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  1. I hate to say this, but knowing the MTA, those RTS's will most likely get scrapped. What happened to 2002 D60HF #5534 and 1999 Orion V #6326? Also, if any of those MC RTS's were to be preserved, then it should be #8319, a 1991 TMC RTS (Repowered) and the last known NYCTA TMC RTS in existence.
  2. WMATA really takes a long time to repair accident/fire damaged buses I've noticed.
  3. My mistake. However, there appears to be a backlog of 2021 base order LFS hybrids, because according to a NYCTF source, all 2021 units have VIN numbers, but do not yet have paint or fleet numbers. The rest of these buses should be delivered by August or so. Get your final Manhattan division Orion VII OG hybrid rides and vids. So I take there's a pause on the NYCT batch?
  4. Guess #7255 will join #7100 in the scrap yard. #2915 was assigned to FMR back then right? I would want was the nature of the wreck and on what route?
  5. #1767 too. Spotted working the n6 the other day.
  6. It might be, we are not sure. #7255 could also be done. These buses have been gone for years.
  7. Also, #6690, #6696, and #6713 are now retired and their fareboxes are removed. Currently sitting at Manhattanville depot.
  8. #1705 is still active well. Also, I wonder if the electric buses will come in the blue scheme or in another new scheme? Perhaps Green?
  9. It's always the new buses. First it was #2915, then #3112, later #3299, and now #5535. Not sure why that is...
  10. And I think the plan is to send over 300 Orion VIIs to MTA bus company.
  11. What the hell?!?! This bus just entered service DAYS AGO!!! Damn idiots!! Probably on the W4 I bet.
  12. These LFS hybrids are going to make Manhattan Orion VII free. Along with the XDE40 hybrids too.
  13. They were a few injuries. I noticed that the 2015-16 group of LFS's seem to have bad luck as this is like the 3rd or 4th one to be oos from some kind of mishap and the second one this week (I just reported about #8220's fire yesterday). As for XN60 #1020, that bus is as good as scrapped..
  14. I was going to report that as well. LFS #8257 is now OOS due to a crash on Staten Island.
  15. Probably. Or maybe New Flyer to build a new front.
  16. Damn, that's quite a big leap for Ride-On. They went from having 4, to damn near 50 electrics. Putting NY MTA to shame, lol. Those Proterra's they got recently must be doing really well.
  17. Apparently, Fairfax Connector is getting 4 new electric buses in the very near future based on a Virginia clean energy grant.
  18. The new #4500s and new #5500s will likely play a role in that too. Better catch the last D40LFRs while I still can...
  19. 2015-16 LFS #8220 caught fire recently and is currently out of service from the SI division. Is #1020 written off or is it going to be rebuilt?
  20. And most of the D40LFRs are retired too right?
  21. I could kinda see it happening until 2022 when West Ox and Cinder Bed return to WMATA. So we are down to.. what 35 units?
  22. #1702 and #1714 are both still active in service.
  23. I heard that #9510 and #9560 had both gone back to New Flyer. If that's the case, then expect these buses to start rolling into the fleet literally any day now. Also, 2007 D4500CLs #4300 and #4325 both got their fareboxes removed. Both retired from Charleston depot.
  24. I thought these have all been delivered since March?
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