much routes. granted the name Greyhound itself will probably cause the ridership to drop 25% but still. They operated a very extensive system in Alberta and Manitoba before deregulation. A mix of rural depopulation, loss of long distance operation I guess caused the overall routes to be unsustainable. With a big network, however government will care more about where the bus stops, and if the bus stops in their community versus the complete indifference government officials have towards bus operators There is no way they can get away with what they did to Knoxville, Oakland or Las Vegas if they still had the network they had pre strike in 1990 or even as recent as 2005. Off topic, I am still scratching my head on why Greyhound decided it was a good idea to completely cut its I-90 transcontinental. Like I know 3 trips was a little too much, but that corridor couldn't support 1-2 trips? Another puzzle was the elimination of all service along I-80 between Omaha (and eventually Chicago) - Denver/Cheyenne transcontinental. Was these trunk lines underperforming that badly that GH couldn't make a profit? Or did GH seriously think passengers are alright with being rerouted via St Louis instead? Now the SLC - Portland portion is split up, the Reno - SLC portion was given to Amtrak, the Denver - LA is down to once a day, whats next, rerouting everyone via Albuquerque, and Los Angeles? The 1981/1990 cuts were bad, but it was the 2003-2005 cuts that really cut into the bones of the system The question I have is, did passengers stopped ride Greyhound because of its stigma, convenience of other transportation network, bad service or because Greyhound cut so many schedules its not workable anymore? I believe its a mix of all of them combined, which causes the so called death spiral. Until a knight with shining armor starts to actually invest in the company, it (and intercity bus industry) will continue to decline in this country
  8. I guess it ultimately depends on whether Flix intends to grow the overall market (whether through using the Flix brand or GH brand) vs maximize profit. but in the short run, with driver shortage and all that I doubt Flix will have enough operators available to take over even 1/3 of GH's runs anyways. I hope there is something in the union contract that prevents something like this from happening on a large scale As far as morale goes, I would imagine the morale has been low for the past 30 years or so. Hard to have a high morale when the company you work for has been on a permanent steady downward slope, nor does it help that every parent company in the past was trying to separate out and throw Greyhound like a hot potato from its profitable school bus division There was a brief moment in mid-2010s where things were looking up. First Group was investing in new buses, adding express trips, adding/through-running more trips, where it really seem like Greyhound was turning around. Then by 2017 its back on the decline again Something just feels off with the acquisition of GH by Flix. These are two companies with essentially the opposite business model. They carry passengers on buses, but everything else is the opposite, Flix is asset lite, and focused on the younger rider, mostly point - point business model, GH is asset heavy and have a dedicated based of captive ridership willing to endure 3 transfers in the middle of the night. Maybe they are trying to mix the two type of business together? If you grow market share enough, I guess you can start attracting more of the "younger" ridership back. Maybe that is the goal here? Interesting, I would imagine fall being a little too quick for the switchover? Especially if all the partner carrier are not informed and trained on it. I will imagine they needed to get both GH staff as well as any other agency staff/partner on board before they completely shut down TRIPS. But by next year, I think it will definitely happen. But it is really not surprising that TRIPS is finally getting replaced. Not many system out there still require agents to use the F buttons for everything. Previous parent companies Laidlaw and First didn't see a need to replace Trips because Greyhound wasn't really their priority. I can't imagine Flix's system being more antiquated than TRIPS. Most modern systems are Internet based. My hope is that since its internet based, it will be easier to roll out to more agents compared to the TRIPS system. I also wonder if both Flix and GH trips will be shown in the future, and how integrated the two company will be. (Flix trips are already shown on GH's website, but I would imagine it would be cleaner in the future) As for GPX, I'm sure the reason for that's demise is probably because it requires a place to hold the package. Most likely with the conversion of full service stations into gas stations/curbside/e-ticketing locations, there will no longer be places to do that, and with GPX being gravy in terms of revenue, I'm guessing the savings from not having a station/agency staff will outweigh the small revenue (if any) they gain from it.
  9. If I am not mistaken, these trips are new for the summer. Since these trips are still ran as Greyhound instead of Flix, The more optimistic part of me is thinking that they are planning to increase the number of GLI runs through this partnership model rather than increasing the GLI driver pool/equipment. If done correctly, it may not be the worst, in where Flix can take the short hauls to say Atlantic City whether through their brand or through GLI where its more compatible with their model and GLI can reallocate its drivers/equipment to do NY -Pittsburgh, NY -Richmond, and other long haul Good old days... now medium sized cities barely deserve a bus terminal with the minimal amount of service provided. If Flix can (as a brand separate from GLI) reinvigorate bus travel (carrying riders not forced to ride the bus as carried on GH now) in cities in midsize markets in the midwest, southeast I would consider that a win for the industry
  10. Updated location, It will be at the Shell at Horizon Drive next to the I-70 located at 745 Horizon Drive Not nearly as good of a location as Downtown but not the worst, but it really did seems like they did something to piss the transit agency off, the press release GVTA put out didn't imply a good breakup
  11. If I am not mistakened the Harrisburg - Pittsburgh via latrobe PA are all 5311(f) runs. So GH is essentially running these trips between Harrisburg- Pittsburgh for free, and using the equipment/maybe crew to run it through to Philadelphia (which may actually increase ridership) Interesting Ourbus is stopping at breezewood, PA though... I always wanted to go there to see how that "town" is like
  12. SLC has already gone curbside. GH closed its downtown terminal, and moved all its operation together with Salt Lake Express at the Salt Lake City airport (curbside), therefore temporarily requiring a very tedious transfer to Salt lake Express bus back to Downtown for the Amtrak interline across Northern Nevada They mention Las Vegas Transit Center, yet their website mentions their new location at 3528 S Maryland Pkwy, Ste 106, NV 89169 Which is Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas... I'm missing the transit center piece. Maybe they mean these trips will continue to serve South Strip? At least this location will continue to sell tickets on site, which is quite a departure from the recent e ticketing conversion of major cities
  13. With this labor market I'm wondering if its a driver shortage issue that is causing these middle of summer service reductions
  14. Could be the new bulletin but Both trips are gone now, from the newly released GH timetable. SLC - Denver is back down to one trip a day connecing with 1683/1684. The added trips 1690/1691 has been cut back to a New York - Kansas City instead of a NY - Denver bus On a side note, 1691 is scheduled so closely with 1351, they pretty much overlap each other between NY - St Louis
  15. Somewhere along the way, GH has eliminated its second overnight SLC - Denver trip again. So its back to once a day. Also apparently, all SLC operations have been moved to the Salt Lake Express Airport location. Not sure if GH still services the current Amtrak location, because if they don't they just lost a connection with trains going to Reno and CA. A huge intermodal center at SLC with 8 bus bays, can now barely justify its existence with the once a day GH service to Denver. Denver a huge transfer point back in the day now only have one transcon a day going east/west with two trips going south one to Dallas and one to El Paso, and the once a day to SLC via Cheyenne. Supposedly a thruway connection to Amtrak when they eliminated the Pioneer, but somehow everybody forgot about that Reno... used to justify a bus terminal, now might as well just give the whole operation in NoCal to Flix with the pittance amount of service they operate there. Its like what 2 trips a day, with a third Sac- San Jose trip sprinkled in? Fares are through the roof, yet schedules are still being cut left and right. Sad sad sad all around...
  16. Wow so much for letting everyone know about it. I didn't even receive a email from them about this
  17. Plattsburgh Station is located in a gas station north of town (in a rather pedestrian unfriendly place (which is surprising considering there is potential for more college traffic if they put it near SUNY Platts but whatever). Both the convenience store and I believe the gas station itself closes at midnight I was waiting there with 2 passengers and it got rather dead and dark after it closed so I would imagine it not being the best rest stop if everything is pitch dark. That is one location, I believe the Flix team, will do a better job of finding a better location. They seem to cater alot to the college population, so having a stop near Downtown would seem like their ideal scenario But to answer your question, yes its mostly the time of arrival/departure issue (the place is closed) https://magic.collectorsolutions.com/magic-ui/en-US/Pay/Bill/Index/66e0aa1e-c66c-ec11-812b-c81f66dda3e4 This terminal apparently is still owned by First Group, which probably means it is as good as gone. Most likely, all bus service including Trailways will move across the river to Albany Rensselaer. Normally I am a big fan of multi-modal operations, but in this case the location of the Amtrak station is not the best and public transportation is nowhere near as robust as across the river. Also we can probably also assume it will be a e-ticketing only station as well. Apparently they moved their combined their Rochester, NY operation with Flix now. Now all bus will stop at Broad Street. Not the worst location, but still curbside and subject to elements with no benches. Megabus somehow moved fro that exact location to Amtrak's station, so I wonder if they could pull the same move. Dallas and Chicago are most likely goners, as they are most likely still owned by First Group. I have no idea where they will put their Chicago operations. There doesn't seem to be a logical place to put a terminal. Maybe they'll rent a parking lot like their NY operation? I would love to see the crowds of GH pax in a surface parking lot waiting for the bus. it would be utter mayhem. And just the thought of seeing CHICAGO (E), IL scares me. For NY, I wouldn't worry too much. Flix apparently got into Boston, South Station, so I assume they would like to get into PABT and maybe Wash-Union Station as well Its obvious that the days where bus operators build their own terminals are long over. Governments are now building trains stations and airports for airlines, but it seems like bus operators gets either nothing, or get a "might as well" location in the new train station/or transit terminal To be fair, alot of operators these days aren't exactly transparent with their schedules as well. Amtrak used to be better about this, but its also hard to find a timetable anymore. Either the link is old or it doesn't exist anymore Greyhound itself doesn't display any public timetables for the public as well. They have their extranet website, which is designed for employees and their interlines (and found by some bus/rail fans) If the public knows about their extranet website and looks at their actual operation (pathetically small) versus their stereotype (they go everywhere in the US) they would be very disappointed. Megabus, Peter Pan also don't display schedules without searching point to point. ADT/NYT used to print their schedule sections but I stopped seeing them around around 2014-2015 It seems like all the carriers assume that the general public are idiots and don't know how to read a schedule anymore. (maybe people did indeed forget how to read a schedule with all the apps/wayfinding tools out there)
  18. For Greyhound they have a such massive fixed cost designed for a much bigger system than what exists today, not just the variable cost of ops (driver salary, lease, etc) but also station cost, and ticket agents. The station and ticket agents are there regardless of how many schedules they run. The only way to save money is to either increase service (and hope the ridership follows) or to cut your fixed costs to a point where the whole system is sustainable, where your income only needs to cover your variable cost of operations Flix is taking the cost cutting approach (eliminating stations, ticket agents). There was a period between 2010 - 2015 where they experimented with service additions and adding "express trips". I think GH did pretty well during that time period, with a First reporting a 7.4% profit margin in 2014
  19. I agree with you here that it seems the general direction of the company seems to be cost cutting. They must've figured that having an agent selling tickets is a expense (and therefore a easy cost cutting target), without realizing the impact of de-staffing a town. But I don't think GH will have a bright future either way. Flix will probably ensure some sort of a network remains (hopefully). First group, in their final days seems hell bent on reducing costs. I mean, they were willing to shut down the entire GLC network, and give it a few more years, its not hard to believe that the entire GLI network will be cut too had Flix not bought them out. Not to mention during the pandemic, they cut more than 50% of their schedules (which like the previous incidents such as 1990 strike), these schedules will probably never come back. They also raised fares significantly. I mean I could've swore a couple of years ago GH charged $30 r/t to Atlantic city. Now they charge that one way, and they wonder where all the ridership went, and that is not to mention their last bus to NYC is 4:30PM. I just wished they know that the only way to spread out their fixed cost is to increase service. the more you cut, the more overwhelming the overhead cost is. Right now it seems like Flix is trying to reduce their fixed cost, but not increase the revenue through increased ridership. GH needs to start experimenting with service additions and new routes, instead of using data driven cost cutting. They obviously see that their ridership is declining probably year over year for 30 years, and yet each time the answer is always cut, cut and cut.
  20. In Canada, maybe I am kind of nostalgic for the intercity bus system that existed in the early 2000s o the 2010s When there were still local runs out of Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Calgary/Edmonton, and even Peace River/Dawson Creek and when STC was building their new terminals in Regina. Greyhound moved out to the airport, to their new terminals because the old one was too small for them The service GLC provided was declining then, but there was still 4 transcons, and much of the old route network of Grey Goose remain intact. In US, in some ways I always kind of wonder what will happen if GLI didn't buy TWI? Will Cont Trailway still exist? They were announcing rounds of service cuts and pull out from multiple states even prior to the merger. But part of me wondered if having a competing national bus line that is not associated with Greyhound, will keep GLI on its toes and make management take notice on how far their services are declining.
  21. The station at Oakland is now replaced by a curbside at West Oakland BART (same one Flix uses) The station at Rochester is now at the Old Mega / Flix current curbside Erie PA lost its agent All are three now E ticketing only locations I can’t help but wonder if this is the wrong direction for Greyhound. Their pax are less point to point and much more reliant on cash sales. Simply converting everything to e ticketing location will drive passengers who currently use Greyhound away from the service, but won’t attract new riders who are technologically savvy. Plus expecting transferring pax and through pax to wait curbside while the bus is being serviced is a good way to kick your riders to the curb. Literally But then again, it’s Greyhound. It’s been going in the wrong direction since 1981.
  22. Wow.. more competition in upstate NY. Its definitely well needed, fares were always high going up there Wonder if GH and ADT/NYT have an agreement with the stations. Albany is owned by GH and Rochester is owned by NYT
  23. Classic GH playbook. Cut the unproductive segment in what would otherwise be a continuous corridor and a few year later reduce the truncated portion of the route as well due to decreased ridership Its what happened to the northern transcon via I-90, SLC-SF, Las Vegas to SLC and north (pretty much SLE took over most of GH's operation in that area including to W Yellowstone), Denver to Chicago via I-80 etc. Soon the Boise portion will be cut back to Stanfield - Portland as soon as they find a interline partner to do the Boise segment.
  24. More cuts to SLC https://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/30-22.pdf https://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/31-22.pdf The Portland - Denver through run is discontinued. Two trip will be run between Denver and SLC, and one trip run between Boise and Portland. Looks like Salt Lake Express will run the night portion between Boise and SLC What is left at SLC is the day and night trip to Denver now. Through passengers headed to Cheyenne/Denver are rerouted via Spokane JL, to Buffalo, WY south on Express Arrow via Casper, WY. That with 4 transfers is actually faster than GH's previous through schedule. That should tell you how slow GH's run was, especially when they cut the Portland - Spokane run, and forced the Denver run to cover that to connect with the Seattle bus at Stanfield OR
  25. https://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/29-22.pdf The Salt Lake City - Las Vegas run is gone . At this point, what is left at SLC, the one trip in each direction Portland - Denver?
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