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  1. 5 minutes ago, PCC Guy said:

    What exactly is unclear about my presence here? I've never been a shill for GM, or Orion, or Flyer... I'm just an average joe with an interest in the hobby.

    That I have an interest in different bus models, and hunt down individual units, changes nothing about the fact that the big cheeses who make those buses and decide when and where they're going to run don't give a damn. I hunt for buses and take photographs without the expectation that they will cater to me. A happy accident, if you will, that I happen to have the opportunity to photograph something I'm interested in.

    As am I.

    1 minute ago, ADB said:

    If you're just here to troll the board and antagonize others, then maybe you shouldn't have an account here.

    That was Sarcasm. 

  2. 19 hours ago, Cityflyer said:


    NFI bought NABI and got rid of their own LFW and BRT models after all their orders were completed. Why make different models when they do the same thing?
    They would just consolidate all their newly acquired plants to make the Xcelsior.

    For variety. New Flyer used to make more then one bus model. For example, in 2009, they were making: The LF, LFR, LFA, and was about to launch the Xcelsior. Why did NABI even agreed to this buyout to New Flyer? It totally killed their business. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, WMATAC40LF said:

    I don't know exact numbers, but I've seen photos of cars in the low 7600s. 

    So at this rate the order should be complete by late summer 2019 or so? In other news. according to a youtube source, 75 more XN40s are on the way for next year along with 25 new XD40s. I'd assume around 50 XN40s to FMR to replace some of their 2006 Orion VII OG CNGs (and whatever 2005s are left) and 25 to Bladensburg to replace their 2006 Orion VII OG CNGs (basically kill off the few remaining 2500s and most of the 2600s). The XD40s will likely kill off the rest of the 2000 Orion Vs (for real this time) and some 2005 New Flyer DE40LFs. 2020 is said to get even more XN40s to retire the rest of the 2600s and all the 2700s and possibly the 2800s (C40LFRs) as well ( the fate of the 3000s CNGs are unknown at the moment, though I suppose an order of XN35 can't be ruled out). Then of course new CNG artics (most likely XN60s) will kill of the 2008 NABI BRT-60 CNG buses.

  4. 14 hours ago, WMATAC40LF said:

    Yeah there were like a dozen or so Vs in service the other day. These things just won't die (and to me, that's hardly a bad thing). 

    It is rather surprising to see the new XDE60s on Bladensburg routes, but I'm not sure if this will be a permanent placement. 

    It's probably until the XN60s come in 2020 or so. As for the Orion Vs, looks like it's time to go hunting again. BTW, what's the highest 7000 series car in service? At last check it was #7530s-7540s and that was back in Sept/October.

  5. 1 hour ago, MAX BRT said:

    In reply to Frozen Yogurt:

    Regarding CO2 emissions, electric buses are already cleaner than diesel and natural gas. Read about the 2016 research from the Union of Concerned Scientists here:



    The problem here isn't that if they are cleaner, my issue is that can they handle the streets of New York. That's the issue.

  6. Several 2000 Orion Vs were in service today. #2114, #2119, and #2124, possibly others as well on ETA. In addition the new 2018 XDE60s are now on the move. #5487 was tracked on ETA working on the W lines. At this time, Bladensburg is get a piece of this 12  bus batch. Personally, I think they should all go to one depot since this is such a small order.

  7. 55 minutes ago, MAX BRT said:

    CARB in California just voted to mandate a move to zero emission buses over time. Contaminated air there is the biggest reason.


    California is just a shithole in general.

    37 minutes ago, Bus_Medic said:

    My employer of 15 years thinks otherwise.

    If your deductive reasoning is a sharp as I think it is, it should’nt take you too long to nail down who they may be.

    TTC eh?

  8. 6 minutes ago, PCC Guy said:

    And if we run out of fossil fuel reserves, what will we do then? At least you can plan for contingencies with things like generators when it comes to electric vehicles (it also bears noting that power outages are not forever... you don't see anyone shying away from electric transit just because such a possibility exists). When there's no fossil fuels left go around, all the buses that run on them will be pretty useless, won't they?

    Don't let the idiotstream media fool you. This has been a longterm lie. The planet has plenty of untapped regions were such fuel sources can last humanity for thousands of years if not longer. 

    6 minutes ago, smallspy said:

    "You know" why this "junk" is not going to work? Why don't you fill us in on it, then? Because the "reasons" that you gave us below that comment are nothing more than incoherent ramblings from someone who really isn't able to rub his two brain cells together.


    Frankly there's not much point to bothering with the rest of your comments. You come across as nothing more than some petulant fanboi rather than someone who is "informed" - and I use that term lightly.



    Ok, you want to play hardball? Why don't YOU "educate" everyone here as to why this thread is going to work? Come to me when you have a sensible, well-worded and heavily work cited research essay explaining the benefits of 100% EVs vs other alternative fuels and how to best test them out in various different environments. Until then, shut your mouth, you'd sound smarter that way you incompetent troll. 

    27 minutes ago, Bus_Medic said:


    -some bathroom reading for you to get you up to speed. Toronto has done their homework, arguably more than any other organization to date:

    https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2017/November_13/Reports/2018-2040 Bus Green Technology Plan Presentation(November 20.pdf




    let us know when you’ve finished reading them, as I won’t engage in further discussion with you on the subject until you have.


    There were some accusations of conflict of interest thrown around in this article regarding Los Angeles specifically.

    Oh look, another wannabe knowitall….

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  9. 1 hour ago, RailBus63 said:

    I'm not aware of any investigation.  The Albuquerque transit agency is suing BYD over their failed bus order and the Los Angles Times did an article about BYD's quality problems.  BYD will get their act together in the U.S. and will very likely try to set up an operation in Canada too (if they're smart, they will locate in Quebec to be eligible for orders in that province). New Flyer and the others better be ready. 

    Diesel and CNG were once unproven technologies, too.

    Warren Buffett made a major investment in BYD - he's usually not known for throwing away his billions on unproven technologies that have no chance of working. 

    Warren Buffett is a filthy wall street insider....

  10. On ‎11‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 7:20 AM, Orion VI said:

    Orion closed actually because of Daimler's very limited knowledge of the North American bus market. Read below (from Transit Toronto)


    Orion was at the top of its game. Unfortunately, the company that managed it was not. Daimler, which had divested itself of Chrysler in 2007, suddenly announced in the April 2012 its intention to get out of the North American bus industry entirely. Citing austerity budgets by governments across North America, Daimler stated that it did not see a future for the industry — or, at least, not a future that could justify its continued investment.


    Orion stopped taking orders for new buses on April 25, 2012, and announced that its Mississauga factory would shut down after its current orders were completed. This closure occurred the next year. The Oriskany, New York facility would remain open to serve the aftermarket business of spare parts and maintenance. On March 1, 2013, New Flyer Industries announced it was buying out the remaining assets of Orion, including the aftermarket business, and its remaining bus orders.

    For the past decade, Orion Bus Industries had a tremendous influence on agencies across America, especially in Ontario. That influence disappeared overnight due to its parent company losing interest in the manufacturing of buses. The transit agencies that have invested in the Orion VII are now served by New Flyer Industries for spare parts and maintenance. Over the next few years, New Flyer and other bus manufacturers will build the models that serve Toronto passengers.

    As for Don Sheardon, he was recognized by the Canadian Urban Transportation Association by being put in their Hall of Fame in 1994. In their write-up, they said, “Don exported buses made in Mississauga to Sweden, Denmark and the United States, and OBI became the largest bus manufacturer in North America, growing from 45 employees in 1979 to 1,200 people in the early 90s. Don was a major contributor to his community and his industry. He supported CUTA extensively, and received the highest honour that any Canadian can receive - naming of the hockey arena in his hometown of Bolton, Ontario.”

    The Orion logo will vanish from city streets, but not for a while. It takes some time for that many buses to fade away. Over that time, the Orions will have left a mark on Toronto transportation comparable to the General Motors New Look.

    This is very sad. I still remember the day I first read about Orion going out of business as if it were yesterday (I know it was just 5-6 years ago, but still).

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  11. 2 hours ago, smallspy said:

    Jesus, you're bloody oblivious.


    "...a history of just Diesel-Electric hybrid buses having battery problems in the extreme cold....". Got proof? None of the issues with hybrid buses in Toronto had anything to do with the cold. They had everything to do with Toronto's implementation and settings. (And which is why the same buses have seemingly done better elsewhere.)


    Blackout: What, you've never heard of a generator? The TTC, at the least, has planned for this, and has upgraded the backup generators at the three divisions which will be housing their electric buses. I suspect that other locations have or are doing the same, as frankly it seems prudent.



    You really are stupider than you look as there are multiple  reasons why I know this junk is not going to work. Have you thought of the fact that electric buses require numerous charging facilities to supply electricity to the packs. That being said, those facilities are going to cost money and lots of it. Most systems try to cut cost to the best of their ability by eliminating anything that will not be conducive to long-term savings in operation cost, which usually goes up ever fascial year (whereas funding usually does not). All this shifting to electric buses is going to be costly and will not be efficient  in the long run. Sure,  you cut back on maintaining engines and transmissions, but you replace them with an even more expensive, unproven system. Notice how BYD and Designline buses were mostly failures. The technology wasn't proven and the support systems weren't there. It will take well into the next decade to fully prove if this technology yields both, good travel range and a good amount of savings (and that's of course assuming no other factors come into play). So I must ask again, why replace Clean Diesel buses with Electric ones? One COULD make a case for Compressed Natural Gas, seeing as they too have drawbacks, but Clean Diesel? You can't go wrong. Enough of the electric nonsense.


    Chris A

    4 hours ago, RailBus63 said:

    Electric buses are the future - it's just a matter of perfecting the technology.  I have no idea if that is going to take 5 years or 25 years but the fact that China is going all out with electric buses and implementing tens of thousands of these vehicles (16,000 in Shenzhen alone) is fast-forwarding the development of this technology.  It will not be instantaneous, as weather extremes and hill-climbing capabilities still have to be worked out, but it will happen.  

    The reason that NFI, Nova, Gillig and others are racing to develop electric buses is the fear that BYD will perfect this before they do and become a serious contender in North America.  BYD has stubbed its toe with the Albuquerque debacle but they are not to be taken lightly. 

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't BYD have an ongoing investigation going on regarding shady business deals as of late?

  12. 8 hours ago, M. Parsons said:


    Your line of thinking is.... interesting.

    First it's "these" TA's are going to regret it. I think Valley Metro was in the original quote. So, presumably it's just the transit agencies in the hot climates ("extreme weather conditions"?) who will regret it? Or are you implying that all TA's will regret battery electric buses?

    Certainly, using the battery to provide air conditioning and even cooling the battery itself will be detrimental to the range of a battery electric bus.

    I was going to suggest that your  "these TA's are going to regret it" quote just refers to transit agencies that operate in extreme heat.... On the other hand, I've seen Reno, Nevada's Proterra's in operation and they seem to be doing ok with their electric bus fleets (2nd generation now I believe).

    If you're talking about "extreme weather" in general, besides desert environments, can you provide further specifics on why you think battery electrics won't work?

    We have a history of just Diesel-Electric hybrid buses having battery  problems in the extreme cold as well, hence why I put that there. No to mention if we have another major blackout similar to the 2003 east coast power outage or worse, how will these buses even get around? Diesel and CNG are the key and it should stay that way!

  13. As of the last few days, there have been reports of Orion Vs returning to service on SP depot lines. So far, #2104, #2114, #2115, #2124, and #2227 have been seen on routes like the A6, A8, and others. This might be in preparation for the Cinder Bed depot opening in the coming weeks/,month. Since SP is about to lose most of their 2009 New Flyer DE42LFAs to CB, I would assume that some 2000 Orion Vs maybe heading their way as a sort of stop gap measure until more new buses arrive sometime next year. Can anyone else confirm this, because I'm not sure why else the Orion Vs are returning to service (to an extent), coupled that CB have at least 3 DE42LFAs on their property now (#6301, #6314, and #6317)?

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  14. 8 hours ago, LDCY said:

    I visited Denver this summer. It was literally a lovely place where I would like to travel there again. Since I was in town only during the weekend, I couldn't get a chance to take pics of more weekday buses.

    Anyway, Mall Shuttle are impressive for both the fleet and the frequency lol.





    Are the Designlines still around?


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  15. 3 hours ago, Community Shuttle said:

    Yes, TransLink loves to run everything but shuttles in the ground, but some conventionals somehow end up making it out alive (e.g. movie studio's buses, 3106, etc.)

    lol, kinda like NICE bus in New York City. But it'd be a shame to see TransLink retire these jems. They are (along with Golden Gate Transit in SF bay area) among the last TAs in existents with DDS50 Orion Vs on such a large scale.  

  16. On ‎11‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 7:58 PM, UpDownAcross38 said:

    Shots of 5577. Unfortunately, there are an abundance of these retiring. It's crazy to see how many there were last year. Now, there going as fast as TTC Orion VII OGs with the Series 50s!   




    Or MTA NYC bus Orion VII OG CNGs in general....

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