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  1. 4 More Manhattan Division #6700's 2006 Orion VII OG hybrids have been retired. #6728 is among them.
  2. #1993 is now active. The 2020-21 XN40 order is complete. Also, the Gillig Advantage BRT CNG pilot bus #2000 is now on NICE property.
  3. That 45 electric bus order is over 2 years late. They should have started arriving around summer 2019.
  4. And thus, say goodbye to the remaining 2009 New Flyer DE62LFAs!
  5. About time! Excellent news!
  6. When are those buses suppose to come in? Will there be pilots for those too? Also, where is 2018 XDE40 #9504 right now?
  7. But they already have #2286-2304? Except some 2008 and 2009 NG hybrids to be MTA bus bound. We already know that #3800-3959 will eventually replace buses in the #3500-3783 range out there.
  8. #1985 is also confirmed to be active.
  9. Anymore 2021 XD40s or XD60s entered service yet? I stayed home all weekend and as a result, I don't know what's out there? Also, what's with DASH's new Proterras? They should be out by now honestly...
  10. 2021 XN40 #1995 was spotted in service yesterday on the n24. It's safe to assume that the XN40 order has finally been completed after 5 years. 2021-2022 Gillig Advantage BRT CNGs are inbound next.
  11. Those 2012-13 units at Queens Village are approaching 9 years of age though. Before they got those, QV depot originally had the 2007 CLs in the #4300s. If they displace their coach buses every 5-6 years, then I think they would should have sent their #2200s to SI or Brooklyn by now. Also, from what I can recall, Queens Village used to have issues with their 2004 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids when they had them up until almost 2 years ago.
  12. A New Flyer C40LF has been spotted at Eastchester depot, in the scrap section. Don't know which one it is, but it is a 2011-2013 unit.
  13. Oh wow, I bet Arlington Transit will be next.
  14. Hell, the #1700's and #1800's NG CNGs are in better shape than those and the former is starting to be retired at NICE!
  15. 2016 XN40 #1947 was spotted in the Bronx yesterday NIS heading to the Cummins yard near Zerega.
  16. Do they have more mileage on their odometers than their MTA bus pairs? As for the 2009-10 LFSAs (#1200-1289), I wouldn't be surprised if they are retired by 2023-24. They already lost 2 buses from that series and they are generally not that well maintained.
  17. Yeah, but it will not be all the 2011 XDE40s, only the first 30 or so, plus they will be getting better 2021 XD40s in exchange. And really? The Bus is getting Proterra's too?
  18. So are those 2007 MCI D4500 CLs #4300-4329 going to be retired? Is that what ya'll saying? I just now realized that Ulmer Park had not gotten any new OTRC buses since 2011-12. Damn, if the MTA fails to get the x23 and x24, hopefully that option set (#1608-1629 was it?) could go to Either Ulmer Park or Queens Village depot. Both those garages need new OTRC buses.
  19. Anybody thinks that at this point, the #6000s are pretty much retired? Haven't heard anything of them.
  20. Almost never, like for example, they already retiring over half of the NYCTA owned 2007 Orion VII OG hybrids. There was nothing wrong with those buses and could have easily made it to 2022, but they had other plans apparently. The only thing that makes even less sense then that would be NICE currently phasing out their #1700's 2008-2009 Orion VII NG CNG fleet. Those buses are barely 12 years old, I mean geez they could make it til atleast 2025....
  21. These buses will probably feature the new Allison transmissions. Haven't had a ZF equipped bus since those 1996 Orion V CNGs got retired by Long Island bus in 2009, having been killed off by the #1700s.
  22. They need to get something else for a change. Perhaps Novabus could find it's way to the D.C. area seeing that both nearby Ride-On and Baltimore MTA have some. Besides Landover, the other depots I can see these new XD40s go to would be Sheppard's Parkway, Andrew's Medical Center, and Montgomery. I bet Landover will probably shift some 2011 XDE40s over to Southern Avenue to retire their 2006 D40LFRs. Of course this is just my opinion, but I can see WMATA doing that.
  23. Why do they need 4 new buses to replace one old bus? That makes no sense to me. They shouldn't have touched the CLs til all the D4500s were retired... What's going to happen to the 2008-2009 MCI D4500CTs? Are those all going to go to MTA bus Company?
  24. I assume that's the pilot bus (#2000)? How are these buses being built already? They should be about a year away honestly, which leads to concerning implications. Also, are all the new XN40s here already?
  25. So I suppose that it will be 25 buses per 4 depots? #4500-4524 to Landover depot?
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