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  1. Welcome to the new Greyhound Canada bus website https://www.greyhound.ca/en Really shows you how much they cared about the old real GLC
  2. With the current labor shortage, I doubt any of the operators will be let go. That being said, its a very interesting combination, with both having very different business models That being said, properties were retained by FirstGroup and leased back to Greyhound as part of this deal, so some stations/Garages may be sold in the near future (Cleveland comes to mind)
  3. They were complaining about the lack of operators during this years State Fair. I think they were down 56 operators during the State Fair CENTRO provided terrible infrequent service even during a regular weekday. Routes usually ran on average every 40 minutes, with a couple of trip added in between this gap with no consistencies at all. Ex: Leaving the hub at 7:10, 7:20, 7:50 It always amaze me how good Albany and Rochester has it despite having the equal budget. Rochester has service every 30 minutes/60 minutes during weekends. Don't get me started with BusPlus service. People say its not "real BRT" but the service it provide is great. If Buffalo has service every 80 minutes for the entire city for 7 days a week, I can bet you that elected officials will be called and there would be a lot of complaints Is CENTRO really this irrelevant to everyday Syracuse's life that everyone just takes it? It really seems like nobody cares. CENTRO mentioned that these service changes are temporary, but regular riders can't just "temporarily suspend" going to work. Furthermore adding salt to the injury, there will still be two buses leaving the hub at the same time serving RTC/Destiny USA, while Rt 57 in Liverpool has no service There are also significant amount of overlap in CENTRO's network thanks to its pulse operation. (James Street) so the actual service provided to neighborhood is even less. CENTRO could find a way to better integrate its service with Syracuse University's service. Its amazing how segregated the service is (hence why most SU students could care less about CENTRO). In Ithaca, the service is much better integrated. Maybe SU can help pay for the 40? I suggested to CENTRO today to eliminate service on some routes to attempt to save some service to outlaying communities. (Not familiar with the demographics, going strictly by map/walking distances) I would eliminate the following route 50 RTC- Destiny USA- Downtown 76/176 Salt Springs Rd (with some service added to the 62) 80 Grant Blvd with the 52 rerouted 52 reroute Terminating all Liverpool/Central Square at RTC with a timed transfer to the 16 These changes are probably not enough with 60 vacancies but it should be enough so no neighborhoods will completely lose service. The way CENTRO just cut everything back to a Saturday schedule shows that they don't plan on changing or reimagining changing their network anytime soon I think its time for CENTRO/City of Syracuse to think about what it wants for its network. Right now CENTRO seems to be content with the status quo of sending everything into Downtown at the same time. Albany took a hard look, Rochester took a hard look, I think Syracuse should too. The only thing between 2000 CENTRO and 2021 CENTRO is reduced service span and reduced service.
  4. CENTRO has eliminated some routes and the rest of the Syracuse routes will run on an enhanced Saturday schedule due to a driver shortage https://cnycentral.com/news/local/struggling-to-hire-drivers-centro-cuts-seven-bus-routes-leaving-riders-scrambling Its a unfortunate industry problem, but Saturday service on CENTRO is absolute garbage. I feel bad for anyone relying on the bus in Syracuse. Liverpool is getting completely clobbered with NO service on route 46, while the corridor between RTC and Downtown is still saturated with multiple buses running at the same time. Why are they still running route 50 when they are abandoning neighborhoods
  5. After selling off these properties, what else is left for the greyhound brand? Anyone else would be better off, starting a new company from scratch. First is not going to get a high bid for the service, unfortunately I don't believe greyhound has an official GPS, on their normal runs, they still have paper turn by turn instructions. Any GPS will have to probably come from the operator
  6. Its a shame. State of the art was also how they described Richmond Terminal, when it first opened. However it seems like somewhere along the way, Greyhound forgot that they had to maintain the terminals. I believe the 1981 strike was really the nail in the coffin when it comes to how much the former Greyhound (Dial) Corp cared about the bus line. After that strike, the corp simply threw in the towel, and sold the entire US op to Fred Curray. Things were looking up up until the 1990s strike, which I believe they never recovered from. Add on to it was the 2003-2005 service reductions, and Greyhounds been on a permanent state of decline ever since. Dial Corp kept Greyhound Canada, which was still thriving at that time ironically, even introducing its highly successful Parcel service, as well as trialing greyhound air service in Canada. Eventually Laidlaw took over both services and GLC somehow went into a freefall starting from 2008 on, declining to nothing. I don't think that First group is interested in maintaining terminals anymore. they are probably liquidating as many assets as they possibly can. One thing to note was how much Trailways Inc (Contiential Trailways) have declined right before it was purchased by Greyhound. Many routes were down to one/two trips per day back when Greyhound had well over 4. Ironically, during the last days of Trailway, the schedule looks very similar to what Greyhound have today. I wonder if Greyhound will start interchanging traffic somewhere else, now that they don't own the terminal anymore. Ever since they sold their Norfolk Terminal, all buses are routed to Hampton, VA. I wonder if Greyhound will start prioritizing transfer passengers more at Pittsburgh, PA, Cincinnati, OH and Cleveland, OH
  7. Rider Express started their Windsor to Toronto run, which stops in London. The location is better but still not ideal. Its located by that Ramada Inn off Wellington Exit. Still far from Downtown, but accessible by LTC with a transfer at White Oaks Mall We'll see what ONEX comes up with as their location. It really seems like most operator prefer locations off the 401 for operational reasons
  8. Rapidbus


    NFTA Board Meeting is tomorrow. It seems like the proposal is slightly different from those in Remix. (Could be that they were modified). These are the proposal submitted to the board Some things to note, Routing Changes 2B/C will have two variants, serving both Appletree and Transit Rd, with 2A continuing to only serve all stops up to City Line 8 Main Street will be extended to the Main/Bailey layover area 11 Raintree Island service will be kept. All 11A trips which currently ends at Paramount Loop will be extended to Boulevard Mall 12/13 will not be swapped, but 12 will no longer serve French/Kehr 40 service will be open door on Niagara Street 42 will serve the new Steel site in South Buffalo 44 will remain on its current routing with the Weinburg Campus deviation eliminated 47 will operate via Harlem Rd instead of South Union Rd 49 will service Hopkins Rd instead of Youngs Rd 67,68 Cleveland Hill/George Urban Express service eliminated Potential Buffalo Bills Express from different parts of Buffalo, Darien Lake service may be restored Frequency No significant changes in frequency vs today. Some 40 minutes services are converted to 30 minutes services. 19L and 25L will operate all day on weekdays operating every 60!! minutes (which is a complete waste of resources) 44 service will get weekend service every 120 minutes There are significant frequency improvements for Niagara Fall Routes (which as they stand currently is useless outside of peak hours) 50 will operate every 80 minutes compared to every 90 today 52 will operate every 60 minutes on both Saturdays and new service will operate on Sunday every 60 minutes, vs every 120-180 minutes today 55 will operate every 70 minutes on weekends instead of every 90 58 will operate 55 segments between NFTC and BOCCES every 120 minutes. This is also the first time service operated east of NF Airport on weekends NFTA mentioned having pulse transfers at NF Transit Center and Portage Rd, but with this kind of variation in frequency, I can't seem to understand how it'll work 60,61,64,66 will all have three trips in each direction instead of the current 1-3 trips. Some neighborhood will have more direct service downtown than they do today I have no idea why they are keeping the 60 even with the new 77 services. East Aurora and Orchard Park will keep their highway trips with 3 trips in each direction, up from 1 on the highway today and 1 on local roads 76 Lotus Bay will be renamed 76 Lake Shore and cut to only 4 trips in and out during the peak periods only. Coach USA continue to service this route in its entirely for a lower fare, however its not commuter orientated Fare Policy Change New Fare Capping. Passengers will no longer pay more than a 31-day pass Elimination of the 50 cent surcharge on 60 and 64 service Implementation of a premium fare for Darien Lake and Bills Express Shuttle Overall thoughts It seems like passenger either prefer one scenario vs the other, or NFTA have already decided on what they wanted to do with the system already. Passengers prefer more frequent service, yet frequencies especially outside of peak periods are still extremely poor. I can't help but be disappointed, because I have expected major routes to get improvements during off-peak and weekends (like Rochester). Routes like the 3, 5, 19, 20 deserve to get more frequent service than the current 30/40 min headway they receive on weekends. NFTA themselves stated that peak ridership is down and is recovering slower after COVID, yet they continue to emphasize peak frequency while providing crap weekend headways The way they are implementing the limited service is also completely nonsensical. It is how I suspected they would do it, hence why I didn't support it. All the time savings waiting for a limited service will be eaten up by the wait time. Converting these limited trips into local trips would do passengers much better. Car drivers (NFTA staff) prefer fewer travel times because they don't have to wait for their car in the rain/snow. Bus riders do! Also, I don't believe NFTA should waste precious resources on transporting people to Darien Lake/Bills Games especially if they can't provide decent service to the people of Erie/Niagara County The biggest winner here is the Niagara Falls routes. Currently, their weekend service is nonexistent other than the 40, even on their busiest Pine Avenue route. These changes will make things better than the status quo, but it's still a long way for transit to work for the city. July 22, 2021 at 12_30 PM - Regular Board Meeting (1).pdf
  9. Rider Express released their Toronto-Windsor Schedule Everyday except Tuesday and Saturday Service stops at Toronto, Kitchener, London and Windsor, ON Schedule doesn't seem to be aligned at Toronto and Kitchener for commuter service, however connection is available to Ottawa (Ottawa-Windsor require a 4 hour layover) Their station in Kitchener is in between Cambridge and Kitchener, and their station in London is near White Oaks Mall (the PetroCanada right off Wellington exit) which is MUCH better than the Highbury location Bladder bus found. At least there is all day bus service Their Windsor Station is the same as Greyhound It seems like most of their station is outside of Downtown between Toronto and Windsor. I know the operational conveniences of having a location near a highway, but you won't be able to attract as much people as if the station were Downtown especially when VIA Rail is still Downtown. https://riderexpress.ca/schedules/toronto-ottawa/
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    The 6 is close to the 4 and the 24, as well as the 22 in some areas. There could be a debate regarding the general safety of the area, but Sycamore is no more than a 10 minutes walk up or down to Genesee, or Broadway. I figure that by cutting this route, the service could be reallocated in improving 4,22, and 24 service instead. In short prioritizing frequency vs network coverage My proposal will still have the 48 serve all the areas 49 currently serve as far as Sheridan Dr and Hopkins to serve the shopping center there. My routing after leaving Eastern Hills is Transit Rd to Maple Rd to Young Rd to Sheridan Drive up Hopkins Rd and into Millard Suburban. West of Hopkins, Sheridan Dr turns into low density development, and there really isn't any activity until closer to Millersport Highway. My proposal essentially converted the 49 trips into 48 trips via Main Street, extended to Millard Suburban. Resources could be freed up to run the 48 every 30 minutes on weekends and nights instead of the current 80 minute headway On my numerous trips on both the 74 and 76, the 1-5 people on the bus downtown, nearly ALL of them get off at Athols Spring Park and Ride. I suspect a large chunk of the ridership on the 76 also only goes to Athol Springs. Ridership is heavier on the 76 south of Athol Springs than the 74. I took it to N Boston once, and the driver was like "You sure you are going down there? So I could definitely see that going. Ridership on the 8 seems to be more focused on the southern half of the route, closer to Utica Station than the northern part of the route. For people from Tri-Main, the 23 will continue to operate on Main Street between Amherst and Hertel, where Aldi is one block north on LaSalle. For University Plaza, the MetroRail will drop you off at the same place as the 8 anyways. Tri Main is also closer to the 23 than the 8 today. I would still prefer more frequent buses compared to slightly faster buses. If the wait time is 30 minutes for the local, 30 min for the limited, chances are most people will simply take which ever comes first. Instead of operating a limited when frequency obviously does not warrant it, they should re-balance the stops (which they are doing to some route) In some ways, they are "kind of" coordinated with each other, but I would like to see better coordination such as like you said, clockface scheduling BTW I just remembered, they really need to get rid of that loop 42 does just to serve Lackawanna Transit Center
  11. We'll see what Rider Express comes up with when they start London, ON service on July 19th. Operationally, the current location ticks all the boxes, but it will not attract any significant ridership Average Megabus (Bladder Bus) fare is 24.99 + service fee + tax, so roughly about $30, VIA Rail which picks up from Downtown is $37 lowest. Most London ridership are probably Western students, who if they have a car will probably just drive to Toronto directly. Flying J does not have long term parking storage, so they will need to be dropped off anyways. So total cost for VIA from Western university is $37 + $3 LTC Fare While for Megabus is $30 + $3 LTC + $15-20 for Uber/Lyft So which one will you think cash strapped students will choose? Whats better is that there is a peak bus service there, however it literally misses ALL megabus arrivals and departures, and even if you do try to get there, you will have to drag your luggage along Highbury Ave, which looks more like an expressway than an "avenue' with no sidewalk. Megabus could pick up and drop off from ANY LTC stop with regular all day service, I don't care, ANYTHING will be better than the current arrangement. In fact simply taking one additional exit to Wellington Rd will improve conditions significantly. As it currently stands, the only thing it will carry is air
  12. Rapidbus


    There are some good route proposals, but overall I don't expect much difference in frequency which is a shame. I also don't believe adding limited service is a good idea especially with the current frequencies so I wouldn't even operate the 19L and the 25L bus I still think some service to the East Side can be consolidated so the remaining routes could run more frequently. Some example that comes to the top of my mind is Reducing or eliminating route 6 Sycamore, and reallocating service to 4 Broadway and 22 Best St, with 4 being extended to Galleria. 4 then can run every 15 minutes 7 days a week and 22 every 30 minutes 7 days a week Eliminating 49 bus with 48 extended from Eastern Hills to Millard Suburban via Young, Sheridan, Hopkins Eliminating all 74 service between Athol Springs and Hamburg Eliminating all 72 service with 14 extension from ECC South to Orchard Park Eliminating all 8 service with 11 bus replacing service along Main Street south of Delavan Avenue Converting 24X and 22L into local 24 service Eliminating all 60 service. These changes are good, but doesn't do enough to improve the frequency of other routes. We need a Rochester Style route rationalization if we really want to have any sort of usable off-peak service. Routes such as 3, 4, 5, 12, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 32 should have service every 15 minutes both weekdays, nights and weekends. 14 and 16 should be consolidated and coordinated so service is every 15 minutes between Bailey Ave and Downtown 7 days a week Most other local routes should have service minimum every 30 minutes on weekends CENTRO on the hand. I'm amazed on how convoluted and terrible the system is. Its seems like the only thing it does reasonably well is to bring people into and out of Downtown (and MAYBE to Syracuse University/Destiny USA. They have a million different service patterns and completely uneven weekday headways and terrible headways outside of rush hours
  13. Greyhound used to switch driver on its night run at that Tim Hortons at Madoc, ON. I guess under deregulation, no one see a need to serve Highway 7 I don't understand the need for a connection to ONT. They have branches from both Ottawa and Toronto that serves both North Bay and Sudbury. It also doesn't seem to make any connection at Toronto to the ONT except for the 23:30 to North Bay I just noticed, ONT has cut service into Downtown. Half the trips will terminate at Yorkdale
  14. Rider Express has modified its schedule. Trips leave Toronto at 7:30 and 16:30 Trips leave Ottawa at 8:30 and 17:30 There is an intermediate stop at Kingston, ON
  15. I assume they will just run non-stop between Buffalo and Toronto after July 1st. I'm pretty sure they can make local stops after July 1st if they really want to
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