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  1. Wow.. more competition in upstate NY. Its definitely well needed, fares were always high going up there Wonder if GH and ADT/NYT have an agreement with the stations. Albany is owned by GH and Rochester is owned by NYT
  2. Classic GH playbook. Cut the unproductive segment in what would otherwise be a continuous corridor and a few year later reduce the truncated portion of the route as well due to decreased ridership Its what happened to the northern transcon via I-90, SLC-SF, Las Vegas to SLC and north (pretty much SLE took over most of GH's operation in that area including to W Yellowstone), Denver to Chicago via I-80 etc. Soon the Boise portion will be cut back to Stanfield - Portland as soon as they find a interline partner to do the Boise segment.
  3. More cuts to SLC https://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/30-22.pdf https://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/31-22.pdf The Portland - Denver through run is discontinued. Two trip will be run between Denver and SLC, and one trip run between Boise and Portland. Looks like Salt Lake Express will run the night portion between Boise and SLC What is left at SLC is the day and night trip to Denver now. Through passengers headed to Cheyenne/Denver are rerouted via Spokane JL, to Buffalo, WY south on Express Arrow via Casper, WY. That with 4 transfers is actually faster than GH's previous through schedule. That should tell you how slow GH's run was, especially when they cut the Portland - Spokane run, and forced the Denver run to cover that to connect with the Seattle bus at Stanfield OR
  4. https://extranet.greyhound.com/Revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/29-22.pdf The Salt Lake City - Las Vegas run is gone . At this point, what is left at SLC, the one trip in each direction Portland - Denver?
  5. Bare in mind, it seems like the application was submitted last year. Way before anyone thought Flixbus will buy Greyhound. So it may have seems like GH either gave up during the pandemic (or by First) or didn't notice
  6. Most likely its still the old team running things. Can't imagine Flix or GH changing their entire team overnight, although priorities and goals may differ slightly. Though I'm not sure if it can be any worse than First Group's last years when they were literally desperate to reduce costs at any cost. That being said, cities should reach out more proactively to companies like Greyhound, Flix and Megabus. Amtrak/Airports are government funded, how come bus stations are expected to be funded by private companies? Also I wonder if the original deal fell through with the transit center because of Greyhound or because of the city. I suspect it is the city that didn't want Greyhound. GH was(and probably still am) happy to get rid of the old terminal and move to the TC to save cost. On another note, I am worried about bigger stations in the near future losing their terminal. According to the property tax records, First group still owns the Chicago terminal https://www.cookcountypropertyinfo.com/pinresults.aspx What will happen here? Everyone moves curbside near Union Station? Unlike many city there isn't anywhere other than Union Station I can imagine Greyhound moving to. What about Los Angeles? Kansas City? Dallas? This is a case where I think the government need to step in, because right now they are either treating intercity bus companies either as a annoyance, or as a revenue generating center. The biggest victim will always be the mobility of American people... I think you hit the nail in the head on why Greyhound probably has a hard time convincing a neighborhood to have a bus terminal in their community. they simply don't want the "bus passengers". Add on to the fact that GH itself doesn't have the most steller reputation I still remember the day when Greyhound essentially gave up all passenger runs outside of the main yellowhead, TC 1 corridor, that was when I started counting the days of Greyhound in Western Canada. Eventually, even the YH/TC1 was down to one a day. Glad cold shot is building a market to itself, and hope it was more successful than Greyhound's old network
  7. I believe Greyhound went down this rabbit hole long before Flix came into the picture... I mean Boise, ID, they moved way out of downtown to Flying J's where public transportation doesn't even go there at the time of day they stop there. Same deal with Saskatoon, gas station way out of town. Both cases station are close to the highway, which is convenient for the bus, but absolutely horrible for the passenger. The worst one before the merger was moving the Portland terminal to Union Station curbside. Where ironically both Flix and Greyhound share now. Granted none of them were major transfer points, but this disease of moving stops to gas stations outside of town is nothing new, but simply continuing at a steady pace. Greyhound would sell the station building, try to negotiate with the city to get into a transit center or something, if that fails or the city refuses, they will find a gas station that is convenient to them. Hate to say it but they are not the only ones... Jefferson Lines has more gas stations than actual city center terminals Since terminals were not part of the deal between First and Flix, I am very interested in what will happen when First sells the terminal. Passengers better start getting used to waiting curbside in the cold/in the heat for their transfers/layovers, because unlike Europe no government agency will be building a dedicated intercity bus terminal anytime soon Greyhound simply cost too much to run. They have too much legacy costs. I heard somewhere that Jefferson Lines need less than half the amount of passengers per bus compared to greyhound to make the bus profitable The main issue with bus regulations in this day and age is that it is no longer a level playing field. Planes and trains are no longer regulated, so GLI will continue to lose money, and we will be looking at a Canada style of wholesale abandoning of all services instead. I surely do miss the old days of bus travel, when the russell guides were as large as a phone book... these days GLI timetables are what? 70 pages? "But just when I thought that they had bottomed out, apparently they are taking it down to a whole lower level" sigh... I think this way every year about Greyhound... every year. 1990 was the bottom? then 2005 cuts happens... that is the bottom, then more reductions... can't get less than 2/a day right?... canada shutdown... can't get worse now right? COVID... whats next? Short of service discontinuation From my experience riding GLI as a passenger, it doesn't seem like Greyhound passengers have a good reputation with gas station owners or even with the city communities. Didn't a gas station somewhere, can't remember off the top of my head just kicked Greyhound out , citing the fact that the shoplifting has been out of control? I mean the vast majority of Greyhound passengers are just your normal law abiding citizens, but I did see my fair shares of fights, and thefts, so it definitely happens. This negative perception is probably the number one reason some communities/stores want to avoid them, the other is that Greyhound want to stay as close to the highway as possible
  8. Not sure Greyhound owns the terminal anymore I did some property tax digging and its owned by some 1001-1025 WEST FILBERT STREET LLC https://www.phila.gov/revenue/realestatetax/#/1001 FILBERT ST/property
  9. Well it seems like the former Boltbus website now redirects to Flixbus Makes total sense considering how uncompetitive Greyhound’s NEC offerings are
  10. Interesting you mentioned that, not sure if its easier to move the schedule earlier on IT's side or later on GLI's side. I would think its easier to move the schedule it later on GLI's side. They probably could move 4414 Detroit - NY 1 hour later, and the 4669 Pitt- Was schedule 1 hour later. It would make sense than sending everyone going East to Columbus OH. It seems like if you are going to (from Bay City) New York/Washington, GH send you to Columbus for the 1684 to the east Chicago - GH sends you via Kalamazoo where you will transfer from IT to 4459 (I'm pretty sure Indian Trail had a route to Chicago from Grand Rapids at one time) Buffalo, NY- GH sends you on 1039 to Charleston, WV for the Barons bus back north to Cleveland/Buffalo Syracuse NY - GH sends you Columbus, OH for 1684 to Harrisburg, for Fullington up to Syracuse, or 1684 to NY, then back up to Syracuse Cleveland, OH- GH sends you on 1039 for 1684 to Pittsburgh, for next days 1645 Wash-Chicago schedule With the connection at Detroit, GH could reroute all East Coast passengers on 4414, instead of sending everyone down to Columbus and onto the transcontinental 1683/1684. It should make sense considering that they have a beautiful terminal there at Cleveland, anyways There is still two, one to connect to JL via South Dakota, I-90, and one to connect with JL via Fargo/Billing via I-94. They may hang onto Milwaukee for a while, until they decide that is not worth it as well and just cut everything north of Chicago. At this point, they might as well, and give JL the entire corridor from Chicago - Seattle (like Burlington from Chicago - Denver via Omaha)
  11. Some thoughts in bold above Lots of days of operations cuts as well. That being said 3570 Richmond-NYC via Del-Mar-Va time change is a positive improvement. Instead of traveling overnight, this is now a day bus, although the southbound remains a overnight run That being said, I am hoping these changes are just seasonal winter reductions, although it is unknown if it will ever be bought back, because it seems like every time there is a reduction, less is brought back when there is a increase next season
  12. Indeed Schendenady remains a low level platform. But Rochester, and Niagara Falls are high floor.
  13. Fair enough, I appreciate all the knowledge and reasoning you shared. I agree with you that there is a lack of infrastructure improvements in North America (and good signs). Passenger flow will be better if all the stations have high platforms and all cars have automated doors. From what it seems like, If VIA (Amtrak) can close off the platform, they very much prefer the passengers wait in the station building (regardless of infrastructure), but at a station like Kingston, where it is designed to be more open, and VIA can not control access to the platform it is free for all. Amtrak for example has a new station in Rochester and Schenectady NY. High floor platform, automated doors on Amfleet cars, yet passengers are still required to wait in the station until the ticket agent opens the "gate". The previous stations are more open access, even though they were low floor. If people in the 70s can be trusted to wait at the platform, why not today? Is there justification for this? Is it the risk of Lawyer/legal liabilities?
  14. I doubt that back in the days CP/CN required you to board the train through one door. VIA and Amtrak seem to try to make the train experience as close to the airline experience as possible. There is NO reason why everyone has to line up at Toronto Union when Go passengers just walk onto their trains. Same goes for Montreal. London is a joke. You are not allowed to access the platform until a staff calls you to the platform. The train is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Amtrak is the same at its major stations. At Rochester, a station agent has to escort you to the platform, and at Chicago, Platform "gates" close 5 minutes before departure. In Europe they tell you which track/platform/car/seat on your ticket, and everyone makes their train fine, even GO passengers make their train fine, yet VIA/Amtrak treat their passengers as that they can't walk themselves to the train. I understand having someone near the platform assistant anyone who need help, but to "escort" adults on a train in front of you is ridiculous
  15. To be honestly, I doubt it. Greyhound has very high overhead cost. (stations, unions, station agents) Even if initially the Greyhound name is kept, over time, more and more lines will be taken over (Greyhound routes discontinued, replaced by Flix routes). The brand Greyhound is probably limited. I hope most Americans will remember the romanticized version of Greyhound in the 1960s and 1970s, instead of the tarnished one after 1990 Especially weird considering the fact that when Greyhound actually had a Canadian presence, their website was absolutely terrible. So terrible that their site announcing the Greyhound shutdown was actually better than the old site
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