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  1. Its a shame. State of the art was also how they described Richmond Terminal, when it first opened. However it seems like somewhere along the way, Greyhound forgot that they had to maintain the terminals. I believe the 1981 strike was really the nail in the coffin when it comes to how much the former Greyhound (Dial) Corp cared about the bus line. After that strike, the corp simply threw in the towel, and sold the entire US op to Fred Curray. Things were looking up up until the 1990s strike, which I believe they never recovered from. Add on to it was the 2003-2005 service reductions, and
  2. Rider Express started their Windsor to Toronto run, which stops in London. The location is better but still not ideal. Its located by that Ramada Inn off Wellington Exit. Still far from Downtown, but accessible by LTC with a transfer at White Oaks Mall We'll see what ONEX comes up with as their location. It really seems like most operator prefer locations off the 401 for operational reasons
  3. Rapidbus


    NFTA Board Meeting is tomorrow. It seems like the proposal is slightly different from those in Remix. (Could be that they were modified). These are the proposal submitted to the board Some things to note, Routing Changes 2B/C will have two variants, serving both Appletree and Transit Rd, with 2A continuing to only serve all stops up to City Line 8 Main Street will be extended to the Main/Bailey layover area 11 Raintree Island service will be kept. All 11A trips which currently ends at Paramount Loop will be extended to Boulevard Mall 12/13 will not be swapp
  4. Rider Express released their Toronto-Windsor Schedule Everyday except Tuesday and Saturday Service stops at Toronto, Kitchener, London and Windsor, ON Schedule doesn't seem to be aligned at Toronto and Kitchener for commuter service, however connection is available to Ottawa (Ottawa-Windsor require a 4 hour layover) Their station in Kitchener is in between Cambridge and Kitchener, and their station in London is near White Oaks Mall (the PetroCanada right off Wellington exit) which is MUCH better than the Highbury location Bladder bus found. At least there is all day bus se
  5. Rapidbus


    The 6 is close to the 4 and the 24, as well as the 22 in some areas. There could be a debate regarding the general safety of the area, but Sycamore is no more than a 10 minutes walk up or down to Genesee, or Broadway. I figure that by cutting this route, the service could be reallocated in improving 4,22, and 24 service instead. In short prioritizing frequency vs network coverage My proposal will still have the 48 serve all the areas 49 currently serve as far as Sheridan Dr and Hopkins to serve the shopping center there. My routing after leaving Eastern Hills is Transit Rd to Maple Rd
  6. We'll see what Rider Express comes up with when they start London, ON service on July 19th. Operationally, the current location ticks all the boxes, but it will not attract any significant ridership Average Megabus (Bladder Bus) fare is 24.99 + service fee + tax, so roughly about $30, VIA Rail which picks up from Downtown is $37 lowest. Most London ridership are probably Western students, who if they have a car will probably just drive to Toronto directly. Flying J does not have long term parking storage, so they will need to be dropped off anyways. So total cost for VIA fr
  7. Rapidbus


    There are some good route proposals, but overall I don't expect much difference in frequency which is a shame. I also don't believe adding limited service is a good idea especially with the current frequencies so I wouldn't even operate the 19L and the 25L bus I still think some service to the East Side can be consolidated so the remaining routes could run more frequently. Some example that comes to the top of my mind is Reducing or eliminating route 6 Sycamore, and reallocating service to 4 Broadway and 22 Best St, with 4 being extended to Galleria. 4 then can run every 15 min
  8. Greyhound used to switch driver on its night run at that Tim Hortons at Madoc, ON. I guess under deregulation, no one see a need to serve Highway 7 I don't understand the need for a connection to ONT. They have branches from both Ottawa and Toronto that serves both North Bay and Sudbury. It also doesn't seem to make any connection at Toronto to the ONT except for the 23:30 to North Bay I just noticed, ONT has cut service into Downtown. Half the trips will terminate at Yorkdale
  9. Rider Express has modified its schedule. Trips leave Toronto at 7:30 and 16:30 Trips leave Ottawa at 8:30 and 17:30 There is an intermediate stop at Kingston, ON
  10. I assume they will just run non-stop between Buffalo and Toronto after July 1st. I'm pretty sure they can make local stops after July 1st if they really want to
  11. I wonder if Rider Express will go the route of Highway 7 or the 401 via Kingston between Toronto and Ottawa. Highway 7 has less competition but also less ridership
  12. Ontario Northland is the only tenant to use Toronto Coach Terminal now ( and Greyhound US). They will probably move to Union Station in the near future Coach Canada moving to Union Station Toronto, ON - Bus Stop Relocation - Effective Tuesday June 8, 2021 Effective Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, the Megabus stop location in Toronto will relocate to the new Union Station Bus Terminal located at the corner of Bay St & Lakeshore Blvd. next to the train station. The location at 610 Bay Street will not be in use from this date.
  13. I don't see Southdale Mall as a stop for Rider Express. They have a "Winnipeg East" stop at a gas staton
  14. Rapidbus


    Seems like some NFTA have new fareboxes that accept smartcards
  15. Rider Express just released a new map on their Facebook. They are apparently cooperating with Ontario-Northland across Northern Ontario. I still think its a mistake to compete in the Windsor-Montreal market without solidifying the market Rider Express currently dominates, and that is Western Canada. Ontario Northland and Rider Express doesn't even have the same stop in Winnipeg, MB
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