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  1. im not too sure if TL wants to replace the E40LFR/E60LFR's with XT40/XT60's, but an all electric garage would be a feat. we would probably be have the largest electric fleet in Canada and the USA once we have the buses up and running out of MTC (Marpole TC) Also could someone add this info to the CMBC wiki page?
  2. idk why they're scrapping the hybrids. we did also recently (2016) receive XD40's for RTC, and if they get rid of those, it's a huge waste of money. around the CNG point, as far as i know, XN40's and the XDE60's (2015 and on) are not on the chopping block yea. it's clean-ER. it's certianly not CLEAN, but it's CLEANER
  3. update from Translink: "The Low Carbon Fleet Strategy calls for investments in several key areas: Procurement of up to 635 battery electric buses to replace diesel and diesel-hybrid fleet Installation of charging infrastructure on-route and at depots Construction of BC’s first fully electric capable bus depot TransLink will require $95 million to $447 million in new funding over the next ten years to proceed with the strategy." copied from the buzzer blog
  4. So apparently Translink is going to replace all their diesel buses with electric buses. I don't know what this will entail, or if the hybrids and shuttles will be at risk. this is for updates and thoughts. info on procurement, and opinions are welcomed.
  5. No pictures. My grandpa (who was driving the bus) was too busy with Supervisors, police etc.
  6. 17541 was T-Bonned today. My Grandpa (the driver, he’s fine btw) was told it could be a total write off.
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