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  1. Don't know how good the photo quality is. Is this the transit museum? I noticed on the side of the tram 1225 the "bc electric" words. This is cool If wrong section could i know the right area to look?
  2. I think if there's any rust or signs it'll fail in the next few (any) years they have left then yes i think they'll replace them. If a bus looks really in bad shape or like 8054 etc will they get a new body and engine etc with the old fleet number and vin? So my point in my sense. (Sorry if it's off topic) Since bctransit when they refurbished the d40lf in the 2000s (some in 2009 i think) they replaced the seat covers. The only one in the 1998 group (9815-9890(?) ) That has the old covers that I've seen is 9889 in Victoria. I think it has half like ours (the ones it came with) and half or just front ones with red markings (same ones their 9200 novas came with). When the whistling 9839 came back it stopped whistling for a long ish time. Once 9201 came back it came with the new seat covers and cameras etc (**this is just a sample and may not be fully listed) So hard to say if they'll replace the CNG tank. Or keep it. But to me if it's in bad shape it'll be replaced or if it's too costly maybe retired.
  3. I like the newer one actually. (since there's no faresavers anymore) Any plan to do conventional busses with the fare box that does tap cards as well? Ive seen images of the same one we have in Google images while back with functionality of compass in it. (don't know if they had one as test or somewhere worldwide with same system as this) When i see that image again i can post it here
  4. Include 18400. 104 18301-99 (99 units) 00 (100 units) 18401-04 (104 units) Hope i help
  5. It does make sense to transfer 340 to HTC (in my opinion) because HTC is not just closet proximity to the route. But STC is sort of further for 340. *I am not sure on other routes near HTC so i don't know about 130. *I'm not a driver. But i do know some things!
  6. S1314 click the condition report link. Look at top right you'll see the unit number
  7. Yes this should be in the general thread. It's related to transit because YVR does have Canada line and the n10 right? Planes stop in Metro Vancouver YVR airport. So it's in general to my eyes
  8. It's still having issues far as i see. But sorrybusfull and next bus is working fine
  9. One man's junk. Another man's treasure. Maybe some people like to have a parked bus in their driveway or yard to have a memory of the past... Right?
  10. Just use this. But allow anyone to pay with cash still. At least then they make some money from the ones who that wish to pay right?
  11. Or like translink (Vancouver region) have "stop" beside the "next stop" display. That might be best. Or it'll show the full next stop slowly like it is now and popup a stop requested part while people are looking for a slow show stop... I do like bc transit better than translink. Idk why but i do
  12. Can't they be 191xx? Or 19048-19080? Who knows?
  13. Sorry just seen this but i guess I'm best to the post! I'm newer on here and not really out. But i did see b8120 on 701 moments ago
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