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  1. Because the other parties like to play know it all and I'm here to tell them otherwise. Does that make me a troll? I think not. I find it extremely annoying when people spread misinformation and nonsensical rhetoric around.
  2. Using this logic, let me ask you, Why did you sign up to this transit forum?
  3. We're currently down to about 20 Orion VII OG CNGs left in service out of WF depot. The MTA is retiring these like no tomorrow.
  4. For variety. New Flyer used to make more then one bus model. For example, in 2009, they were making: The LF, LFR, LFA, and was about to launch the Xcelsior. Why did NABI even agreed to this buyout to New Flyer? It totally killed their business.
  5. So at this rate the order should be complete by late summer 2019 or so? In other news. according to a youtube source, 75 more XN40s are on the way for next year along with 25 new XD40s. I'd assume around 50 XN40s to FMR to replace some of their 2006 Orion VII OG CNGs (and whatever 2005s are left) and 25 to Bladensburg to replace their 2006 Orion VII OG CNGs (basically kill off the few remaining 2500s and most of the 2600s). The XD40s will likely kill off the rest of the 2000 Orion Vs (for real this time) and some 2005 New Flyer DE40LFs. 2020 is said to get even more XN40s to retire the rest of
  6. It's probably until the XN60s come in 2020 or so. As for the Orion Vs, looks like it's time to go hunting again. BTW, what's the highest 7000 series car in service? At last check it was #7530s-7540s and that was back in Sept/October.
  7. Has MUNI ever tested a CNG bus before? And for that matter, why have they never brought anymore Orion VII hybrids, be it OG, NG, or 3G?
  8. What's the issue here? Why exactly did you warn me?

    1. A. Wong

      A. Wong

      Taken from your posts:

      "You really are stupider than you look"

      "Until then, shut your mouth, you'd sound smarter that way you incompetent troll. "

      "California is just a shithole in general."

      Calm down before posting, and post with respect and use constructive criticism without personal attacks. Your latest post is much better, but language like you were using is not tolerated on this forum.

      As included in the warning message that came at the same time, future posts disregarding this will result in your account being suspended.

  9. The problem here isn't that if they are cleaner, my issue is that can they handle the streets of New York. That's the issue.
  10. Several 2000 Orion Vs were in service today. #2114, #2119, and #2124, possibly others as well on ETA. In addition the new 2018 XDE60s are now on the move. #5487 was tracked on ETA working on the W lines. At this time, Bladensburg is get a piece of this 12 bus batch. Personally, I think they should all go to one depot since this is such a small order.
  11. California is just a shithole in general. TTC eh?
  12. Don't let the idiotstream media fool you. This has been a longterm lie. The planet has plenty of untapped regions were such fuel sources can last humanity for thousands of years if not longer. Ok, you want to play hardball? Why don't YOU "educate" everyone here as to why this thread is going to work? Come to me when you have a sensible, well-worded and heavily work cited research essay explaining the benefits of 100% EVs vs other alternative fuels and how to best test them out in various different environments. Until then, shut your mouth, you'd sound smarter that way you incompetent
  13. Warren Buffett is a filthy wall street insider....
  14. This is very sad. I still remember the day I first read about Orion going out of business as if it were yesterday (I know it was just 5-6 years ago, but still).
  15. You really are stupider than you look as there are multiple reasons why I know this junk is not going to work. Have you thought of the fact that electric buses require numerous charging facilities to supply electricity to the packs. That being said, those facilities are going to cost money and lots of it. Most systems try to cut cost to the best of their ability by eliminating anything that will not be conducive to long-term savings in operation cost, which usually goes up ever fascial year (whereas funding usually does not). All this shifting to electric buses is going to be costly and will
  16. We have a history of just Diesel-Electric hybrid buses having battery problems in the extreme cold as well, hence why I put that there. No to mention if we have another major blackout similar to the 2003 east coast power outage or worse, how will these buses even get around? Diesel and CNG are the key and it should stay that way!
  17. As of the last few days, there have been reports of Orion Vs returning to service on SP depot lines. So far, #2104, #2114, #2115, #2124, and #2227 have been seen on routes like the A6, A8, and others. This might be in preparation for the Cinder Bed depot opening in the coming weeks/,month. Since SP is about to lose most of their 2009 New Flyer DE42LFAs to CB, I would assume that some 2000 Orion Vs maybe heading their way as a sort of stop gap measure until more new buses arrive sometime next year. Can anyone else confirm this, because I'm not sure why else the Orion Vs are returning to service
  18. Those Neoplans could have sounded amazing with a DDS50.
  19. Or even Mexico? I'm sure that New Flyer, (if they wanted to) would have the means to set up shop for a Mexican market.
  20. Did MUNI ever had DD50s powered buses?
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