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  1. I could kinda see it happening until 2022 when West Ox and Cinder Bed return to WMATA. So we are down to.. what 35 units?
  2. #1702 and #1714 are both still active in service.
  3. I heard that #9510 and #9560 had both gone back to New Flyer. If that's the case, then expect these buses to start rolling into the fleet literally any day now. Also, 2007 D4500CLs #4300 and #4325 both got their fareboxes removed. Both retired from Charleston depot.
  4. I thought these have all been delivered since March?
  5. Dang, so I guess the XD40s are going to be slow coming in this year? I figured more would have been deployed by now. PRTC's and DASH's latest buses haven't entered service yet either...
  6. So I guess add 2016 New Flyer XN40 CNG #673 to the scrap line. The Brooklyn division come 2022-23 will probably look like this: NYCT local: -New Flyer XD40s: 2011, 2014-15, 2018-19, 2021-22 - New Flyer XDE40s: 2018, 2020-21 - New Flyer XN40 CNGs: 2017 - New Flyer XN60 CNGs: 2018 - New Flyer XD60s: 2017, 2019 - New Flyer XE40s? : 2022-23 -New Flyer C40LF CNGs: 2011-13 -Orion VII NG hybrids : 2009-2010 (being phased out) NYCT Express: Prevost X3-45s: 2014-16? MTA bus (Spring Creek depot) local: New Flyer C40LF CNGs: 2012-13
  7. What is #5453? The last DE62LFA should be #5452.
  8. 2009 Orion VII NG CNG #1707 is now retired. Farebox removed and stripped of reusable parts. I'm not too surprised with this one though as this bus had a small engine fire a few years ago back in 2015.
  9. How bad was the damage? That's the 3rd XN40 to be involved in some sort of fire incident after #808 from Brooklyn and #1930 from Nassau.
  10. 2009 Orion VII NG hybrid #4424 is OOS at Eastchester depot. Awaiting farther information as to the status of that bus. Also, it appears that another XN40 is also out of service from West Farms (unit # unknown at this time) after colliding with a motorcycle and then catching fire in the front of the bus. Again, awaiting farther details. Also, is #808 retired or what?
  11. yeah, it's been a minute since they gotten anything major from WMATA.
  12. No the plans have changed. Those 2008 CTs are going to MTA bus now.
  13. Welp, the 2021 XN40s are out in full force now. Saw a bunch in service over the weekend.
  14. I guess the MTA bus ones may follow. #2218 is off the roster too.
  15. So this means that the 8 lines will officially be discontinued? Helpfully, Fairfax Connector will improve the frequency of the former 29C and 29W as they were pretty lousy under Metrobus.
  16. Any idea as to when the XDE40s and new XD40s will start arriving? I'm not sure what's taking the XDE40s so long to enter service when we had been testing them since 2018.
  17. So is NICE leasing these EV buses like the MTA or are these for keeps? Also, is there any plans to expand the existing bus fleet/ system as a whole. NICE needs seriously need another bus depot with all the service they provide.
  18. Damn, are the 2008-2009 CTs that bad that they need to be retired now?
  19. I mean, if these buses are the result of getting these routes, then I think it will probably be 35ft or 40 ft buses, but I guess we will have to wait.
  20. Any clue as to what buses FFC could be buying from Metro? I think it could be the DE42LFAs or DE37LFAs.
  21. I know #4314 was retired back in 2016 or so, but what happened to #4315? Is that one done too?
  22. I think they used to fully have the N22 line (not to be confused with the NICE bus/ former MTA Long Island bus route of the same name, lol) until it was axed in the late 2000s and replaced with the Circulator.
  23. But they have the 2007 CLs though. Also, 2008-10 NG hybrids #3955 and #4560 are both officially retired. First NGs outside of the #1700's and #1804 to be scrap bound.
  24. Damn, I was going to report that. Any idea as to why though?
  25. Could Four Mile possibly take over some D.C. routes too? I can see them getting the 74 for example, as well as 42 part-time.
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